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Local time and weather in Canada

AbbotsfordSun 11:57 AMLight rain. Overcast. Quite cool.41 °FGreater SudburySun 2:57 PMOvercast. Frigid.-9 °FQuébecSun 2:57 PMSunny. Frigid.1 °F
AjaxSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Cold.12 °FGrise FiordSun 2:57 PM--QuesnelSun 11:57 AMLight snow. Overcast. Cold.19 °F
AklavikSun 12:57 PMClear. Extremely cold.-13 °FGuelphSun 2:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Cold.12 °FQuispamsisSun 3:57 PMPassing clouds. Cold.12 °F
AlertSun 2:57 PM--HaldimandSun 2:57 PMHeavy snow. Ice fog. Cold.12 °FRae-EdzoSun 12:57 PMFrigid.2 °F
Annapolis CountySun 3:57 PMCold.16 °FHalifaxSun 3:57 PMPartly sunny. Cold.14 °FRainy RiverSun 1:57 PMSunny. Frigid.-8 °F
Arctic BaySun 2:57 PM--Hall BeachSun 2:57 PMSnow flurries. Broken clouds. Extremely cold.-17 °FRankin InletSun 1:57 PMSnow flurries. Sunny. Extremely cold.-35 °F
ArviatSun 1:57 PMSnow flurries. Partly sunny. Extremely cold.-29 °FHalton HillsSun 2:57 PMLight snow. More clouds than sun. Cold.12 °FRed DeerSun 12:57 PMMore clouds than sun. Frigid.-4 °F
AtikokanSun 2:57 PMFrigid.-8 °FHamiltonSun 2:57 PMHeavy snow. Ice fog. Cold.12 °FReginaSun 1:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.-2 °F
Baker LakeSun 1:57 PMPassing clouds. Extremely cold.-34 °FHappy Valley-Goose BaySun 3:57 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Frigid.7 °FRepentignySun 2:57 PMFrigid.5 °F
BanffSun 12:57 PMFrigid.-7 °FHay RiverSun 12:57 PMScattered clouds. Frigid.0 °FResolute BaySun 1:57 PMSnow flurries. Passing clouds. Extremely cold.-31 °F
BarrieSun 2:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.7 °FHigh LevelSun 12:57 PMSunny. Frigid.-8 °FRichmondSun 11:57 AMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.45 °F
BathurstSun 3:57 PMLow level haze. Frigid.7 °FHopedaleSun 3:57 PMFrigid.8 °FRichmond HillSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Cold.12 °F
BécancourSun 2:57 PMFrigid.1 °FIgloolikSun 2:57 PMPartly sunny. Extremely cold.-26 °FRimouskiSun 2:57 PMFrigid.2 °F
BellevilleSun 2:57 PMMostly cloudy. Frigid.9 °FInuvikSun 12:57 PMPassing clouds. Extremely cold.-11 °FRiverviewSun 3:57 PMLow level haze. Cold.10 °F
Blanc-SablonSun 3:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.31 °FIqaluitSun 2:57 PMSnow flurries. Overcast. Extremely cold.-15 °FRocky Mountain HouseSun 12:57 PMFrigid.-1 °F
BramptonSun 2:57 PMLight snow. More clouds than sun. Cold.12 °FKamloopsSun 11:57 AMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.30 °FRothesaySun 3:57 PMPassing clouds. Cold.12 °F
BrandonSun 1:57 PMSunny. Frigid.-9 °FKawartha LakesSun 2:57 PMFrigid.7 °FRouyn-NorandaSun 2:57 PMSnow flurries. Passing clouds. Extremely cold.-15 °F
BrantfordSun 2:57 PMHeavy snow. Ice fog. Cold.12 °FKelownaSun 11:57 AMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.30 °FSaanichSun 11:57 AMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.45 °F
BrockvilleSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Cold.18 °FKenoraSun 1:57 PMSunny. Frigid.-9 °FSachs HarbourSun 12:57 PM--
BurlingtonSun 2:57 PMCold.15 °FKings CountySun 3:57 PMCold.21 °FSaguenaySun 2:57 PMExtremely cold.-14 °F
BurnabySun 11:57 AMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.45 °FKingstonSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Frigid.5 °FSaint-GeorgesSun 2:57 PMFrigid.1 °F
CaledonSun 2:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.7 °FKirkland LakeSun 2:57 PMExtremely cold.-15 °FSaint-HyacintheSun 2:57 PMFrigid.5 °F
CalgarySun 12:57 PMMostly cloudy. Cold.14 °FKitchenerSun 2:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Cold.12 °FSaint-Jean-sur-RichelieuSun 2:57 PMFrigid.5 °F
CambridgeSun 2:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Cold.12 °FKugaarukSun 12:57 PMSnow flurries. Haze. Extremely cold.-44 °FSaint-JérômeSun 2:57 PMPassing clouds. Frigid.5 °F
Cambridge BaySun 12:57 PMSnow flurries. Partly sunny. Extremely cold.-26 °FKugluktukSun 12:57 PMLight snow. More clouds than sun. Frigid.-6 °FSaint John (CA - NB)Sun 3:57 PMPassing clouds. Cold.12 °F
Campbell RiverSun 11:57 AMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.43 °FKuujjuaqSun 2:57 PMLight snow. More clouds than sun. Extremely cold.-17 °FSalluitSun 2:57 PM--
CamroseSun 12:57 PMIce fog. Frigid.-4 °FLabrador CitySun 3:57 PMLight snow. Broken clouds. Extremely cold.-11 °FSanikiluaqSun 2:57 PM--
Cape Breton Regional MunicipalitySun 3:57 PMPartly sunny. Cold.24 °FLangleySun 11:57 AMQuite cool.44 °FSarniaSun 2:57 PMLight snow. Low clouds. Cold.18 °F
Cape DorsetSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Extremely cold.-22 °FLavalSun 2:57 PMPassing clouds. Frigid.5 °FSaskatoonSun 1:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.3 °F
CharlottetownSun 3:57 PMScattered clouds. Cold.14 °FLethbridgeSun 12:57 PMOvercast. Cold.25 °FSault Ste. MarieSun 2:57 PMMostly cloudy. Frigid.-6 °F
Chatham-KentSun 2:57 PMCold.24 °FLevisSun 2:57 PMN/ASecheltSun 11:57 AMCool.45 °F
ChetwyndSun 12:57 PMCloudy. Frigid.5 °FLloydminsterSun 12:57 PMScattered clouds. Frigid.5 °FSelkirkSun 1:57 PMFrigid.-6 °F
ChibougamauSun 2:57 PMSunny. Extremely cold.-18 °FLondonSun 2:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Cold.18 °FShawiniganSun 2:57 PMFrigid.0 °F
ChilliwackSun 11:57 AMQuite cool.41 °FLongueuilSun 2:57 PMFrigid.10 °FSherbrookeSun 2:57 PMLight snow. Sunny. Frigid.1 °F
ChurchillSun 1:57 PMScattered clouds. Extremely cold.-20 °FMaple RidgeSun 11:57 AMQuite cool.44 °FSidneySun 11:57 AMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.45 °F
ClaringtonSun 2:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.9 °FMarkhamSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Cold.12 °FSt. AlbertSun 12:57 PMSunny. Frigid.5 °F
Clyde RiverSun 2:57 PMPassing clouds. Extremely cold.-31 °FMD of LunenburgSun 3:57 PMCold.21 °FSt. CatharinesSun 2:57 PMLight snow. More clouds than sun. Cold.18 °F
Colchester CountySun 3:57 PMPartly sunny. Cold.14 °FMeadow LakeSun 1:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Frigid.2 °FSt. John's (CA - NF)Sun 4:27 PMPartly sunny. Quite cool.43 °F
