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Aberdeen *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.50 °FGastonia *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °FPasadena (USA-TX) *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.70 °F
Abilene *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.72 °FGermantown *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FPasco *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.45 °F
Acworth *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.57 °FGlendale (USA-CA) *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °FPassaic *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.38 °F
Adak *Wed 8:24 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.39 °FGlendale (USA-AZ)Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.75 °FPaterson *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.31 °F
Akron *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.50 °FGlennallen *Wed 9:24 PMBroken clouds. Chilly.35 °FPembroke Pines *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °F
Albany *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.26 °FGloucester *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.27 °FPensacola *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °F
Albuquerque *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °FGloversville *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.26 °FPeoria *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °F
Alexandria (USA-LA) *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.71 °FGrand Forks *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Quite cool.43 °FPerth Amboy *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.49 °F
Alexandria (USA-VA) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.47 °FGrand Island *Thu 12:24 AMThundershowers. Sunny. Pleasantly warm.80 °FPetersburg (US-IN) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
Aliso Viejo *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.61 °FGrand Junction *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Cool.47 °FPetersburg (US-VA) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.38 °F
Allentown *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.30 °FGrand Prairie *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °FPhenix City *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.63 °F
Alpena *Thu 1:24 AMFog. Chilly.37 °FGrand Rapids *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.56 °FPhiladelphia *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.41 °F
Amarillo *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.65 °FGreeley *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.45 °FPhoenixWed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Hot.88 °F
Anaheim *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °FGreen Bay *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.60 °FPierre *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.45 °F
Anchorage *Wed 9:24 PMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.39 °FGreensboro *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FPittsburgh *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.45 °F
Anderson *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.59 °FGreenville *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.61 °FPlano *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °F
Angels Camp *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.55 °FGrover Beach *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.50 °FPlattsburgh *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cold.24 °F
Ann Arbor *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.35 °FGulfport *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.73 °FPocatello *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °F
Annapolis *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.41 °FHagerstown *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.42 °FPoint Hope *Wed 9:24 PMSunny. Frigid.0 °F
Antioch *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °FHaines *Wed 9:24 PMOvercast. Quite cool.43 °FPomona *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.59 °F
Appleton *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °FHampton *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.42 °FPontiac *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.44 °F
Arden-Arcade *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °FHarrisburg *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.35 °FPort Angeles *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Quite cool.44 °F
Arlington *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °FHarrison *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.33 °FPort St. Lucie *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.68 °F
Asheville *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.51 °FHartford *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.29 °FPortland (Oregon) *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.46 °F
Aspen *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FHattiesburg *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °FPortland (Maine) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.26 °F
Atascadero *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.52 °FHawkins *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.69 °FPortsmouth *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.45 °F
Athens *Thu 1:24 AMSunny. Mild.73 °FHayward *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °FPost Falls *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Chilly.36 °F
Atlanta *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.55 °FHelena *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.37 °FPrescottWed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.51 °F
Atlantic City *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.32 °FHereford *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.59 °FPresque Isle *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cold.14 °F
Atqasuk *Wed 9:24 PMSunny. Frigid.-3 °FHialeah *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °FProvidence *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.32 °F
Augusta (US-ME) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.27 °FHiloWed 7:24 PMPassing clouds. Mild.75 °FProvincetown *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.28 °F
Augusta (US-GA) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.62 °FHobbs *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °FProvo *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Quite cool.43 °F
Aurora (USA-IL) *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.58 °FHollywood (US-CA) *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °FPrudhoe Bay *Wed 9:24 PMOvercast. Frigid.2 °F
Aurora (USA-CO) *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.42 °FHollywood (US-FL) *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.71 °FPueblo *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Cool.51 °F
Austin *Thu 12:24 AMOvercast. Mild.71 °FHonoluluWed 7:24 PMPartly cloudy. Mild.73 °FPullman *Wed 10:24 PMLight snow. Passing clouds. Chilly.36 °F
Avalon (Santa Catalina Island) *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.58 °FHopkinsville *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.64 °FRacine *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.60 °F
Babylon *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FHouston *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.69 °FRaleigh *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.50 °F
Baker IslandWed 5:24 PM--Howell *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.49 °FRancho Cucamonga *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °F
Bakersfield *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.60 °FHowland IslandWed 5:24 PM--Rapid City *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.33 °F
Baltimore *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.38 °FHudson *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.57 °FReading *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.35 °F
