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Local time and weather in Chile

AntofagastaSat 1:09 AMPassing clouds. Cool.59 °FLa SerenaSat 1:09 AMPassing clouds. Cool.57 °FTalcahuanoSat 1:09 AMDrizzle. Fog. Cool.55 °F
AricaSat 1:09 AMOvercast. Cool.61 °FOsornoSat 1:09 AMSprinkles. Overcast. Cool.50 °FTemucoSat 1:09 AM--
ChillánSat 1:09 AMRain. Low clouds. Cool.53 °FPuerto MonttSat 1:09 AMOvercast. Cool.51 °FValdiviaSat 1:09 AM--
ConcepciónSat 1:09 AMDrizzle. Fog. Cool.55 °FPuerto WilliamsSat 1:09 AMPassing clouds. Quite cool.41 °FValparaísoSat 1:09 AMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °F
CopiapóSat 1:09 AM--Punta ArenasSat 1:09 AMSprinkles. Overcast. Quite cool.42 °FVillarricaSat 1:09 AMLight rain. Passing clouds. Cool.55 °F
CoyhaiqueSat 1:09 AMRain showers. Overcast. Chilly.40 °FRancaguaSat 1:09 AMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.60 °FViña del MarSat 1:09 AMClear. Cool.52 °F
Easter IslandFri 11:09 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °FSantiago (Chile)Sat 1:09 AMClear. Cool.52 °F
IquiqueSat 1:09 AMOvercast. Mild.63 °FTalcaSat 1:09 AM--

Fri = Friday, August 28, 2015 (1 place).
Sat = Saturday, August 29, 2015 (21 places).