Conception Bay SouthSun 4:27 PMPartly sunny. Quite cool.43 °FMedicine HatSun 12:57 PMPartly sunny. Cold.12 °FSteinbachSun 1:57 PMFrigid.-6 °F
CoquitlamSun 11:57 AMQuite cool.44 °FMiltonSun 2:57 PMCold.14 °FStephenvilleSun 4:27 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.27 °F
Coral HarbourSun 2:57 PMPartly sunny. Extremely cold.-26 °FMiramichiSun 3:57 PMLow level haze. Frigid.7 °FStonewallSun 1:57 PMSunny. Frigid.-6 °F
Corner BrookSun 4:27 PMLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.32 °FMississaugaSun 2:57 PMLight snow. More clouds than sun. Cold.12 °FStratfordSun 2:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Cold.18 °F
CornwallSun 2:57 PMFrigid.1 °FMonctonSun 3:57 PMLow level haze. Cold.10 °FStrathcona CountySun 12:57 PMSunny. Frigid.5 °F
CranbrookSun 12:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.27 °FMontrealSun 2:57 PMPassing clouds. Frigid.5 °FSummersideSun 3:57 PMCold.14 °F
CreightonSun 1:57 PMPartly sunny. Extremely cold.-17 °FMoose JawSun 1:57 PMBroken clouds. Frigid.7 °FSurreySun 11:57 AMQuite cool.44 °F
CrestonSun 12:57 PMChilly.31 °FMordenSun 1:57 PMFrigid.-3 °FSwift CurrentSun 1:57 PMFrigid.5 °F
Cumberland CountySun 3:57 PMCold.15 °FMount PearlSun 4:27 PMPartly sunny. Quite cool.43 °FTaloyoakSun 12:57 PMSnow flurries. Light fog. Extremely cold.-45 °F
DauphinSun 1:57 PMFrigid.-6 °FNanaimoSun 11:57 AMCool.45 °FTemiskaming ShoresSun 2:57 PMExtremely cold.-15 °F
Dawson City (Yukon T.)Sun 11:57 AMSunny. Extremely cold.-40 °FNelsonSun 11:57 AMChilly.34 °FTerrebonneSun 2:57 PMFrigid.5 °F
Dawson Creek (Br. Col.)Sun 12:57 PMPassing clouds. Frigid.5 °FNew WestminsterSun 11:57 AMQuite cool.44 °FThe PasSun 1:57 PMPassing clouds. Frigid.-10 °F
DeltaSun 11:57 AMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.45 °FNewmarketSun 2:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.7 °FThompsonSun 1:57 PMSnow flurries. Partly sunny. Extremely cold.-11 °F
Denare BeachSun 1:57 PMPartly sunny. Extremely cold.-17 °FNiagara FallsSun 2:57 PMLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Cold.18 °FThunder BaySun 2:57 PMPassing clouds. Frigid.3 °F
DieppeSun 3:57 PMLow level haze. Cold.10 °FNipigonSun 2:57 PMExtremely cold.-18 °FTimminsSun 2:57 PMPassing clouds. Frigid.-9 °F
DrummondvilleSun 2:57 PMFrigid.1 °FNorfolkSun 2:57 PMCold.16 °FTorontoSun 2:57 PMLight snow. More clouds than sun. Cold.12 °F
DrydenSun 1:57 PMSunny. Frigid.-8 °FNorman WellsSun 12:57 PMLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Frigid.9 °FTrois-RivieresSun 2:57 PMFrigid.1 °F
East HantsSun 3:57 PMPartly sunny. Cold.14 °FNorth BaySun 2:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.-8 °FTuktoyaktukSun 12:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Frigid.-8 °F
EdmontonSun 12:57 PMSunny. Frigid.5 °FOakvilleSun 2:57 PMCold.15 °FUlukhaktokSun 12:57 PMSnow flurries. Broken clouds. Extremely cold.-15 °F
