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Army Day in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Army Day, also known as the Day of the Armed Forces, celebrates the efforts of the country’s armed forces on December 6 each year.

Ukrainians who serve their country's armed forces dress in uniform.
Ukrainians who serve their country's armed forces dress in uniform.

What do people do?

Activities and events to celebrate Army Day include leaders’ speeches to thank and recognize the efforts of Ukraine’s armed forces, as well as special parades and marches.

Public life

Army Day is an observance and not a national public holiday in Ukraine.


In 1991, a decree was signed regarding the establishment of Ukraine’s armed forces. Ukraine’s Day of the Armed Forces first appeared in the Ukrainian calendar in 1993 after being set by a parliamentary resolution. Ukraine’s armed forces consist of the Ground Forces, the Air Force, and the Navy. The armed forces aim to protect Ukraine and ensure the safety of its citizens.

Army Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
FriDec 61991Army DayObservance
SunDec 61992Army DayObservance
MonDec 61993Army DayObservance
TueDec 61994Army DayObservance
WedDec 61995Army DayObservance
FriDec 61996Army DayObservance
SatDec 61997Army DayObservance
SunDec 61998Army DayObservance
MonDec 61999Army DayObservance
WedDec 62000Army DayObservance
ThuDec 62001Army DayObservance
FriDec 62002Army DayObservance
SatDec 62003Army DayObservance
MonDec 62004Army DayObservance
TueDec 62005Army DayObservance
WedDec 62006Army DayObservance
ThuDec 62007Army DayObservance
SatDec 62008Army DayObservance
SunDec 62009Army DayObservance
MonDec 62010Army DayObservance
TueDec 62011Army DayObservance
ThuDec 62012Army DayObservance
FriDec 62013Army DayObservance
SatDec 62014Army DayObservance
SunDec 62015Army DayObservance
TueDec 62016Army DayObservance
WedDec 62017Army DayObservance
ThuDec 62018Army DayObservance
FriDec 62019Army DayObservance
SunDec 62020Army DayObservance

Quick Facts

Army Day in Ukraine is a special annual observance dedicated to the nation’s armed forces on December 6.

Army Day 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Army Day 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Name in other languages

День украинской армииRussian
День Української арміїUkrainian
Army DayEnglish
Tag der ArmeeGerman
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