World Temperatures — Weather Around The World

Local time and weather in U.S.A.

AberdeenSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.38 °FGermantownSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.45 °FParamusSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °F
AbileneSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.37 °FGladewaterSun 4:19 PMRain. Low clouds. Cool.48 °FPasadena (USA-TX)Sun 4:19 PMFog. Cool.55 °F
AcworthSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Mild.70 °FGlendale (USA-AZ)Sun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °FPasadena (USA-CA)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °F
AdakSun 12:19 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.39 °FGlendale (USA-CA)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °FPascagoulaSun 4:19 PMPassing clouds. Mild.74 °F
AkronSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.42 °FGlennallenSun 1:19 PMIce fog. Cold.15 °FPascoSun 2:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.28 °F
AlamogordoSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cool.59 °FGloucesterSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °FPassaicSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °F
AlbanySun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.39 °FGloversvilleSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.39 °FPatersonSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °F
AlbuquerqueSun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FGoodingSun 3:19 PMSunny. Frigid.7 °FPembroke PinesSun 5:19 PMBroken clouds. Warm.79 °F
Alexandria (USA-LA)Sun 4:19 PMFog. Cool.60 °FGoodyearSun 3:19 PMScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °FPennsauken TownshipSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.47 °F
Alexandria (USA-VA)Sun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.47 °FGrand ForksSun 4:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.37 °FPensacolaSun 4:19 PMSunny. Mild.74 °F
Aliso ViejoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FGrand IslandSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.28 °FPeoriaSun 4:19 PMPartly sunny. Quite cool.41 °F
AllentownSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.48 °FGrand JunctionSun 3:19 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.31 °FPerrySun 5:19 PMSunny. Pleasantly warm.77 °F
AlpenaSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °FGrand PrairieSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FPerth AmboySun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Cool.47 °F
AltusSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.36 °FGrand RapidsSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.38 °FPetalumaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.56 °F
AmarilloSun 4:19 PMIce fog. Chilly.32 °FGreat FallsSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cold.24 °FPetersburg (US-IN)Sun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.45 °F
AnaheimSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °FGreeleySun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.25 °FPetersburg (US-VA)Sun 5:19 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.56 °F
AnchorageSun 1:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.31 °FGreen BaySun 4:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FPhenix CitySun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.73 °F
AndersonSun 5:19 PMLight rain. Overcast. Mild.64 °FGreencastleSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °FPhiladelphiaSun 5:19 PMBroken clouds. Cool.47 °F
Angels CampSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °FGreensboroSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.67 °FPhoenixSun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.52 °F
Ann ArborSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.38 °FGreenvilleSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.63 °FPierreSun 4:19 PMCloudy. Chilly.30 °F
AnnapolisSun 5:19 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.46 °FGrotonSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °FPittsburg (US-KS)Sun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.40 °F
AntiochSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °FGrover BeachSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °FPittsburgh (US-PA)Sun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.40 °F
AppletonSun 4:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.36 °FGulfportSun 4:19 PMSunny. Mild.74 °FPlacervilleSun 2:19 PMCool.48 °F
ArcataSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.56 °FGuthrieSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.36 °FPlanoSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.44 °F
Arctic VillageSun 1:19 PMOvercast. Frigid.1 °FHagerstownSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Cool.45 °FPlattsburghSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
Arden-ArcadeSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °FHainesSun 1:19 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.40 °FPlymouthSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °F
ArlingtonSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.45 °FHamiltonSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cold.14 °FPocatelloSun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Cold.19 °F
AsheboroSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Mild.68 °FHammondSun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Quite cool.41 °FPoint HopeSun 1:19 PMLight snow. Low clouds. Cold.14 °F
AshevilleSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Cool.59 °FHamptonSun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.52 °FPoint LaySun 1:19 PMLight snow. Partly sunny. Frigid.5 °F
AshlandSun 4:19 PMFog. Chilly.33 °FHannibalSun 4:19 PMDrizzle. Overcast. Chilly.37 °FPomonaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °F
AspenSun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.31 °FHarrisburgSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.45 °FPontiacSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.38 °F
AtascaderoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.58 °FHarrisonSun 3:19 PMMore clouds than sun. Chilly.27 °FPort AngelesSun 2:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.42 °F
AthensSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Mild.72 °FHarrisonburgSun 5:19 PMDrizzle. Low clouds. Cool.50 °FPort HuronSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.37 °F
AtlantaSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.73 °FHartSun 5:19 PMClear. Quite cool.40 °FPort MatildaSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.39 °F
Atlantic CitySun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.44 °FHartfordSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.44 °FPort St. LucieSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.77 °F
AtqasukSun 1:19 PMSunny. Frigid.3 °FHartfordSun 4:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.34 °FPortland (Maine)Sun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °F
AuburnSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °FHattiesburgSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Mild.76 °FPortland (Oregon)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °F
Augusta (US-GA)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.74 °FHawkinsSun 4:19 PMRain. Low clouds. Cool.48 °FPortsmouth (US-NH)Sun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.38 °F
Augusta (US-ME)Sun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.34 °FHayforkSun 2:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.45 °FPortsmouth (US-VA)Sun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.54 °F
Aurora (USA-IL)Sun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °FHaysSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.30 °FPost FallsSun 2:19 PMLow clouds. Cold.23 °F
Aurora (USA-CO)Sun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.25 °FHaywardSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °FPowaySun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.61 °F
AustinSun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.46 °FHelenaSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cold.14 °FPrescottSun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.45 °F
Avalon (Santa Catalina Island)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.56 °FHerefordSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.36 °FPresque IsleSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Cold.19 °F
BabylonSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °FHermistonSun 2:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.27 °FProvidenceSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.45 °F
BakersfieldSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °FHialeahSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Warm.79 °FProvincetownSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.41 °F
BaltimoreSun 5:19 PMCloudy. Cool.46 °FHiloSun 12:19 PMBroken clouds. Warm.81 °FProvoSun 3:19 PMLight mixture of precip. Partly sunny. Chilly.27 °F
BangorSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.30 °FHobbsSun 3:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.41 °FPrudhoe BaySun 1:19 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Frigid.6 °F
BanningSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.60 °FHollywood (US-FL)Sun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.78 °FPuebloSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.27 °F
BarnstableSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °FHollywood (US-CA)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °FPullmanSun 2:19 PMIce fog. Cold.21 °F
BarrowSun 1:19 PMPartly sunny. Frigid.1 °FHonoluluSun 12:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.83 °FPunxsutawneySun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °F
Batesville (US-AR)Sun 4:19 PMCloudy. Quite cool.45 °FHopkinsvilleSun 4:19 PMRain. Low clouds. Cool.48 °FQuincySun 4:19 PMLight rain. More clouds than sun. Chilly.37 °F
Batesville (US-MS)Sun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.48 °FHoustonSun 4:19 PMFog. Cool.54 °FRacineSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.37 °F
Baton RougeSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Mild.76 °FHowellSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.35 °FRaleighSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Mild.71 °F
Battle GroundSun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °FHudsonSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FRancho CucamongaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °F
BeaumontSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Mild.69 °FHugoSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FRancho Santa MargaritaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °F
BellinghamSun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °FHuntington (US-WV)Sun 5:19 PMFog. Quite cool.44 °FRapid CitySun 3:19 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.25 °F
BemidjiSun 4:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.32 °FHuntington (US-IN)Sun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.37 °FReadingSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.45 °F
BendSun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.26 °FHuntington BeachSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FReddingSun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °F
Bensalem TownshipSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.47 °FHuntsvilleSun 4:19 PMRain. Fog. Mild.65 °FRedlandsSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.61 °F
BentonvilleSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FHutchinsonSun 4:19 PMFog. Chilly.33 °FRedmondSun 2:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.38 °F
BerkeleySun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FIdaho FallsSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cold.18 °FRehoboth BeachSun 5:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Cool.46 °F
BethesdaSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.48 °FIndependenceSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FRenoSun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °F
BeulahSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.34 °FIndianapolisSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.41 °FRestonSun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.45 °F
Big RapidsSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °FInglewoodSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °FRialtoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.61 °F