EdmundstonSun 3:57 PMFrigid.0 °FOld CrowSun 11:57 AMSnow flurries. Ice fog. Extremely cold.-26 °FUxbridgeSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Cold.12 °F
EurekaSun 1:57 PMPartly sunny. Extremely cold.-47 °FOshawaSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Cold.12 °FVancouverSun 11:57 AMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.45 °F
Fort FrancesSun 1:57 PM--OttawaSun 2:57 PMScattered clouds. Frigid.1 °FVaughanSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Cold.12 °F
Fort LiardSun 12:57 PM--Owen SoundSun 2:57 PMSnow flurries. Overcast. Frigid.5 °FVictoriaSun 11:57 AMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.45 °F
Fort NelsonSun 11:57 AMPassing clouds. Frigid.-8 °FPangnirtungSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Extremely cold.-15 °FWaterlooSun 2:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Cold.12 °F
Fort Severn First NationSun 2:57 PM--ParadiseSun 4:27 PMPartly sunny. Quite cool.43 °FWellandSun 2:57 PMCold.20 °F
Fort SimpsonSun 12:57 PMPassing clouds. Extremely cold.-20 °FPaulatukSun 12:57 PMFrigid.-8 °FWhistlerSun 11:57 AMChilly.40 °F
Fort SmithSun 12:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Frigid.-8 °FPentictonSun 11:57 AMLight rain. More clouds than sun. Chilly.36 °FWhitbySun 2:57 PMOvercast. Cold.12 °F
Fort St. JohnSun 12:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.-4 °FPeterboroughSun 2:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.9 °FWhite RockSun 11:57 AMQuite cool.44 °F
FrederictonSun 3:57 PMLight snow. Sunny. Cold.12 °FPickeringSun 2:57 PMOvercast. Cold.12 °FWhitehorseSun 11:57 AMSunny. Extremely cold.-20 °F
GanderSun 4:27 PMFog. Chilly.36 °FPictou CountySun 3:57 PMCold.14 °FWilliams LakeSun 11:57 AMLight snow. Cloudy. Chilly.26 °F
GaspéSun 2:57 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.7 °FPond InletSun 2:57 PMPassing clouds. Extremely cold.-24 °FWindsorSun 2:57 PMHeavy snow. Low clouds. Cold.23 °F
GatineauSun 2:57 PMScattered clouds. Frigid.1 °FPonokaSun 12:57 PMFrigid.-1 °FWinnipegSun 1:57 PMFrigid.-6 °F
Gjoa HavenSun 12:57 PMSunny. Extremely cold.-38 °FPort CoquitlamSun 11:57 AMQuite cool.44 °FWood BuffaloSun 12:57 PMFrigid.-3 °F
Glace BaySun 3:57 PMOvercast. Cold.23 °FPortage la PrairieSun 1:57 PMFrigid.-5 °FYarmouth CountySun 3:57 PMLight snow. Partly sunny. Cold.19 °F
GoderichSun 2:57 PMCold.13 °FPrince AlbertSun 1:57 PMLight snow. More clouds than sun. Frigid.1 °FYellowknifeSun 12:57 PMLight snow. Overcast. Frigid.-2 °F
GranbySun 2:57 PMFrigid.2 °FPrince GeorgeSun 11:57 AMOvercast. Cold.19 °FYorktonSun 1:57 PMSunny. Frigid.-6 °F
Grand Falls-WindsorSun 4:27 PMChilly.34 °FPrince RupertSun 11:57 AMLight rain. Overcast. Quite cool.41 °F
Grande PrairieSun 12:57 PMLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Frigid.3 °FQikiqtarjuaqSun 2:57 PMScattered clouds. Extremely cold.-24 °F

Sun = Sunday, February 1, 2015 (226 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Sunday, February 1, 2015 at 19:57:19

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.