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Local time and weather in Uruguay

ArtigasWed 9:17 PMSunny. Warm.79 °FMeloWed 9:17 PM--SaltoWed 9:17 PMSunny. Pleasantly warm.81 °F
CanelonesWed 9:17 PMClear. Mild.73 °FMercedesWed 9:17 PMSunny. Pleasantly warm.80 °FSan José de MayoWed 9:17 PMSunny. Pleasantly warm.80 °F
Colonia del SacramentoWed 9:17 PMClear. Mild.70 °FMinasWed 9:17 PMClear. Mild.64 °FTacuarembóWed 9:17 PM--
DuraznoWed 9:17 PMClear. Warm.79 °FMontevideoWed 9:17 PMSunny. Mild.73 °FTreinta y TresWed 9:17 PM--
FloridaWed 9:17 PMSunny. Pleasantly warm.80 °FPaysandúWed 9:17 PM--TrinidadWed 9:17 PMClear. Warm.79 °F
Fray BentosWed 9:17 PMSunny. Pleasantly warm.80 °FRiveraWed 9:17 PM--
MaldonadoWed 9:17 PMClear. Mild.64 °FRochaWed 9:17 PMPassing clouds. Mild.74 °F

Wed = Wednesday, April 1, 2015 (19 places).