Banning *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.57 °FHuntington *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.49 °FRedding *Wed 10:24 PMSunny. Mild.70 °F
Barnstable *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cold.24 °FHuntington Beach *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.61 °FRedlands *Wed 10:24 PMSunny. Mild.64 °F
Barrow *Wed 9:24 PMScattered clouds. Frigid.-4 °FHuntsville *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.64 °FRedmond *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.48 °F
Batesville *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.66 °FIdaho Falls *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.35 °FRehoboth Beach *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.35 °F
Baton Rouge *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.71 °FIndependence *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.62 °FReno *Wed 10:24 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.40 °F
Beaumont *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.70 °FIndianapolis *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.58 °FReston *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °F
Bellingham *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Quite cool.43 °FInglewood *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.62 °FRialto *Wed 10:24 PMSunny. Mild.64 °F
Bend *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Chilly.35 °FInternational Falls *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.49 °FRichmond *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.41 °F
Bentonville *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.64 °FInverness *Thu 1:24 AMMild.66 °FRinggold *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.55 °F
Berkeley *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.50 °FIrvine *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.61 °FRiverside *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.50 °F
Bethesda *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.52 °FIrving *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.69 °FRiverside *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.62 °F
Big Rapids *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.55 °FJackson (MS) *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °FRoanoke *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.49 °F
Billings *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.40 °FJackson (WY) *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.28 °FRochester *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.33 °F
Binghamton *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.31 °FJacksonville (NC) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.49 °FRockford *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
Birmingham *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.68 °FJacksonville (FL) *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.70 °FRoseville *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.55 °F
Bismarck *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Quite cool.43 °FJefferson City *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.61 °FRoswell *Wed 11:24 PMSunny. Pleasantly warm.84 °F
Black Mountain *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.51 °FJersey City *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.41 °FSacramento *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °F
Bloomington (IL) *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.58 °FJunction City *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.70 °FSalem *Wed 10:24 PMMostly cloudy. Quite cool.43 °F
Bloomington (IN) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.54 °FJuneau *Wed 9:24 PMPartly cloudy. Quite cool.41 °FSalina *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.73 °F
Boca Raton *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.73 °FKailua-KonaWed 7:24 PMMostly cloudy. Warm.79 °FSalinas *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.53 °F
Boise *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.40 °FKaktovik *Wed 9:24 PMLight snow. Overcast. Frigid.7 °FSalt Lake City *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.42 °F
Boone *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.37 °FKalamazoo *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.54 °FSan Angelo *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.71 °F
Boston *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.37 °FKalispell *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.32 °FSan Antonio *Thu 12:24 AMLow clouds. Mild.71 °F
Boulder *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.50 °FKansas City *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.64 °FSan Bernardino *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.62 °F
Bowling Green *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.53 °FKenai *Wed 9:24 PMSunny. Chilly.33 °FSan Buenaventura *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.59 °F
Bozeman *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.29 °FKennebunk *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cold.21 °FSan Diego *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Mild.64 °F
Bradenton *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.64 °FKetchikan *Wed 9:24 PMLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.44 °FSan Francisco *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °F
Brattleboro *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cold.23 °FKey West *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.74 °FSan Jose *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °F
Breckenridge *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °FKilgore *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °FSan Luis Obispo *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.50 °F
Bridgeport *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.34 °FKingstree *Thu 1:24 AMHeavy rain. Clear. Cool.48 °FSan Marcos *Thu 12:24 AMOvercast. Mild.70 °F
Bridgewater *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cold.23 °FKissimmee *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.69 °FSandpoint *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Chilly.32 °F
Bristol *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.51 °FKnox *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.53 °FSanta Barbara *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.60 °F
Brockton *Thu 1:24 AMChilly.34 °FKnoxville *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FSanta Clara *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °F
Brooklyn Park *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.57 °FKodiak *Wed 9:24 PMLight rain. More clouds than sun. Chilly.40 °FSanta Clarita *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °F
Broomfield *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.50 °FKotzebue *Wed 9:24 PMIce fog. Frigid.5 °FSanta Cruz *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.52 °F
Brownsville *Thu 12:24 AMFog. Mild.73 °FKykotsmovi Village, HopiWed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.55 °FSanta Fe *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Cool.45 °F
Bryan – College Station *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.68 °FLafayette (IN) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.53 °FSanta Maria *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.50 °F
BuckeyeWed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.79 °FLafayette (LA) *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.71 °FSanta Monica *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.62 °F
Buffalo *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °FLakeland *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.63 °FSanta Rosa *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.55 °F
Bullhead CityWed 10:24 PMClear. Pleasantly warm.77 °FLakewood *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.44 °FSanta Ynez *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.46 °F