BillingsSun 3:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.28 °FInternational FallsSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.34 °FRichmondSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.51 °F
BiloxiSun 4:19 PMSunny. Mild.75 °FInvernessSun 5:19 PMMild.73 °FRinggoldSun 5:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.61 °F
BinghamtonSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.33 °FIron MountainSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FRiversideSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.42 °F
BirminghamSun 4:19 PMCloudy. Mild.72 °FIrvineSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FRiversideSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °F
BismarckSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.36 °FIrvingSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.44 °FRoanokeSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.64 °F
Black MountainSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Cool.59 °FJackson (MS)Sun 4:19 PMPassing clouds. Mild.63 °FRochester (US-NY)Sun 5:19 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
Bloomington (IN)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.43 °FJackson (WY)Sun 3:19 PMBroken clouds. Cold.19 °FRochester (US-MN)Sun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
Bloomington (IL)Sun 4:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.39 °FJacksonville (NC)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.72 °FRockfordSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.39 °F
Boca RatonSun 5:19 PMBroken clouds. Warm.79 °FJacksonville (FL)Sun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Mild.76 °FRosenbergSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.51 °F
BoiseSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.17 °FJacksonville BeachSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Mild.69 °FRosevilleSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °F
BooneSun 5:19 PMLight rain. Scattered clouds. Cool.55 °FJanesvilleSun 4:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.39 °FRoswellSun 3:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.38 °F
BostonSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Quite cool.41 °FJefferson CitySun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.38 °FRuidosoSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cool.59 °F
BoulderSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.25 °FJeffersonvilleSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Cool.48 °FSacramentoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °F
Bowling GreenSun 4:19 PMRain. Low clouds. Cool.47 °FJeromeSun 3:19 PMSunny. Frigid.7 °FSaginawSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.34 °F
BozemanSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cold.21 °FJersey CitySun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Cool.47 °FSalemSun 2:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.41 °F
BradentonSun 5:19 PMSunny. Warm.80 °FJunction CitySun 4:19 PMIce fog. Chilly.32 °FSalinaSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.34 °F
BransonSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.41 °FJuneauSun 1:19 PMMostly cloudy. Quite cool.44 °FSalinasSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.59 °F
BraseltonSun 5:19 PMMore clouds than sun. Mild.70 °FKailua-KonaSun 12:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.82 °FSalt Lake CitySun 3:19 PMBroken clouds. Chilly.28 °F
BrattleboroSun 5:19 PMClear. Chilly.36 °FKaktovikSun 1:19 PMLight snow. Ice fog. Frigid.6 °FSan AngeloSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.41 °F
BreckenridgeSun 3:19 PMMostly cloudy. Cold.19 °FKalamazooSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.38 °FSan AntonioSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Cool.51 °F
BrevardSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Cool.59 °FKalispellSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.18 °FSan BernardinoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °F
BridgeportSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.48 °FKanabSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FSan BuenaventuraSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °F
BridgewaterSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.44 °FKansas CitySun 4:19 PMLight rain. More clouds than sun. Chilly.37 °FSan DiegoSun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Mild.63 °F
BristolSun 5:19 PMMore clouds than sun. Cool.60 °FKearneySun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.28 °FSan FranciscoSun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °F
BrocktonSun 5:19 PMChilly.37 °FKenaiSun 1:19 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.33 °FSan JoseSun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.56 °F
BrooklynSun 5:19 PMCool.46 °FKennebunkSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FSan Luis ObispoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °F
Brooklyn ParkSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °FKetchikanSun 1:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.42 °FSan MarcosSun 4:19 PMFog. Cool.46 °F
BroomfieldSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.25 °FKey WestSun 5:19 PMSunny. Warm.78 °FSan RafaelSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.56 °F
BrownsvilleSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.58 °FKilgoreSun 4:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.50 °FSandpointSun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.28 °F
Bryan – College StationSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Cool.48 °FKilleenSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FSanta AnaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °F
BuckeyeSun 3:19 PMScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °FKingstreeSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Mild.68 °FSanta BarbaraSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °F
BuffaloSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.36 °FKissimmeeSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Mild.73 °FSanta ClaraSun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.56 °F
