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Local time and weather in Chile

AntofagastaFri 4:20 PMScattered clouds. Mild.64 °FLa SerenaFri 4:20 PMPassing clouds. Cool.60 °FTalcahuanoFri 4:20 PMScattered clouds. Cool.61 °F
AricaFri 4:20 PMOvercast. Mild.68 °FOsornoFri 4:20 PMOvercast. Cool.52 °FTemucoFri 4:20 PM--
ChillánFri 4:20 PMPartly sunny. Cool.57 °FPuerto MonttFri 4:20 PMOvercast. Cool.51 °FValdiviaFri 4:20 PM--
ConcepciónFri 4:20 PMScattered clouds. Cool.61 °FPuerto WilliamsFri 4:20 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.37 °FValparaísoFri 4:20 PMSunny. Mild.68 °F
CopiapóFri 4:20 PM--Punta ArenasFri 4:20 PMOvercast. Quite cool.40 °FVillarricaFri 4:20 PMRain showers. Overcast. Cool.52 °F
CoyhaiqueFri 4:20 PMSprinkles. Partly sunny. Cool.46 °FRancaguaFri 4:20 PMSunny. Mild.69 °FViña del MarFri 4:20 PMSunny. Mild.68 °F
Easter IslandFri 2:20 PMPartly sunny. Mild.72 °FSantiago (Chile)Fri 4:20 PMSunny. Mild.68 °F
IquiqueFri 4:20 PMPassing clouds. Mild.70 °FTalcaFri 4:20 PM--

Fri = Friday, May 29, 2015 (22 places).