Burbank *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °FLakewood *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FSarasota *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.64 °F
Butte *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.28 °FLancaster (US-PA) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.37 °FSavannah *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.62 °F
Calabasas *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °FLancaster *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °FScottsdaleWed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.73 °F
California City *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °FLansing *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.54 °FScranton *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.34 °F
Cambridge *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.37 °FLaredo *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.74 °FSeattle *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.48 °F
Cañon City *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Quite cool.44 °FLas Cruces *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.60 °FSebring *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.61 °F
Canton *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.45 °FLas Vegas *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.82 °FSedonaWed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.61 °F
Cape Canaveral *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.68 °FLawrence (MA) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.27 °FSeligmanWed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.51 °F
Cape Coral *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.68 °FLawrence (KS) *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.63 °FSevierville *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.52 °F
Carlsbad *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.57 °FLeawood *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.62 °FSheboygan *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.52 °F
Carrollton *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.69 °FLeesburg *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FShelton *Wed 10:24 PMFog. Quite cool.42 °F
Carson City *Wed 10:24 PMMostly cloudy. Chilly.40 °FLewiston *Wed 10:24 PMMostly cloudy. Quite cool.44 °FShiprock *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Cool.45 °F
Casper *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.35 °FLexington (NC) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.52 °FShreveport *Thu 12:24 AMPartly cloudy. Mild.70 °F
Cedar Rapids *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.58 °FLexington (VA) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.44 °FSidney *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.39 °F
Centennial *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.44 °FLexington-Fayette *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.53 °FSierra VistaWed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °F
Center *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.58 °FLihueWed 7:24 PMPassing clouds. Warm.81 °FSikeston *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.66 °F
Centralia *Wed 10:24 PMOvercast. Cool.45 °FLincoln *Thu 12:24 AMThunderstorms. Fog. Cool.55 °FSimi Valley *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °F
ChandlerWed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.77 °FLittle Rock *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.64 °FSioux City *Thu 12:24 AMThunderstorms. Scattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.80 °F
Charleston (SC) *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.59 °FLivingston *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.70 °FSioux Falls *Thu 12:24 AMOvercast. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
Charleston (WV) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.44 °FLivonia *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Quite cool.42 °FSitka *Wed 9:24 PMOvercast. Cool.45 °F
Charlotte *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.58 °FLoma Linda *Wed 10:24 PMSunny. Mild.64 °FSouth Bend *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
Charlottesville *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.47 °FLompoc *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.52 °FSpartanburg *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
Chattanooga *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.55 °FLong Beach *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °FSpokane *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Chilly.34 °F
Chesapeake *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.39 °FLos Angeles *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.61 °FSpring Valley *Thu 12:24 AMThunderstorms. Overcast. Cool.56 °F
Cheyenne *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °FLouisville *Thu 1:24 AMHigh level clouds. Cool.55 °FSpringfield (MA) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.27 °F
Chicago *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.63 °FLowell *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.25 °FSpringfield (IL) *Thu 12:24 AMOvercast. Mild.64 °F
Chico *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.59 °FLubbock *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.67 °FSpringfield (MO) *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.61 °F
Chinle *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °FLynchburg *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.42 °FSt. Augustine *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.65 °F
Chula Vista *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.60 °FMacon *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.58 °FSt. Croix Falls *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.56 °F
Cincinnati *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.43 °FMadison *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.60 °FSt. George *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.61 °F
Citrus Heights *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °FManassas *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FSt. Louis *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.68 °F
Clarksburg *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.38 °FManhattan *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °FSt. Paul *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.57 °F
Clarksville *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.65 °FMansfield *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.68 °FSt. Petersburg *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °F
Clearwater *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.65 °FManteo *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FStamford *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.29 °F
Cleburne *Thu 12:24 AMThundershowers. Fog. Mild.68 °FMarengo *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.58 °FState College *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.33 °F
Cleveland (OH) *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FMarquette *Thu 1:24 AMPartly cloudy. Chilly.40 °FSterling Heights *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.33 °F
Cleveland (TN) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.55 °FMason *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.44 °FStillwater *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.57 °F
Clovis *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Mild.63 °FMcAlester *Thu 12:24 AMPartly cloudy. Mild.70 °FStockton *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °F
Cocoa Beach *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.71 °FMcAllen *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.74 °FStroudsburg *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.27 °F
