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Local time and weather in Pakistan

AbbottabadFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Warm.84 °FHafizabadFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.96 °FMurreeFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Mild.73 °F
AttockFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Extremely hot.93 °FHaripurFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Warm.84 °FMuzaffarabadFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Hot.90 °F
AusiaFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Mild.73 °FHyderabad (PK)Fri 5:42 PMSunny. Hot.91 °FMuzaffargarhFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.96 °F
BahawalpurFri 5:42 PM--IslamabadFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Extremely hot.93 °FNarowalFri 5:42 PMHaze. Extremely hot.93 °F
CharsaddaFri 5:42 PMScattered clouds. Hot.91 °FJhelumFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.97 °FPano AqilFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.99 °F
Chenab NagarFri 5:42 PMHaze. Warm.84 °FKarachiFri 5:42 PMScattered clouds. Hot.90 °FPeshawarFri 5:42 PMScattered clouds. Hot.91 °F
ChichawatniFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.98 °FKhanewalFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.96 °FQuettaFri 5:42 PMHaze. Hot.90 °F
ChiniotFri 5:42 PMHaze. Warm.84 °FKhushabFri 5:42 PMHaze. Warm.84 °FRawalpindiFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Extremely hot.93 °F
DaggarFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Hot.91 °FLahoreFri 5:42 PMScattered clouds. Extremely hot.99 °FSahiwalFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.98 °F
Dera Ghazi KhanFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.96 °FLakki MarwatFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.99 °FSargodhaFri 5:42 PMHaze. Warm.84 °F
FaisalabadFri 5:42 PMHaze. Warm.84 °FMansehraFri 5:42 PMPassing clouds. Hot.90 °FSialkotFri 5:42 PMScattered clouds. Extremely hot.94 °F
GilgitFri 5:42 PM--Mirpur KhasFri 5:42 PMSunny. Hot.91 °FSukkurFri 5:42 PMHaze. Extremely hot.99 °F
GujranwalaFri 5:42 PMScattered clouds. Extremely hot.94 °FMultanFri 5:42 PMSunny. Extremely hot.96 °F

Fri = Friday, September 4, 2015 (38 places).