Bullhead CitySun 3:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.57 °FKnoxSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °FSanta ClaritaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.62 °F
BurbankSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °FKnoxvilleSun 5:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Cool.59 °FSanta CruzSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.60 °F
BurlesonSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FKodiakSun 1:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.34 °FSanta FeSun 3:19 PMScattered clouds. Cool.47 °F
BurlingtonSun 5:19 PMLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.31 °FKotzebueSun 1:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.27 °FSanta MariaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °F
ButlerSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °FKykotsmovi Village, HopiSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.42 °FSanta MonicaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °F
ButteSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cold.14 °FLafayette (LA)Sun 4:19 PMBroken clouds. Warm.78 °FSanta RosaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °F
CalabasasSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.62 °FLafayette (IN)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.38 °FSanta YnezSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °F
CalexicoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FLaguna NiguelSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FSarasotaSun 5:19 PMSunny. Warm.80 °F
California CitySun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °FLake PlacidSun 5:19 PMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.27 °FSaratoga SpringsSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °F
CambridgeSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Quite cool.41 °FLakelandSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.79 °FSavannahSun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.72 °F
Cañon CitySun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.23 °FLakewoodSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.25 °FSchenectadySun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °F
CantonSun 5:19 PMBroken clouds. Quite cool.42 °FLakewoodSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.45 °FScottsbluffSun 3:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.30 °F
Cape CanaveralSun 5:19 PMSunny. Warm.80 °FLampasasSun 4:19 PMFog. Quite cool.41 °FScottsdaleSun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.58 °F
Cape CoralSun 5:19 PMSunny. Warm.80 °FLancaster (US-PA)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.43 °FScrantonSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.41 °F
CarlsbadSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.65 °FLancasterSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.51 °FSeaside HeightsSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.41 °F
CarrolltonSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FLansingSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.37 °FSeattleSun 2:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.38 °F
Carson CitySun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °FLapeerSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.35 °FSebringSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.77 °F
CasperSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cold.18 °FLaredoSun 4:19 PMPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FSedonaSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °F
Castle RockSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.25 °FLas CrucesSun 3:19 PMScattered clouds. Cool.58 °FSeligmanSun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.45 °F
Cedar RapidsSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °FLas VegasSun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.43 °FSeviervilleSun 5:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Cool.59 °F
CentennialSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.25 °FLawrence (KS)Sun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.35 °FSheboyganSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.38 °F
CenterSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °FLawrence (MA)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °FShelbyvilleSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Mild.64 °F
Center PointSun 4:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.38 °FLawrenceburgSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.43 °FSheltonSun 2:19 PMFog. Chilly.32 °F
CentraliaSun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °FLawrencevilleSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.70 °FShiprockSun 3:19 PMScattered clouds. Quite cool.42 °F
ChandlerSun 3:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.59 °FLeawoodSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.35 °FShreveportSun 4:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.52 °F
Charleston (WV)Sun 5:19 PMDrizzle. Fog. Cool.47 °FLeesburgSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.45 °FSidneySun 3:19 PMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °F
Charleston (SC)Sun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Mild.75 °FLewistonSun 2:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.25 °FSierra VistaSun 3:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °F
CharlotteSun 5:19 PMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.67 °FLexington (NC)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °FSikestonSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.44 °F
CharlottesvilleSun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.49 °FLexington (VA)Sun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.53 °FSimi ValleySun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.62 °F
ChattanoogaSun 5:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.61 °FLexington-FayetteSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.47 °FSioux CitySun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °F
ChesapeakeSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.61 °FLihueSun 12:19 PMPartly sunny. Mild.76 °FSioux FallsSun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.32 °F