Coeur d'Alene *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Chilly.36 °FMedford *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.45 °FSummerville *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.59 °F
Colorado Springs *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.45 °FMemphis *Thu 12:24 AMOvercast. Mild.71 °FSunnyvale *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.53 °F
Columbia *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.58 °FMenominee *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.55 °FSunrise *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °F
Columbus (US-OH) *Thu 1:24 AMScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.59 °FMerrimack *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.27 °FSunrise Manor *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Mild.73 °F
Columbus (US-GA) *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.63 °FMesaWed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.79 °FSurpriseWed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.73 °F
Compton *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.62 °FMesquite *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.68 °FSyracuse *Thu 1:24 AMPartly cloudy. Chilly.29 °F
Concord (NH) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.25 °FMetairie *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.71 °FTacoma *Wed 10:24 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.45 °F
Concord (CA) *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °FMetlakatlaWed 9:24 PMPartly cloudy. Quite cool.45 °FTalkeetna *Wed 9:24 PMOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
Cookeville *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.58 °FMiami *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.72 °FTallahassee *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.65 °F
Corona *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.59 °FMidland *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.72 °FTampa *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °F
Corpus Christi *Thu 12:24 AMLow clouds. Mild.72 °FMidwayWed 6:24 PMScattered clouds. Mild.66 °FTaylors *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.60 °F
Corvallis *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Quite cool.43 °FMilwaukee *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.59 °FTehachapi *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.46 °F
Costa Mesa *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.61 °FMinneapolis *Thu 12:24 AMPartly sunny. Pleasantly warm.77 °FTemecula *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.60 °F
Covington *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.43 °FMinot *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Quite cool.41 °FTempeWed 10:24 PMClear. Pleasantly warm.79 °F
Cumberland *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FMission Viejo *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.61 °FTemple *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °F
Cupertino *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.53 °FMissoula *Wed 11:24 PMOvercast. Chilly.34 °FTerre Haute *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.55 °F
Dallas *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.69 °FMobile *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °FThousand Oaks *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.58 °F
Daly City *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FModesto *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.55 °FToccoa *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °F
Davenport *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.63 °FMonterey *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.51 °FToledo *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.55 °F
Davis *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.55 °FMontgomery *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.66 °FTopeka *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.65 °F
Dayton *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.50 °FMonticello *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.49 °FTorrance *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.62 °F
Daytona Beach *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.65 °FMontpelier *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cold.18 °FTrenton *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °F
Decatur *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.61 °FMoorpark *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.58 °FTuba City *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.35 °F
Defiance *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.53 °FMoreno Valley *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.57 °FTucsonWed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.69 °F
Deltona *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.67 °FMorgantown *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.46 °FTulsa *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.70 °F
Denver *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Quite cool.42 °FMoscow *Wed 10:24 PMLight snow. Passing clouds. Chilly.36 °FTuscaloosa *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.64 °F
Des Moines *Thu 12:24 AMOvercast. Mild.63 °FMount Airy *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.51 °FTyler *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.68 °F
Detroit *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.46 °FMountain View *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.53 °FUnalaska *Wed 9:24 PMLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.34 °F
Dickinson *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.35 °FMyrtle Beach *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.57 °FUrbana *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.55 °F
Dothan *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.66 °FNapa *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.46 °FValdez *Wed 9:24 PMPartly sunny. Chilly.36 °F
Dover *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.37 °FNapili-HonokowaiWed 7:24 PMScattered showers. Scattered clouds. Mild.75 °FVallejo *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.46 °F
Downey *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °FNaples *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.67 °FVancouver *Wed 10:24 PMOvercast. Quite cool.44 °F
Duluth *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FNarragansett *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.29 °FVenice *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.62 °F
Dunn *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.50 °FNashville *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.60 °FVevay *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.50 °F
Durango *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Cool.46 °FNeenah *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °FVictoria *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.70 °F
Durham *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.50 °FNew Bedford *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.25 °FVictorville *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.55 °F
Eau Claire *Thu 12:24 AMRain. Fog. Cool.57 °FNew City *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.29 °FVincennes *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
El Monte *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °FNew Haven *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.27 °FVirginia Beach *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.41 °F
El Paso *Wed 11:24 PMPassing clouds. Mild.73 °FNew Orleans *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.74 °FVisalia *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
Elizabeth *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.41 °FNew Salem *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Quite cool.43 °FVista *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °F
