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Local time and weather in Spain

A CoruñaFri 9:11 PMOvercast. Cool.53 °FHuescaFri 9:11 PM--Palma (ES-Majorca)Fri 9:11 PMPassing clouds. Cool.46 °F
AlicanteFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.48 °FIbizaFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.48 °FPamplonaFri 9:11 PMPassing clouds. Cool.48 °F
AlmeríaFri 9:11 PMCool.57 °FJaénFri 9:11 PMClear. Chilly.39 °FSan SebastiánFri 9:11 PMOvercast. Cool.51 °F
ArrecifeFri 8:11 PMPassing clouds. Mild.63 °FLas Palmas (ES-Canary)Fri 8:11 PMPassing clouds. Mild.66 °FSanta Cruz de TenerifeFri 8:11 PMPassing clouds. Cool.55 °F
BarcelonaFri 9:11 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.45 °FLinaresFri 9:11 PM--SantanderFri 9:11 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °F
BilbaoFri 9:11 PMPartly cloudy. Cool.54 °FLugoFri 9:11 PMFog. Cool.46 °FSevillaFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.48 °F
CadizFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.48 °FMadridFri 9:11 PMClear. Quite cool.41 °FTorreviejaFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.48 °F
CeutaFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.59 °FMahónFri 9:11 PMCool.51 °FValenciaFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.46 °F
CórdobaFri 9:11 PMClear. Quite cool.45 °FMálagaFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.52 °FValladolidFri 9:11 PMFog. Chilly.39 °F
GijónFri 9:11 PMPassing clouds. Cool.55 °FMelillaFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.56 °FZaragozaFri 9:11 PMPassing clouds. Cool.50 °F
GranadaFri 9:11 PMSunny. Cool.50 °FMurciaFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.48 °F
HuelvaFri 9:11 PMClear. Cool.48 °FOviedoFri 9:11 PMOvercast. Cool.52 °F

Fri = Friday, December 26, 2014 (34 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Friday, December 26, 2014 at 20:11:13

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.