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Local time and weather in Germany

AachenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AGöttingenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °FOberursel (Taunus)Sun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
AalenSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.28 °FGreifswaldSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.35 °FOeldeSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °F
AchernSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FGrevenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FOer-ErkenschwickSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
AchimSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FGrevenbroichSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FOffenbachSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
AhausSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.37 °FGronau (Westfalen)Sun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.37 °FOffenburgSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
AhlenSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FGross-GerauSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FÖhringenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.34 °F
AhrensburgSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FGummersbachSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FOldenburgSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
AlbstadtSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.28 °FGüstrowSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FOlpeSun 6:21 PMIce fog. Chilly.32 °F
Alfeld (Leine)Sun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FGüterslohSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FOranienburgSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.34 °F
AlsdorfSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AHaanSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FOsnabrückSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °F
AlsfeldSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °FHagenSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FOsterholz-ScharmbeckSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.37 °F
AltenburgSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FHalberstadtSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.26 °FOsterode am HarzSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.26 °F
AmbergSun 6:21 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.32 °FHalleSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.36 °FOstfildernSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
AndernachSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AHaltern am SeeSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FPaderbornSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °F
Annaberg-BuchholzSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.23 °FHamburgSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FPapenburgSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.38 °F
AnsbachSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °FHamelnSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FPassauSun 6:21 PMChilly.32 °F
ApoldaSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FHammSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FPeineSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °F
ArnsbergSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FHanauSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FPfaffenhofen an der IlmSun 6:21 PMChilly.34 °F
ArnstadtSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FHannoverSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FPforzheimSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
AschaffenburgSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.32 °FHattingenSun 6:21 PMLight freezing rain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FPinnebergSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
AscherslebenSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FHeideSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FPirmasensSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °F
AugsburgSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °FHeidelbergSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FPirnaSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.33 °F
AurichSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FHeidenheim an der BrenzSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.28 °FPlauenSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.33 °F
BacknangSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.34 °FHeilbronnSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.34 °FPlettenbergSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
Bad HersfeldSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FHeinsbergSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.36 °FPorta WestfalicaSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °F
Bad HomburgSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.29 °FHelmstedtSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FPotsdamSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.34 °F
Bad KissingenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.27 °FHemerSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FPrenzlauSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.34 °F
Bad KreuznachSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FHennef (Sieg)Sun 6:21 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FPulheimSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °F
Bad MergentheimSun 6:21 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.32 °FHerfordSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FRadebeulSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.33 °F
Bad NauheimSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.35 °FHerneSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FRadolfzell am BodenseeSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
Bad Neuenahr-AhrweilerSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FHerrenbergSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FRastattSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °F
Bad OeynhausenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FHertenSun 6:21 PMLight freezing rain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FRathenowSun 6:21 PMChilly.33 °F
Bad OldesloeSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Passing clouds. Chilly.36 °FHerzogenrathSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/ARatingenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
Bad SalzuflenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FHildenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FRavensburgSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °F
Bad VilbelSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FHildesheimSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FRecklinghausenSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
Baden-BadenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FHockenheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FRegensburgSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °F
BalingenSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.28 °FHof (Saale)Sun 6:21 PMLight snow. Low clouds. Chilly.30 °FRemscheidSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
BambergSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Overcast. Chilly.35 °FHofheim am TaunusSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FRendsburgSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
BarsinghausenSun 6:21 PMChilly.37 °FHomberg (Efze)Sun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °FReutlingenSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
BautzenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.32 °FHomburg (Saar)Sun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °FRheda-WiedenbrückSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °F
BayreuthSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °FHorb am NeckarSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.28 °FRheinbergSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °F
BeckumSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FHöxterSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FRheineSun 6:21 PMChilly.36 °F
BensheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FHoyerswerdaSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.33 °FRheinfelden (Baden)Sun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °F
BergheimSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °FHückelhovenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FRiesaSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.33 °F
