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Local time and weather in Japan

AsahikawaTue 3:09 PMChilly.33 °FKushiroTue 3:09 PMDrizzle. Dense fog. Chilly.36 °FSagamiharaTue 3:09 PMBroken clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °F
FukuokaTue 3:09 PMPartly sunny. Cool.52 °FKyotoTue 3:09 PMScattered showers. Scattered clouds. Cool.59 °FSapporoTue 3:09 PMChilly.34 °F
FukushimaTue 3:09 PMChilly.39 °FMatsuyamaTue 3:09 PMBroken clouds. Cool.55 °FSaseboTue 3:09 PMCool.54 °F
HamamatsuTue 3:09 PMCool.59 °FMinamisōmaTue 3:09 PMScattered clouds. Cool.52 °FSendaiTue 3:09 PMScattered clouds. Cool.52 °F
HimejiTue 3:09 PMScattered showers. Scattered clouds. Cool.59 °FNaganoTue 3:09 PMChilly.39 °FShizuokaTue 3:09 PMCool.59 °F
HiroshimaTue 3:09 PMScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °FNagasakiTue 3:09 PMPassing clouds. Cool.57 °FSuzukaTue 3:09 PMCool.52 °F
KagoshimaTue 3:09 PMCool.58 °FNagoyaTue 3:09 PMScattered showers. Partly sunny. Cool.52 °FTokyoTue 3:09 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
KawasakiTue 3:09 PMPartly sunny. Cool.57 °FNahaTue 3:09 PMSprinkles. Broken clouds. Mild.64 °FTsuTue 3:09 PMCool.52 °F
KitakyushuTue 3:09 PMPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FNiigataTue 3:09 PMScattered showers. Broken clouds. Quite cool.43 °FUtsunomiyaTue 3:09 PMCool.59 °F
KobeTue 3:09 PMScattered showers. Scattered clouds. Cool.59 °FOkayamaTue 3:09 PMScattered clouds. Cool.52 °FYokohamaTue 3:09 PMPartly sunny. Cool.57 °F
KumamotoTue 3:09 PMBroken clouds. Cool.52 °FOsakaTue 3:09 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °FYokosukaTue 3:09 PMPartly sunny. Cool.57 °F

Tue = Tuesday, January 27, 2015 (33 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 06:09:00

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.