Chesapeake BeachSun 5:19 PMFog. Quite cool.45 °FLincolnSun 4:19 PMFog. Chilly.33 °FSitkaSun 1:19 PMOvercast. Cool.49 °F
ChestertownSun 5:19 PMBroken clouds. Cool.46 °FLindenSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Cool.47 °FSouth BendSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.38 °F
CheyenneSun 3:19 PMLow clouds. Cold.18 °FLittle RockSun 4:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.47 °FSouth Lake TahoeSun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °F
ChicagoSun 4:19 PMBroken clouds. Quite cool.42 °FLivermoreSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.56 °FSpartanburgSun 5:19 PMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.64 °F
ChicoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.50 °FLivingstonSun 4:19 PMFog. Cool.50 °FSperryvilleSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °F
ChinleSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.39 °FLivoniaSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.37 °FSpokaneSun 2:19 PMIce fog. Cold.22 °F
Chula VistaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FLoma LindaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.61 °FSpoonerSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °F
CincinnatiSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.44 °FLompocSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °FSpring HillSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Warm.77 °F
Citrus HeightsSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °FLong BeachSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °FSpring ValleySun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
ClarksburgSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FLongviewSun 4:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.50 °FSpringfield (MA)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.42 °F
ClarkstonSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.38 °FLos AngelesSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FSpringfield (IL)Sun 4:19 PMScattered clouds. Quite cool.41 °F
ClarksvilleSun 4:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.49 °FLouisvilleSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Cool.48 °FSpringfield (MO)Sun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.42 °F
ClearwaterSun 5:19 PMSunny. Warm.79 °FLowellSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.38 °FSt. AugustineSun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.71 °F
CleburneSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.41 °FLubbockSun 4:19 PMFog. Chilly.38 °FSt. Croix FallsSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °F
Cleveland (OH)Sun 5:19 PMHigh level clouds. Chilly.39 °FLuverneSun 4:19 PMSunny. Mild.76 °FSt. GeorgeSun 3:19 PMQuite cool.43 °F
Cleveland (TN)Sun 5:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.61 °FLynchburgSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.63 °FSt. LouisSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Overcast. Quite cool.42 °F
ClovisSun 3:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.37 °FMaconSun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.74 °FSt. PaulSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °F
Cocoa BeachSun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.77 °FMadisonSun 4:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.35 °FSt. PetersburgSun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.75 °F
Coeur d'AleneSun 2:19 PMLow clouds. Cold.23 °FManassasSun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.46 °FStamfordSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.42 °F
Colorado SpringsSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.22 °FManhattanSun 4:19 PMFog. Chilly.33 °FState CollegeSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.39 °F
ColumbiaSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Mild.74 °FMansfieldSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FStauntonSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.46 °F
Columbus (US-OH)Sun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Quite cool.44 °FManteoSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.60 °FSterling HeightsSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.38 °F
Columbus (US-GA)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.73 °FMarengoSun 5:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.49 °FStillwater (US-OK)Sun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.37 °F
ComptonSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °FMarquetteSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.32 °FStillwater (US-MN)Sun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °F
Concord (NH)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °FMasonSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.44 °FStocktonSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.53 °F
Concord (CA)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °FMason CitySun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °FStroudsburgSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °F
ConroeSun 4:19 PMFog. Cool.48 °FMcAlesterSun 4:19 PMFog. Quite cool.42 °FStuartSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.77 °F
CookevilleSun 4:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.58 °FMcAllenSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Cool.57 °FSummervilleSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Mild.75 °F
CooperstownSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FMcCombSun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Mild.75 °FSunnyvaleSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °F
Coos BaySun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °FMedfordSun 2:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.43 °FSunriseSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.79 °F
CoronaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °FMelbourneSun 5:19 PMSunny. Warm.77 °FSunrise ManorSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.49 °F
Corpus ChristiSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.50 °FMemphisSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.48 °FSurpriseSun 3:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.41 °F
