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Local time and weather in Indonesia

AmbonTue 5:24 PMScattered clouds. Extremely hot.95 °FKendariTue 4:24 PMOvercast. Hot.91 °FPematangsiantarTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Warm.88 °F
BalikpapanTue 4:24 PMOvercast. Hot.88 °FKudusTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.90 °FPontianakTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Warm.83 °F
Banda AcehTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Warm.84 °FKupangTue 4:24 PMScattered clouds. Hot.91 °FRabaTue 4:24 PMPassing clouds. Extremely hot.96 °F
Bandar LampungTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.93 °FMadiunTue 3:24 PM--RantepaoTue 4:24 PMScattered clouds. Extremely hot.96 °F
BandungTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Warm.83 °FMakassarTue 4:24 PMScattered clouds. Hot.90 °FSamarindaTue 4:24 PMOvercast. Hot.91 °F
BanjarmasinTue 4:24 PMPartly sunny. Extremely hot.94 °FMalangTue 3:24 PMPassing clouds. Extremely hot.95 °FSangattaTue 4:24 PM--
BekasiTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Hot.90 °FMamujuTue 4:24 PM--SemarangTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.90 °F
BengkuluTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Warm.87 °FManadoTue 4:24 PMScattered clouds. Warm.88 °FSerangTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.92 °F
BogorTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Warm.79 °FManokwariTue 5:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.88 °FSingarajaTue 4:24 PMScattered clouds. Hot.89 °F
BukittinggiTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Warm.85 °FMataramTue 4:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.93 °FSofifiTue 5:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.90 °F
CirebonTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Hot.92 °FMedanTue 3:24 PMScattered clouds. Warm.88 °FSurabayaTue 3:24 PMPassing clouds. Extremely hot.96 °F
DenpasarTue 4:24 PMScattered clouds. Hot.89 °FPadangTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Warm.85 °FSurakartaTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.90 °F
EndeTue 4:24 PMPartly sunny. Extremely hot.96 °FPalangka RayaTue 3:24 PM--Tanjung PinangTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Warm.86 °F
GorontaloTue 4:24 PMScattered clouds. Hot.91 °FPalembangTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Hot.91 °FTasikmalayaTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Hot.92 °F
JakartaTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Hot.90 °FPaluTue 4:24 PMPartly sunny. Extremely hot.94 °FTegalTue 3:24 PMScattered clouds. Hot.91 °F
JambiTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Hot.89 °FPangkal PinangTue 3:24 PMOvercast. Hot.92 °FTernateTue 5:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.90 °F
JayapuraTue 5:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.90 °FPekalonganTue 3:24 PMScattered clouds. Hot.91 °FUbudTue 4:24 PMScattered clouds. Hot.89 °F
KediriTue 3:24 PMPassing clouds. Extremely hot.95 °FPekanbaruTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.89 °FYogyakartaTue 3:24 PMPartly sunny. Hot.91 °F

Tue = Tuesday, December 1, 2015 (54 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 08:24:18

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.