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Local time and weather in Slovakia

Bratislava *Wed 6:58 AMFog. Cool.57 °FPiešťany *Wed 6:58 AMFog. Cool.54 °FPrievidza *Wed 6:58 AMFog. Cool.54 °F
Humenné *Wed 6:58 AMCool.52 °FPoprad *Wed 6:58 AMPassing clouds. Cool.48 °FŽilina *Wed 6:58 AMFog. Cool.50 °F
Košice *Wed 6:58 AMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FPrešov *Wed 6:58 AMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °F

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (8 places).

Wed = Wednesday, October 7, 2015 (8 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 04:58:17

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.