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Local time and weather in United Kingdom

AberdeenMon 12:50 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.45 °FFort WilliamMon 12:50 PMChilly.30 °FPeterboroughMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.55 °F
AberystwythMon 12:50 PMSmoke. Cool.54 °FGlasgowMon 12:50 PMLight rain. Overcast. Cool.46 °FPlymouthMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.54 °F
AylesburyMon 12:50 PMCool.52 °FGloucesterMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FPooleMon 12:50 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °F
BangorMon 12:50 PMSmoke. Cool.53 °FGreenwich BoroughMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FPortreeMon 12:50 PMQuite cool.44 °F
BathMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.50 °FGuildfordMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FPortsmouthMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
BelfastMon 12:50 PMDrizzle. Broken clouds. Cool.54 °FHarwichMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FPrestonMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.52 °F
BirminghamMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FHaywards HeathMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FReadingMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °F
BlackburnMon 12:50 PMCool.51 °FHinckleyMon 12:50 PMCool.54 °FRomseyMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
BlackpoolMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.52 °FHorshamMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FRotherhamMon 12:50 PMCool.54 °F
BoltonMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °FHuddersfieldMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FSaint HelierMon 12:50 PMBroken clouds. Cool.54 °F
BournemouthMon 12:50 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FInvernessMon 12:50 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.43 °FSalfordMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °F
BradfordMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FIpswichMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FSalisburyMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °F
BrentwoodMon 12:50 PMCool.56 °FKelsoMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.52 °FSheffieldMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °F
BridlingtonMon 12:50 PMCool.55 °FKing Edward PointMon 10:50 AM--ShrewsburyMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.55 °F
BrightonMon 12:50 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FKing's LynnMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.55 °FSilverstoneMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
BristolMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.50 °FKingston upon HullMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.57 °FSloughMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.57 °F
BuryMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °FKirkwall (Orkney Islands)Mon 12:50 PMScattered showers. Scattered clouds. Quite cool.45 °FSouthamptonMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
CambridgeMon 12:50 PMPassing clouds. Cool.55 °FLeedsMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FSouthend-on-SeaMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.57 °F
CanterburyMon 12:50 PMCool.55 °FLeicesterMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.55 °FSt AndrewsMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.46 °F
Canvey IslandMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.57 °FLerwick (Shetland Islands)Mon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Quite cool.41 °FSt HelensMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.55 °F
CardiffMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.52 °FLichfieldMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FSt. Peter PortMon 12:50 PMDrizzle. Broken clouds. Cool.54 °F
CarlisleMon 12:50 PMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.50 °FLiverpoolMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.55 °FStaffordMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.55 °F
CavershamMon 12:50 PMCool.54 °FLondonMon 12:50 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.55 °FStockportMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °F
ChathamMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.57 °FLondonderryMon 12:50 PMDrizzle. Partly sunny. Cool.50 °FStoke-on-TrentMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °F
ChelmsfordMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.55 °FLoughtonMon 12:50 PMCool.56 °FStornowayMon 12:50 PMScattered showers. Passing clouds. Chilly.39 °F
CheltenhamMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FLowestoftMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.55 °FSunderlandMon 12:50 PMSprinkles. Partly sunny. Cool.50 °F
ChesterMon 12:50 PMScattered showers. Partly sunny. Cool.57 °FLutonMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °FSutton ColdfieldMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
ChesterfieldMon 12:50 PMCool.54 °FManchesterMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °FSwanageMon 12:50 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °F
ChichesterMon 12:50 PMCool.54 °FMarket HarboroughMon 12:50 PMCool.54 °FSwanseaMon 12:50 PMCool.52 °F
ColchesterMon 12:50 PM--MiddlesbroughMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °FSwindonMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °F
CoventryMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.55 °FMilton KeynesMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FTauntonMon 12:50 PMLight rain. Cloudy. Cool.51 °F
CrawleyMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FNewcastle upon TyneMon 12:50 PMSprinkles. Partly sunny. Cool.50 °FTelfordMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.55 °F
DarlingtonMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °FNewport (Wales)Mon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.50 °FTruroMon 12:50 PMCloudy. Cool.54 °F
DerbyMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.55 °FNewport (Isle of Wight) (IOW)Mon 12:50 PMCool.53 °FWakefieldMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
DoverMon 12:50 PMCool.53 °FNewtownMon 12:50 PMCool.50 °FWalsallMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
DudleyMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FNorthamptonMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FWatfordMon 12:50 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.55 °F
DundeeMon 12:50 PMPassing clouds. Cool.46 °FNorwichMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.55 °FWest BromwichMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
DurhamMon 12:50 PMSprinkles. Partly sunny. Cool.50 °FNottinghamMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.55 °FWeymouthMon 12:50 PMSmoke. Cool.53 °F
EastbourneMon 12:50 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FOldhamMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.55 °FWhitstableMon 12:50 PMCool.55 °F
EdinburghMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.46 °FOmaghMon 12:50 PMDrizzle. Cloudy. Cool.49 °FWinchesterMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
ElyMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.56 °FOxfordMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.54 °FWolverhamptonMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °F
ExeterMon 12:50 PMScattered clouds. Cool.54 °FPenzanceMon 12:50 PMCloudy. Cool.54 °FWorcesterMon 12:50 PMCool.55 °F
FalkirkMon 12:50 PMPartly sunny. Cool.46 °FPerthMon 12:50 PMCool.45 °FYorkMon 12:50 PMOvercast. Cool.55 °F

Mon = Monday, December 22, 2014 (129 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Monday, December 22, 2014 at 12:50:28

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.