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Remembrance Day in Netherlands

Remembrance Day (Dodenherdenking), on May 4, is an annual observance in the Netherlands that remembers those who died during war and in peace-keeping operations. It is the day before Liberation Day.

Wreaths in Amsterdam on Remembrance Day.
Wreaths in Amsterdam on Remembrance Day.

Observe Remembrance Day

Remembrance gatherings are held throughout the Netherlands. Every year, people dedicate two minutes of silence at 8pm (local time) on May 4 to pay their respects to soldiers and civilians who died during World War II, as well as other military conflicts and peace-keeping missions. Wreaths are laid at various places, such as the National War Memorial in Amsterdam.

Public life

Remembrance Day is an annual observance and not a public holiday in the Netherlands.

About Remembrance Day

The first Remembrance Day was held on Amsterdam's Dam Square in 1945, according to some sources, while others claim that it was observed for the first time on May 4, 1946. On the following day, May 5, the country celebrates Liberation Day.

Remembrance Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
FriMay 41990Remembrance DayObservance
SatMay 41991Remembrance DayObservance
MonMay 41992Remembrance DayObservance
TueMay 41993Remembrance DayObservance
WedMay 41994Remembrance DayObservance
ThuMay 41995Remembrance DayObservance
SatMay 41996Remembrance DayObservance
SunMay 41997Remembrance DayObservance
MonMay 41998Remembrance DayObservance
TueMay 41999Remembrance DayObservance
ThuMay 42000Remembrance DayObservance
FriMay 42001Remembrance DayObservance
SatMay 42002Remembrance DayObservance
SunMay 42003Remembrance DayObservance
TueMay 42004Remembrance DayObservance
WedMay 42005Remembrance DayObservance
ThuMay 42006Remembrance DayObservance
FriMay 42007Remembrance DayObservance
SunMay 42008Remembrance DayObservance
MonMay 42009Remembrance DayObservance
TueMay 42010Remembrance DayObservance
WedMay 42011Remembrance DayObservance
FriMay 42012Remembrance DayObservance
SatMay 42013Remembrance DayObservance
SunMay 42014Remembrance DayObservance
MonMay 42015Remembrance DayObservance
WedMay 42016Remembrance DayObservance
ThuMay 42017Remembrance DayObservance
FriMay 42018Remembrance DayObservance
SatMay 42019Remembrance DayObservance
MonMay 42020Remembrance DayObservance

Quick Facts

Remembrance Day in the Netherlands commemorates Dutch civilians and soldiers who lost their lives in war and during peace-keeping missions.

Remembrance Day 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Remembrance Day 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


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