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Local time and weather in Sri Lanka

ColomboSun 12:00 Midnight Light rain. Passing clouds. Warm.77 °FKalmunaiSun 12:00 Midnight Passing clouds. Warm.78 °FSri Jayawardenapura KotteSun 12:00 Midnight Light rain. Passing clouds. Warm.77 °F
GalleSun 12:00 Midnight Thunderstorms. Overcast. Mild.76 °FKandySun 12:00 Midnight Overcast. Mild.73 °FTrincomaleeSun 12:00 Midnight Overcast. Warm.79 °F
JaffnaSun 12:00 Midnight Overcast. Warm.81 °FKurunegalaSun 12:00 Midnight Overcast. Warm.84 °F

Sun = Sunday, November 29, 2015 (8 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 18:30:49

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.