CorvallisSun 2:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.41 °FMenomineeSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FSylvaniaSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.36 °F
Costa MesaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FMerrimackSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.39 °FSyracuseSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.35 °F
CottonwoodSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °FMesaSun 3:19 PMScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °FTacomaSun 2:19 PMFog. Chilly.35 °F
CovingtonSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.44 °FMesquiteSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.45 °FTalkeetnaSun 1:19 PMMore clouds than sun. Chilly.33 °F
CrestlineSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.61 °FMetairieSun 4:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.78 °FTalladegaSun 4:19 PMOvercast.N/A
CulpeperSun 5:19 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.47 °FMetlakatlaSun 1:19 PMSunny. Cool.50 °FTallahasseeSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.80 °F
Culver CitySun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °FMiamiSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.78 °FTampaSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.79 °F
CumberlandSun 5:19 PMMostly cloudy. Quite cool.44 °FMiddletown TownshipSun 5:19 PMClear. Quite cool.43 °FTaylorsSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.64 °F
CummingSun 5:19 PMMostly cloudy. Mild.67 °FMidlandSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.45 °FTehachapiSun 2:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.45 °F
CupertinoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °FMilwaukeeSun 4:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.37 °FTell CitySun 4:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.49 °F
DallasSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FMineolaSun 4:19 PMRain. Mostly cloudy.N/ATemeculaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.65 °F
Daly CitySun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FMinneapolisSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.30 °FTempeSun 3:19 PMScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.60 °F
DanburySun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.42 °FMinotSun 4:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.33 °FTempleSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.41 °F
DanvilleSun 5:19 PMDrizzle. Mostly cloudy. Cool.50 °FMission ViejoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FTerre HauteSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.43 °F
DavenportSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FMissoulaSun 3:19 PMSunny. Cold.14 °FTexarkanaSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Cool.49 °F
DavisSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.53 °FMoabSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °FThousand OaksSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °F
DaytonSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.42 °FMobileSun 4:19 PMPassing clouds. Mild.73 °FTimeSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.39 °F
Daytona BeachSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Mild.69 °FModestoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °FToccoaSun 5:19 PMLight rain. Overcast. Mild.63 °F
DecaturSun 4:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.41 °FMontereySun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.59 °FToledoSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.36 °F
DefianceSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.38 °FMontgomerySun 4:19 PMSunny. Mild.77 °FTomballSun 4:19 PMFog. Cool.50 °F
DeLandSun 5:19 PMMild.66 °FMonticelloSun 5:19 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.53 °FTopekaSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.34 °F
DeltonaSun 5:19 PMMore clouds than sun. Mild.72 °FMontpelierSun 5:19 PMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.29 °FTorranceSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °F
DenisonSun 4:19 PMFog. Quite cool.43 °FMontroseSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.29 °FTracySun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.53 °F
DenverSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.25 °FMoorparkSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °FTrentonSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °F
Des MoinesSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.36 °FMoreno ValleySun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.60 °FTuba CitySun 3:19 PMSunny. Chilly.36 °F
DetroitSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.34 °FMorgantownSun 5:19 PMFog. Quite cool.42 °FTucsonSun 3:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.59 °F
DickinsonSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.29 °FMorristownSun 5:19 PMPartly cloudy. Quite cool.41 °FTullahomaSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Mild.64 °F
DinubaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.53 °FMoscowSun 2:19 PMIce fog. Cold.21 °FTulsaSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.40 °F
DothanSun 4:19 PMSunny. Warm.77 °FMount AirySun 5:19 PMMostly cloudy. Mild.67 °FTurlockSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °F
DoverSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.44 °FMountain ViewSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °FTuscaloosaSun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Mild.73 °F
DowneySun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °FMuncieSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °FTwentynine PalmsSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.52 °F
DubuqueSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.35 °FMunisingSun 5:19 PMChilly.36 °FTylerSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.49 °F
DuluthSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.34 °FMurfreesboroSun 4:19 PMHeavy rain. Fog. Cool.59 °FUnalaskaSun 1:19 PMFog. Chilly.40 °F
DunnSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.71 °FMurraySun 4:19 PMRain. Low clouds.N/AUrbanaSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °F
