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Local time and weather in Mexico

AcapulcoThu 9:41 PMClear. Warm.80 °FHermosilloThu 8:41 PMPassing clouds. Mild.71 °FPlaya del CarmenThu 9:41 PMPartly cloudy. Mild.72 °F
AguascalientesThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.59 °FIxtlán del RíoThu 8:41 PMClear. Mild.65 °FPueblaThu 9:41 PMClear. Cool.57 °F
Cabo San LucasThu 8:41 PM--La PazThu 8:41 PMClear. Mild.71 °FPuerto VallartaThu 9:41 PMPartly cloudy. Mild.73 °F
CampecheThu 9:41 PMClear. Mild.73 °FLeonThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °FPunta MitaThu 9:41 PMPartly cloudy. Mild.73 °F
CancúnThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Mild.75 °FManzanilloThu 9:41 PMScattered clouds. Warm.81 °FQuerétaroThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
ChetumalThu 9:41 PMClear. Hot.92 °FMatamorosThu 9:41 PMOvercast. Mild.72 °FSaltilloThu 9:41 PMPartly cloudy. Cool.57 °F
ChihuahuaThu 8:41 PMPassing clouds. Cool.51 °FMazatlanThu 8:41 PMPartly cloudy. Mild.64 °FSan Cristobal de las CasasThu 9:41 PMClear. Cool.53 °F
Ciudad JuárezThu 8:41 PMPassing clouds. Cool.46 °FMeridaThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Mild.73 °FSan Luis PotosiThu 9:41 PMPartly cloudy. Mild.66 °F
ColimaThu 9:41 PMHaze. Warm.88 °FMexicaliThu 7:41 PMPassing clouds. Cool.56 °FTepicThu 8:41 PMClear. Mild.65 °F
CozumelThu 9:41 PMPartly cloudy. Mild.72 °FMexico CityThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Mild.64 °FTijuanaThu 7:41 PMOvercast. Cool.58 °F
CuliacánThu 8:41 PM--Monterrey (Mex)Thu 9:41 PMLow clouds. Cool.61 °FTorreónThu 9:41 PMPartly cloudy. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
EnsenadaThu 7:41 PMCool.46 °FMoreliaThu 9:41 PMClear. Cool.60 °FTuxtla GutierrezThu 9:41 PMClear. Mild.72 °F
FresnilloThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °FOaxacaThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °FVeracruzThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Mild.73 °F
GuadalajaraThu 9:41 PMPassing clouds. Mild.64 °FOjinagaThu 8:41 PMClear. Chilly.39 °FVillahermosaThu 9:41 PMClear. Mild.72 °F

Thu = Thursday, December 18, 2014 (42 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Friday, December 19, 2014 at 03:41:06

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.