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Assumption of Mary in Australia

Many Christian churches in Australia mark Assumption Day on August 15 to celebrate the Christian belief that God assumed the Virgin Mary into heaven. This day is also known as the Dormition of the Mother of God, or the Feast of the Assumption.

Assumption Day Australia
The Feast of Assumption is a time for Christians to celebrate the heavenly birthday of the Virgin Mary.
The Feast of Assumption is a time for Christians to celebrate the heavenly birthday of the Virgin Mary.

What Do People Do?

Assumption Day is a chance for Christians to celebrate the heavenly birthday of the Virgin Mary. It is a Holy Day of Obligation – a day when Christian denominations are obliged to attend church service, so many people attend mass (church service) on this feast day.

Some celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary with festivals that have music, food, and dancing. In the Orthodox Church, they start the event with a fourteen-day fast before the big celebration on August 15.

Public Life

Assumption Day is not a public holiday in Australia. Schools, government offices, organizations and businesses are open as usual. Public transport services run to their usual schedules. 


Assumption Day observes the Christian belief that the Virgin Mary was “assumed” into heaven.  The Orthodox Churches believe in the Dormition of the Theotokos (the falling asleep of the Mother of God) that at the end of her life, Mary was physically taken up into heaven. Although Assumption day is a Holy Day of Obligation, if the feast of the Assumption falls on a Saturday or a Monday, there is no obligation to the feast for that year.

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Assumption of Mary Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday typeWhere it is observed
WedAug 151990Assumption of MaryChristian 
ThuAug 151991Assumption of MaryChristian 
SatAug 151992Assumption of MaryChristian 
SunAug 151993Assumption of MaryChristian 
MonAug 151994Assumption of MaryChristian 
TueAug 151995Assumption of MaryChristian 
ThuAug 151996Assumption of MaryChristian 
FriAug 151997Assumption of MaryChristian 
SatAug 151998Assumption of MaryChristian 
SunAug 151999Assumption of MaryChristian 
TueAug 152000Assumption of MaryChristian 
WedAug 152001Assumption of MaryChristian 
ThuAug 152002Assumption of MaryChristian 
FriAug 152003Assumption of MaryChristian 
SunAug 152004Assumption of MaryChristian 
MonAug 152005Assumption of MaryChristian 
TueAug 152006Assumption of MaryChristian 
WedAug 152007Assumption of MaryChristian 
FriAug 152008Assumption of MaryChristian 
SatAug 152009Assumption of MaryChristian 
SunAug 152010Assumption of MaryChristian 
MonAug 152011Assumption of MaryChristian 
WedAug 152012Assumption of MaryChristian 
ThuAug 152013Assumption of MaryChristian 
FriAug 152014Assumption of MaryChristian 
SatAug 152015Assumption of MaryChristian 
MonAug 152016Assumption of MaryChristian 
TueAug 152017Assumption of MaryChristian 
WedAug 152018Assumption of MaryChristian 
ThuAug 152019Assumption of MaryChristian 
SatAug 152020Assumption of MaryChristian 

Quick Facts

The Feast of the Assumption of Mary is an annual Christian observance in Australia held on August 15. It is considered a Holy Day of Obligation - a day when some Christian denominations are obliged to attend mass.

Assumption of Mary 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Assumption of Mary 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016


Name in other languages

Assumption of MaryEnglish
Mariä HimmelfahrtGerman
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