Erie *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.45 °FNew York *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.44 °FWaco *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.68 °F
Escondido *Wed 10:24 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.54 °FNewark *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.41 °FWailukuWed 7:24 PMPassing clouds. Warm.77 °F
Eugene *Wed 10:24 PMLight rain. Partly sunny. Cool.48 °FNewport Beach *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.61 °FWainwright *Wed 9:24 PMSunny. Frigid.-3 °F
Eureka (MT) *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.32 °FNewport News *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.42 °FWake IslandThu 5:24 PMPassing clouds. Warm.81 °F
Eureka (USA) *Wed 10:24 PMSunny. Cool.56 °FNoatak *Wed 9:24 PMFrigid.3 °FWaldorf *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Quite cool.42 °F
Evansville *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.63 °FNome *Wed 9:24 PMPassing clouds. Frigid.7 °FWalnut Creek *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °F
Everett *Wed 10:24 PMMostly cloudy. Cool.46 °FNorfolk *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.45 °FWaltham *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.25 °F
Fairbanks *Wed 9:24 PMScattered clouds. Chilly.36 °FNorth Platte *Thu 12:24 AMOvercast. Cool.53 °FWarminster Township *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.32 °F
Fairfax *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.36 °FNorwalk *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °FWarren *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.46 °F
Fall River *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.25 °FNuiqsut *Wed 9:24 PMOvercast. Frigid.-1 °FWashington (Missouri) *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.67 °F
Falmouth *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cold.21 °FOakland *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.50 °FWashington DC (D.C.) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.47 °F
Fargo *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.45 °FOberlin *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.49 °FWaterbury *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.28 °F
Farmington *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Cool.45 °FOcala *Thu 1:24 AMPartly cloudy. Mild.66 °FWaterloo *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.64 °F
Fayetteville (NC) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.48 °FOceanside *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.57 °FWausau *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.63 °F
Fayetteville (GA) *Thu 1:24 AMFog. Cool.56 °FOdessa *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °FWaxahachie *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.67 °F
FlagstaffWed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.49 °FOkeechobee *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.63 °FWaynesville *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.51 °F
Flint *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.53 °FOklahoma City *Thu 12:24 AMPartly cloudy. Mild.68 °FWelltonWed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Mild.76 °F
Fort Bragg *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.52 °FOlathe *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.62 °FWest Bend *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.59 °F
Fort Collins *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Quite cool.45 °FOlean *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.32 °FWest Covina *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °F
Fort Drum *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.27 °FOlympia *Wed 10:24 PMOvercast. Cool.45 °FWest Palm Beach *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.71 °F
Fort Lauderdale *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.71 °FOmaha *Thu 12:24 AMThundershowers. Overcast. Cool.58 °FWest Wendover *Wed 11:24 PMOvercast. Quite cool.45 °F
Fort Myers *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.68 °FOntario (OR) *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Chilly.38 °FWheaton *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.58 °F
Fort Smith *Thu 12:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.67 °FOntario (CA) *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °FWheeling *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.49 °F
Fort Wayne *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.49 °FOrange *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.61 °FWichita *Thu 12:24 AMPartly cloudy. Mild.71 °F
Fort Worth *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °FOrangevale *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.55 °FWichita Falls *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.70 °F
Frankfort *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.49 °FOrlando *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °FWilmington (DE) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.38 °F
Franklin *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.40 °FOsage City *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.65 °FWilmington (NC) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.53 °F
Frederick *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FOshkosh *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.59 °FWinamac *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.53 °F
Fredericksburg *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.47 °FOverland Park *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Cool.62 °FWinder *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.61 °F
Freehold *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.36 °FOwensboro *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °FWindow Rock *Wed 11:24 PMClear. Cool.54 °F
Fremont *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.53 °FOxnard *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Cool.59 °FWinona *Thu 12:24 AMThundershowers. Overcast. Cool.61 °F
French Lick *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.57 °FPahrump *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Mild.70 °FWinston-Salem *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Cool.53 °F
Fresno *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.59 °FPalestine *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.68 °FWoodstock *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.28 °F
Fullerton *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °FPalm Coast *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.65 °FWorcester *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.30 °F
Furnace Creek (Death Valley) *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.67 °FPalm Springs *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.75 °FWright *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °F
Gainesville (GA) *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Mild.63 °FPalo Alto *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Cool.55 °FYakutat *Wed 9:24 PMOvercast. Quite cool.43 °F
Gainesville (FL) *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Mild.66 °FPanama City *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.69 °FYonkers *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.38 °F
Galveston *Thu 12:24 AMOvercast. Mild.69 °FParadise (Calif.) *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.59 °FYoungstown *Thu 1:24 AMPassing clouds. Cool.47 °F
Garden Grove *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Mild.63 °FParadise (Nevada) *Wed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Mild.72 °FYumaWed 10:24 PMPassing clouds. Mild.76 °F
Garland *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Mild.68 °FParamus *Thu 1:24 AMClear. Chilly.38 °F
Gary *Thu 12:24 AMClear. Refreshingly cool.55 °FPasadena (USA-CA) *Wed 10:24 PMClear. Refreshingly cool.62 °F

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (569 places).

Wed = Wednesday, April 1, 2015 (233 places).
Thu = Thursday, April 2, 2015 (365 places).