Bergisch GladbachSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FHürthSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °FRietbergSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °F
BergkamenSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FHusumSun 6:21 PMChilly.37 °FRodgauSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
BerlinSun 6:21 PMChilly.34 °FIbbenbürenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FRosenheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
Bernau bei BerlinSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.34 °FIdar-ObersteinSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °FRostockSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °F
Bernburg (Saale)Sun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FIlmenauSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.34 °FRotenburg (Wümme)Sun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.37 °F
Biberach an der RissSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °FIngelheim am RheinSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FRottenburg am NeckarSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °F
BielefeldSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FIngolstadtSun 6:21 PMChilly.34 °FRottweilSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/A
Bietigheim-BissingenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °FIserlohnSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FRüsselsheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °F
Bingen am RheinSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FItzehoeSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FSaalfeld/SaaleSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.34 °F
BitburgSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AJenaSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.34 °FSaarbrückenSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °F
Bitterfeld-WolfenSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.36 °FJülichSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/ASaarlouisSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Passing clouds. Chilly.31 °F
BöblingenSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FKaarstSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FSalzgitterSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °F
BocholtSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FKaiserslauternSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FSalzwedelSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
BochumSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FKamenSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FSangerhausenSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.26 °F
BonnSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FKamp-LintfortSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FSankt AugustinSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
BorkenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AKarlsruheSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FSankt IngbertSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Low clouds. Chilly.32 °F
Bornheim (Rheinland)Sun 6:21 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FKasselSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °FSchleswigSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.38 °F
BottropSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FKaufbeurenSun 6:21 PMChilly.28 °FSchloss Holte-StukenbrockSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °F
BramscheSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.37 °FKehlSun 6:21 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FSchmallenbergSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.29 °F
Brandenburg an der HavelSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FKempenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FSchönebeckSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °F
BraunschweigSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FKemptenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.29 °FSchorndorfSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °F
BremenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FKerpenSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °FSchwabachSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °F
BremerhavenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FKielSun 6:21 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.37 °FSchwäbisch GmündSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.28 °F
BrettenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FKirchheim unter TeckSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FSchwäbisch HallSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.34 °F
BrilonSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.29 °FKleveSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/ASchwedt/OderSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.34 °F
BruchsalSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FKoblenzSun 6:21 PMChilly.32 °FSchweinfurtSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °F
Brühl (Rhineland)Sun 6:21 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.37 °FKönigs WusterhausenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FSchwerinSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °F
Buchholz in der NordheideSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FKönigswinterSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FSchwerteSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
BühlSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FKonstanzSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °FSeelzeSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
BündeSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FKorbachSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.29 °FSeevetalSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
BurgSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FKornwestheimSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FSenftenbergSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.33 °F
BurgdorfSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FKorschenbroichSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FSiegburgSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °F
BuxtehudeSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FKrefeldSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FSiegenSun 6:21 PMIce fog. Chilly.32 °F
CalwSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °FKreuztalSun 6:21 PMIce fog. Chilly.32 °FSindelfingenSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
Castrop-RauxelSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FKulmbachSun 6:21 PMSnow. Ice fog. Chilly.30 °FSingen (Hohentwiel)Sun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
CelleSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FLaatzenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.38 °FSinsheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
ChemnitzSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FLageSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FSoestSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
CloppenburgSun 6:21 PMChilly.37 °FLahrSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FSolingenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
CoburgSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Overcast. Chilly.35 °FLampertheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FSoltauSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
CoesfeldSun 6:21 PMChilly.36 °FLandau in der PfalzSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.30 °FSondershausenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °F
CologneSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FLandsberg am LechSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.30 °FSonnebergSun 6:21 PMSnow. Ice fog. Chilly.30 °F
CottbusSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.33 °FLandshutSun 6:21 PMChilly.32 °FSonthofenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Cold.21 °F
CrailsheimSun 6:21 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.32 °FLangenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FSpeyerSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
CuxhavenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FLangenfeld (Rheinland)Sun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FSpringeSun 6:21 PMChilly.37 °F
DachauSun 6:21 PMBroken clouds. Chilly.30 °FLangenhagenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FSt. WendelSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Passing clouds. Chilly.31 °F
DannenbergSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °FLeerSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.38 °FStadeSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
DarmstadtSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FLehrteSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.38 °FStarnbergSun 6:21 PMBroken clouds. Chilly.30 °F
DattelnSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FLeimenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FStassfurtSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °F
DeggendorfSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °FLeinfelden-EchterdingenSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FSteinfurtSun 6:21 PMChilly.36 °F
DelbrückSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °FLeipzigSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.36 °FStendalSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °F
DelmenhorstSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FLemgoSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FStolberg (Rheinland)Sun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/A
DemminSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.35 °FLennestadtSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.29 °FStralsundSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.36 °F
Dessau-RosslauSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °FLeonbergSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FStraubingSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °F
DetmoldSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FLeutkirch im AllgäuSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.29 °FStrausbergSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °F
DietzenbachSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FLeverkusenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FStuhrSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
DillenburgSun 6:21 PMIce fog. Chilly.32 °FLimburg an der LahnSun 6:21 PMIce fog. Chilly.32 °FStuttgartSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
DinslakenSun 6:21 PMLight freezing rain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FLindau (Bodensee)Sun 6:21 PMChilly.34 °FSuhlSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °F
DormagenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FLindlarSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FSundern (Sauerland)Sun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
DorstenSun 6:21 PMLight freezing rain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FLingen (Ems)Sun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.38 °FTaunussteinSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °F
DortmundSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FLippstadtSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °FTitisee-NeustadtSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/A
DreieichSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FLohmarSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FTönisvorstSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °F
DresdenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FLöhneSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FTrierSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Low clouds. Chilly.33 °F
DuisburgSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FLohne (Oldenburg)Sun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FTroisdorfSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
DülmenSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FLörrachSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °FTübingenSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
DürenSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °FLübbeckeSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FTuttlingenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
DüsseldorfSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FLübeckSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Passing clouds. Chilly.36 °FUelzenSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
EberswaldeSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.34 °FLuckenwaldeSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.34 °FUlmSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °F
EckernfördeSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.38 °FLüdenscheidSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FUnnaSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
Ehingen (Donau)Sun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °FLudwigsburgSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FVaihingen an der EnzSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
EinbeckSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.26 °FLudwigsfeldeSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.34 °FVarelSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
EisenachSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FLudwigshafenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FVechtaSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
EisenhüttenstadtSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.33 °FLüneburgSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FVelbertSun 6:21 PMLight freezing rain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °F
Ellwangen (Jagst)Sun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.28 °FLünenSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FVerden (Aller)Sun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
ElmshornSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FLutherstadt EislebenSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.35 °FViernheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
EmdenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AMagdeburgSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °FViersenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °F
EmmendingenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FMaintalSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FVillingen-SchwenningenSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.28 °F
Emmerich am RheinSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AMainzSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FVoerde (Niederrhein)Sun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/A
EmsdettenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FMannheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FVölklingenSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °F
EnnepetalSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FMarburgSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.35 °FVredenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.37 °F
ErdingSun 6:21 PMChilly.32 °FMarlSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FWaiblingenSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
ErftstadtSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °FMayenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AWaldkraiburgSun 6:21 PMChilly.32 °F
ErfurtSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.34 °FMechernichSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AWaldshut-TiengenSun 6:21 PMChilly.26 °F
ErkelenzSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FMeerbuschSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FWalsrodeSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
ErkrathSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FMeiningenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FWaltropSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
ErlangenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FMeissenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FWarburgSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °F
EschweilerSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AMelleSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FWaren (Müritz)Sun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °F
EssenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FMelsungenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °FWarendorfSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °F
EsslingenSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FMemmingenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.29 °FWarsteinSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °F
EttlingenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FMenden (Sauerland)Sun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FWedelSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
EuskirchenSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °FMeppenSun 6:21 PMChilly.37 °FWegbergSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °F
FalkenseeSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.34 °FMerseburgSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.36 °FWeiden in der OberpfalzSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Overcast. Chilly.33 °F
Fehmarn (Puttgarden)Sun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FMerzigSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Passing clouds. Chilly.31 °FWeil am RheinSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °F
FellbachSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FMeschedeSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.29 °FWeilheim in OberbayernSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Cold.24 °F
FilderstadtSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °FMettmannSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FWeimarSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.34 °F
FlensburgSun 6:21 PMClear. Chilly.37 °FMindenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FWeinheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
ForchheimSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Overcast. Chilly.35 °FMoersSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FWeißenfelsSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.35 °F
Frankenthal (Pfalz)Sun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FMönchengladbachSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FWerlSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
FrankfurtSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FMonheim am RheinSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FWermelskirchenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
Frankfurt an der OderSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °FMörfelden-WalldorfSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FWerneSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
FrechenSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °FMosbachSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.34 °FWernigerodeSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.26 °F
FreibergSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FMühlackerSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FWertheimSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °F
FreiburgSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FMühlhausen/ThüringenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FWeselSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/A
FreisingSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FMülheimSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FWesselingSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °F
FreitalSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.33 °FMülheim / RuhrSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FWesterlandSun 6:21 PMClear. Quite cool.41 °F
FreudenstadtSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.28 °FMunichSun 6:21 PMBroken clouds. Chilly.30 °FWesterstedeSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
FriedrichshafenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °FMünsterSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FWetzlarSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.35 °F
FriesoytheSun 6:21 PMChilly.37 °FNagoldSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.28 °FWeyheSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
FuldaSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.27 °FNaumburg (Saale)Sun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.34 °FWiehlSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
FürstenfeldbruckSun 6:21 PMBroken clouds. Chilly.30 °FNettetalSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FWiesbadenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °F
Fürstenwalde/SpreeSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.33 °FNeu-IsenburgSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FWieslochSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
FürthSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FNeu-UlmSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °FWilhelmshavenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
GaggenauSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FNeubrandenburgSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.35 °FWillichSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °F
GanderkeseeSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FNeuburg an der DonauSun 6:21 PMChilly.34 °FWinsen (Luhe)Sun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
GarbsenSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FNeumarkt in der OberpfalzSun 6:21 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.32 °FWipperfürthSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
Garmisch-PartenkirchenSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.28 °FNeumünsterSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FWismarSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °F
GeesthachtSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FNeunkirchen (Saar)Sun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °FWittenSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
Geislingen an der SteigeSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.28 °FNeuruppinSun 6:21 PMChilly.33 °FWittenbergSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °F
GeldernSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/ANeussSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °FWittenbergeSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.35 °F
GelsenkirchenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FNeustadt am RübenbergeSun 6:21 PMChilly.37 °FWittlichSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/A
GeorgsmarienhütteSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.37 °FNeustadt an der WeinstraßeSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.30 °FWittmundSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
GeraSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.34 °FNeustrelitzSun 6:21 PMChilly.33 °FWitzenhausenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.36 °F
GeretsriedSun 6:21 PMBroken clouds. Chilly.30 °FNeuwiedSun 6:21 PMChilly.32 °FWolfenbüttelSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °F
GermeringSun 6:21 PMBroken clouds. Chilly.30 °FNiederkasselSun 6:21 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FWolfsburgSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °F
GerolsteinSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Low clouds. Chilly.33 °FNienburg (Weser)Sun 6:21 PMChilly.37 °FWormsSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
GevelsbergSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FNordenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.38 °FWunstorfSun 6:21 PMChilly.37 °F
GiessenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.35 °FNorderstedtSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FWuppertalSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
GifhornSun 6:21 PMRain. Low clouds. Chilly.36 °FNordhausenSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.26 °FWürselenSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/A
GladbeckSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FNordhornSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.38 °FWürzburgSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °F
GochSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.37 °FNordkirchenSun 6:21 PMRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FZeitzSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.34 °F
GöppingenSun 6:21 PMSnow flurries. Low clouds. Chilly.28 °FNortheimSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.26 °FZerbst/AnhaltSun 6:21 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °F
GorlebenSun 6:21 PMFog. Chilly.35 °FNürburgSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds.N/AZittauSun 6:21 PMRain showers. Overcast. Chilly.32 °F
GörlitzSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.32 °FNurembergSun 6:21 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FZweibrückenSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °F
GoslarSun 6:21 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.26 °FNürtingenSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FZwickauSun 6:21 PMPartly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
GothaSun 6:21 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FOberhausenSun 6:21 PMDrizzle. Fog. Chilly.36 °F

Sun = Sunday, January 25, 2015 (533 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 17:21:58

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.