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Local time and weather in Switzerland

Aarau *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FHerisau *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.41 °FRichterswil *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F
Adliswil *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FHorgen *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FRiehen *Tue 5:16 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °F
Affoltern am Albis *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FHorw *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.45 °FRüti *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.36 °F
Airolo *Tue 5:16 PMCool.53 °FIlanz *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FSarnen *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.45 °F
Allschwil *Tue 5:16 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °FIllnau-Effretikon *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FSchaffhausen *Tue 5:16 PMCool.47 °F
Altdorf *Tue 5:16 PMCool.46 °FKloten *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Cool.48 °FSchlieren *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F
Altstätten *Tue 5:16 PMDrizzle. Broken clouds. Cool.46 °FKöniz *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Cool.48 °FSchwyz *Tue 5:16 PMCool.46 °F
Amriswil *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.41 °FKreuzlingen *Tue 5:16 PMOvercast. Cool.47 °FSierre *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.41 °F
Appenzell *Tue 5:16 PMCold.20 °FKriens *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.45 °FSion *Tue 5:16 PMCool.53 °F
Arbon *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.41 °FKüsnacht *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FSolothurn *Tue 5:16 PMCool.51 °F
Arth *Tue 5:16 PMCool.46 °FKüssnacht *Tue 5:16 PMCool.46 °FSpiez *Tue 5:16 PMCool.46 °F
Baar *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FLa-Chaux-de-Fonds *Tue 5:16 PMBroken clouds. Quite cool.41 °FSt. Gallen *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.41 °F
Baden *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.40 °FLancy *Tue 5:16 PMBroken clouds. Cool.52 °FSt. Moritz *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.42 °F
Basel *Tue 5:16 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °FLangenthal *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FStäfa *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F
Bellinzona *Tue 5:16 PMMild.68 °FLausanne *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FStans *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.45 °F
Bern *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Cool.48 °FLiestal *Tue 5:16 PMScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °FSteffisburg *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Cool.48 °F
Biel *Tue 5:16 PMCool.51 °FLocarno *Tue 5:16 PMMild.67 °FThalwil *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F
Binningen *Tue 5:16 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °FLucerne *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.45 °FThônex *Tue 5:16 PMBroken clouds. Cool.52 °F
Brig-Glis *Tue 5:16 PMCold.12 °FLugano *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Mild.66 °FThun *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Cool.48 °F
Brugg *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.40 °FMartigny *Tue 5:16 PMCool.53 °FThusis *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °F
Buchs *Tue 5:16 PMCool.48 °FMeilen *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FUster *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F
Bülach *Tue 5:16 PMCool.47 °FMendrisio *Tue 5:16 PMMild.66 °FUzwil *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.36 °F
Bulle *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.39 °FMeyrin *Tue 5:16 PMBroken clouds. Cool.52 °FVal-de-Travers *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.41 °F
Burgdorf *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Cool.48 °FMonthey *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FVernier *Tue 5:16 PMBroken clouds. Cool.52 °F
Carouge *Tue 5:16 PMCool.51 °FMontreux *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FVersoix *Tue 5:16 PMCool.51 °F
Cham *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FMorges *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.29 °FVevey *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °F
Chur *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FMuttenz *Tue 5:16 PMScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °FVolketswil *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F
Davos *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FNeuchâtel *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.41 °FWädenswil *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F
Delémont *Tue 5:16 PMCool.51 °FNyon *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.29 °FWallisellen *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F
Dietikon *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.40 °FOftringen *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FWeinfelden *Tue 5:16 PMOvercast. Cool.47 °F
Dübendorf *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FOlten *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FWettingen *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.40 °F
Einsiedeln *Tue 5:16 PMCool.46 °FOnex *Tue 5:16 PMBroken clouds. Cool.52 °FWetzikon *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.36 °F
Emmen *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.45 °FOpfikon *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °FWil *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.36 °F
Frauenfeld *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.36 °FOstermundigen *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Cool.48 °FWinterthur *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Cool.48 °F
Freienbach *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.36 °FPratteln *Tue 5:16 PMScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °FWohlen *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.40 °F
Fribourg *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.39 °FPully *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FWorb *Tue 5:16 PMPartly sunny. Cool.48 °F
Geneva *Tue 5:16 PMCool.51 °FRapperswil-Jona *Tue 5:16 PMChilly.36 °FYverdon-les-Bains *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °F
Glarus *Tue 5:16 PMCold.20 °FRegensdorf *Tue 5:16 PMCool.47 °FZermatt *Tue 5:16 PMPassing clouds. Cold.16 °F
Gossau *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.41 °FReinach *Tue 5:16 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °FZug *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F
Grenchen *Tue 5:16 PMCool.51 °FRenens *Tue 5:16 PMCool.49 °FZürich *Tue 5:16 PMQuite cool.44 °F

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (120 places).

Tue = Tuesday, April 28, 2015 (120 places).