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Local time and weather in Tunisia

BizerteFri 8:28 AMPassing clouds. Hot.90 °FKairouanFri 8:28 AMPassing clouds. Hot.91 °FTunisFri 8:28 AMSunny. Hot.91 °F
GabèsFri 8:28 AMSunny. Warm.88 °FKasserineFri 8:28 AMScattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.84 °FZarzisFri 8:28 AMPassing clouds. Warm.88 °F
GafsaFri 8:28 AMClear. Hot.90 °FSfaxFri 8:28 AMPassing clouds. Warm.88 °F
Houmt Souk (Djerba)Fri 8:28 AMPassing clouds. Warm.88 °FSousseFri 8:28 AMScattered clouds. Extremely hot.93 °F

Fri = Friday, July 31, 2015 (10 places).