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Local time and weather in Pakistan

AbbottabadThu 7:35 PMOvercast. Warm.82 °FHyderabad (PK)Thu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Hot.90 °FMuzaffargarhThu 7:35 PMRain. More clouds than sun. Warm.84 °F
AttockThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Mild.75 °FIslamabadThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Mild.75 °FNarowalThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Hot.90 °F
AusiaThu 7:35 PMLow clouds. Mild.68 °FJhelumThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Hot.90 °FPano AqilThu 7:35 PMPartly sunny. Extremely hot.94 °F
BahawalpurThu 7:35 PMRain. More clouds than sun. Warm.84 °FKarachiThu 7:35 PMBroken clouds. Warm.84 °FPeshawarThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Extremely hot.93 °F
CharsaddaThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Extremely hot.93 °FKhanewalThu 7:35 PMRain. More clouds than sun. Warm.84 °FQuettaThu 7:35 PMDrizzle. Overcast. Warm.82 °F
Chenab NagarThu 7:35 PMPartly sunny. Extremely hot.93 °FKhushabThu 7:35 PMPartly sunny. Extremely hot.93 °FRawalpindiThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Mild.75 °F
ChichawatniThu 7:35 PMThundershowers. Overcast. Warm.81 °FLahoreThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Hot.90 °FSahiwalThu 7:35 PMThundershowers. Overcast. Warm.81 °F
ChiniotThu 7:35 PMPartly sunny. Extremely hot.93 °FLakki MarwatThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Extremely hot.99 °FSargodhaThu 7:35 PMPartly sunny. Extremely hot.93 °F
Dera Ghazi KhanThu 7:35 PMRain. More clouds than sun. Warm.84 °FMansehraThu 7:35 PMPartly sunny. Warm.87 °FSialkotThu 7:35 PMOvercast. Hot.89 °F
FaisalabadThu 7:35 PMPartly sunny. Extremely hot.93 °FMirpur KhasThu 7:35 PMScattered clouds. Hot.90 °FSukkurThu 7:35 PMThunderstorms. Scattered clouds. Warm.88 °F
GujranwalaThu 7:35 PMOvercast. Hot.89 °FMultanThu 7:35 PMOvercast. Warm.86 °F
HaripurThu 7:35 PMOvercast. Warm.82 °FMurreeThu 7:35 PMLow clouds. Mild.68 °F

Thu = Thursday, July 30, 2015 (34 places).