DurangoSun 3:19 PMCloudy. Chilly.37 °FMuskegonSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.40 °FUticaSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °F
DurhamSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Mild.71 °FMyrtle BeachSun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °FUvaldeSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Cool.51 °F
Eau ClaireSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.32 °FNacogdochesSun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.52 °FValdezSun 1:19 PMLight mixture of precip. Broken clouds. Chilly.27 °F
EdisonSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Cool.47 °FNampaSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.19 °FVallejoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.56 °F
EffinghamSun 4:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.43 °FNantucketSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.44 °FVancouverSun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °F
El MonteSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °FNapaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.56 °FVeniceSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °F
El PasoSun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.61 °FNapili-HonokowaiSun 12:19 PMPassing clouds. Warm.81 °FVevaySun 5:19 PMMore clouds than sun. Quite cool.44 °F
El SegundoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °FNaplesSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Warm.82 °FVictoriaSun 4:19 PMFog. Cool.50 °F
ElizabethSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Cool.47 °FNarragansettSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.43 °FVictorvilleSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.48 °F
EllensburgSun 2:19 PMLow clouds. Cold.21 °FNashvilleSun 4:19 PMRain. Fog. Cool.55 °FVincennesSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Quite cool.44 °F
EnidSun 4:19 PMDrizzle. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °FNeenahSun 4:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.36 °FVirginia BeachSun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.57 °F
EphrataSun 2:19 PMLow clouds. Cold.20 °FNew BedfordSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.44 °FVisaliaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.53 °F
ErieSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °FNew CitySun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.42 °FVistaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °F
EscanabaSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °FNew HavenSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.47 °FWacoSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.43 °F
EscondidoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.61 °FNew OrleansSun 4:19 PMSunny. Warm.78 °FWailukuSun 12:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.82 °F
EugeneSun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.31 °FNew SalemSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.36 °FWainwrightSun 1:19 PMSunny. Frigid.3 °F
Eureka (USA)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.47 °FNew TazewellSun 5:19 PMDrizzle. Overcast. Cool.57 °FWaipahuSun 12:19 PMSunny. Warm.78 °F
Eureka (MT)Sun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.18 °FNew YorkSun 5:19 PMCool.46 °FWaldorfSun 5:19 PMFog. Quite cool.45 °F
EvanstonSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °FNewarkSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Cool.47 °FWalnut CreekSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °F
EvansvilleSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Cool.47 °FNewportSun 5:19 PMChilly.26 °FWalthamSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.38 °F
EverettSun 2:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.36 °FNewport BeachSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FWarminster TownshipSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.44 °F
FairbanksSun 1:19 PMIce fog. Frigid.0 °FNewport NewsSun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.52 °FWarrenSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.34 °F
FairburySun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.32 °FNoatakSun 1:19 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.27 °FWarwickSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.45 °F
FairfaxSun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.45 °FNomeSun 1:19 PMIce fog. Chilly.26 °FWashington (Missouri)Sun 4:19 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.40 °F
Fall RiverSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.44 °FNorfolkSun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.54 °FWashington DC (D.C.)Sun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.47 °F
FalmouthSun 5:19 PMClear. Chilly.37 °FNorth Las VegasSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.48 °FWaterburySun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.43 °F
FargoSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.40 °FNorth PlatteSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.31 °FWaterlooSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.36 °F
FaribaultSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °FNorwalkSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °FWatsonvilleSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.60 °F
FarmingtonSun 3:19 PMScattered clouds. Quite cool.42 °FNovatoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.56 °FWausauSun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
Fayetteville (NC)Sun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.73 °FNuiqsutSun 1:19 PMOvercast. Frigid.6 °FWaxahachieSun 4:19 PMRain. Low clouds. Quite cool.42 °F
Fayetteville (GA)Sun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.73 °FOaklandSun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FWaynesvilleSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Cool.59 °F
Fergus FallsSun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FOberlinSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °FWellsSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °F
FerndaleSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.36 °FOcalaSun 5:19 PMBroken clouds. Mild.75 °FWelltonSun 3:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °F
FirebaughSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °FOceansideSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.65 °FWenatcheeSun 2:19 PMOvercast. Cold.22 °F
FlagstaffSun 3:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.35 °FOdessaSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.44 °FWest BendSun 4:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.34 °F
FlintSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °FOgdenSun 3:19 PMSunny. Chilly.26 °FWest CovinaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °F
Florence (US-AL)Sun 4:19 PMRain. Low clouds. Cool.61 °FOkanoganSun 2:19 PMOvercast. Cold.23 °FWest Palm BeachSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Warm.79 °F
Florence (US-SC)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.73 °FOkeechobeeSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Mild.75 °FWest WendoverSun 3:19 PMSunny. Chilly.28 °F
Forest GroveSun 2:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °FOklahoma CitySun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FWest YellowstoneSun 3:19 PMCold.21 °F
Fort BraggSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.52 °FOlatheSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.35 °FWestlandSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.37 °F
Fort CollinsSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.27 °FOleanSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.28 °FWestportSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.48 °F
Fort DrumSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.31 °FOlympiaSun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °FWheatonSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °F
Fort LauderdaleSun 5:19 PMScattered clouds. Warm.78 °FOmahaSun 4:19 PMFog. Chilly.33 °FWheelingSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °F
Fort Leonard WoodSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.38 °FOntario (OR)Sun 3:19 PMOvercast. Cold.24 °FWichitaSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.35 °F
Fort MyersSun 5:19 PMSunny. Warm.80 °FOntario (CA)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °FWichita FallsSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.40 °F
Fort SmithSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.45 °FOrange (US-CA)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FWildwoodSun 5:19 PMCloudy. Quite cool.43 °F
Fort Walton BeachSun 4:19 PMSunny. Mild.72 °FOrange (US-TX)Sun 4:19 PMPartly sunny. Mild.70 °FWillistonSun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.26 °F
Fort WayneSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.37 °FOrangevaleSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.54 °FWilmington (DE)Sun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Cool.46 °F
Fort WorthSun 4:19 PMLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FOrlandoSun 5:19 PMCloudy. Mild.74 °FWilmington (NC)Sun 5:19 PMSunny. Mild.70 °F
FrankfortSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.46 °FOroville (US-WA)Sun 2:19 PMChilly.27 °FWinamacSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.40 °F
FranklinSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Cool.62 °FOroville (US-CA)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.51 °FWinderSun 5:19 PMMore clouds than sun. Mild.70 °F
FrederickSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.45 °FOsage CitySun 4:19 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.35 °FWindow RockSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.39 °F
FredericksburgSun 5:19 PMLow clouds. Cool.47 °FOshkoshSun 4:19 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FWindsorSun 5:19 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.44 °F
FreeholdSun 5:19 PMClear. Quite cool.43 °FOverland ParkSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Chilly.35 °FWinonaSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °F
FremontSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.55 °FOwensboroSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Overcast. Cool.48 °FWinslowSun 3:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.42 °F
French LickSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Quite cool.45 °FOxnardSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.66 °FWinston-SalemSun 5:19 PMOvercast. Mild.68 °F
FresnoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.53 °FOzoneSun 4:19 PMRain. Overcast. Cool.46 °FWoodburySun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.33 °F
FullertonSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °FPacoimaSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °FWoodlandSun 2:19 PMClear. Cool.54 °F
Furnace Creek (Death Valley)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.48 °FPaducahSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Fog. Cool.45 °FWoodstockSun 5:19 PMSunny. Quite cool.43 °F
Gainesville (GA)Sun 5:19 PMMostly cloudy. Mild.67 °FPageSun 3:19 PMSunny. Chilly.35 °FWorcesterSun 5:19 PMSunny. Chilly.38 °F
Gainesville (FL)Sun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Warm.77 °FPahrumpSun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °FWrightSun 4:19 PMSunny. Mild.72 °F
GaithersburgSun 5:19 PMFog. Cool.45 °FPalestineSun 4:19 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.47 °FYakimaSun 2:19 PMLow clouds. Chilly.25 °F
GalvestonSun 4:19 PMFog. Cool.60 °FPalm CoastSun 5:19 PMFog.N/AYakutatSun 1:19 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.39 °F
Garden GroveSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.68 °FPalm SpringsSun 2:19 PMSunny. Mild.63 °FYanktonSun 4:19 PMOvercast. Chilly.30 °F
GarlandSun 4:19 PMLight rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.45 °FPalo AltoSun 2:19 PMSunny. Refreshingly cool.57 °FYonkersSun 5:19 PMSunny. Cool.46 °F
GarySun 4:19 PMSunny. Chilly.39 °FPanama CitySun 4:19 PMSunny. Mild.73 °FYoungstownSun 5:19 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.39 °F
GastoniaSun 5:19 PMBroken clouds. Mild.68 °FParadise (Nevada)Sun 2:19 PMPassing clouds. Cool.49 °FYumaSun 3:19 PMSunny. Mild.64 °F
GautierSun 4:19 PMPassing clouds. Mild.74 °FParadise (Calif.)Sun 2:19 PMSunny. Cool.50 °F

Sun = Sunday, November 29, 2015 (782 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 22:19:39

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.