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Local time and weather in Finland

EspooMon 10:09 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.34 °FKotkaMon 10:09 PMSprinkles. Low clouds. Chilly.34 °FOuluMon 10:09 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.34 °F
HelsinkiMon 10:09 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FKristinestadMon 10:09 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FPoriMon 10:09 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °F
IvaloMon 10:09 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °FKuopioMon 10:09 PMLight mixture of precip. Low clouds. Chilly.34 °FRovaniemiMon 10:09 PMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.32 °F
JakobstadMon 10:09 PMLow clouds. Chilly.36 °FLahtiMon 10:09 PMSprinkles. Low clouds. Chilly.34 °FSodankyläMon 10:09 PMLight snow. Low clouds. Chilly.33 °F
JoensuuMon 10:09 PMLow clouds. Chilly.34 °FLappeenrantaMon 10:09 PMFog. Chilly.34 °FTampereMon 10:09 PMLow clouds. Chilly.34 °F
JyväskyläMon 10:09 PMLight snow. Low clouds. Chilly.32 °FMariehamnMon 10:09 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FTurkuMon 10:09 PMFog. Chilly.37 °F
KemiMon 10:09 PMLow clouds. Chilly.34 °FMuonioMon 10:09 PMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.33 °FVaasaMon 10:09 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.36 °F
KokkolaMon 10:09 PMLow clouds. Chilly.36 °FNärpesMon 10:09 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.36 °FVantaaMon 10:09 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.34 °F

Mon = Monday, March 2, 2015 (24 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Monday, March 2, 2015 at 20:09:32

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.