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Rosa Parks Day in United States

Quick Facts

The life of American civil rights leader Rosa Parks is celebrated in the United States on either February 4 or December 1.

Local names

Rosa Parks DayEnglish
Dia de Rosa ParksSpanish
יום רוזה פארקסHebrew
روزا باركس يومArabic
로사 파크의 날Korean
Rosa Parks DayGerman

Rosa Parks Day 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rosa Parks Day 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
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Rosa Parks Day is an American observance to honor civil rights activist Rosa Parks, who was known for refusing to give up her seat on a bus. It is a legal observance in California on February 4 and Ohio on December 1.

The "Rosa Parks" bus is an historic symbol of the struggle for equality.


Celebrate Rosa Parks Day

Rosa Parks Day promotes equal opportunities, civil rights, and fairness across communities in the U.S. Church leaders, politicians, and organizational leaders unite in states like California and Ohio to promote the day with a range of events and activities.

Many schools have classroom activities that focus on Rosa Parks' struggles for equality and achievements against discrimination.

Public life

Rosa Parks Day is an observance and not a public holiday in the U.S.

About Rosa Parks

On December 1, 1955, African Amerian seamstress Rosa Parks was travelling in a Montgomery City bus when the bus driver asked her to vacate her seat for a white man. The driver's request was standard practice of racial segregation in buses at the time. Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat on the grounds of fairness, freedom and equality. As a result, she was arrested and convicted of violating the laws of segregation, known as the "Jim Crow" laws. She appealed her conviction and formally challenged the legality of segregation. At the same time, civil rights activists, including Martin Luther King Jr, boycotted the Montgomery bus system.

The boycott lasted for 381 days, into December 1956, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the segregation law was unconstitutional and the Montgomery buses should be integrated. This boycott kickstarted other civil rights protests throughout the U.S. Over the years, the Rosa Parks bus has become a symbol of the fight for equal rights. It has been fully restored and is now displayed in the Henry Ford Museum. Rosa Parks' Day, on February 4, is also known as the Day of Courage.

Rosa Parks Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday typeWhere it is observed
FriFeb 42000Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
SunFeb 42001Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
MonFeb 42002Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
TueFeb 42003Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
WedFeb 42004Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
FriFeb 42005Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
SatFeb 42006Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
SunFeb 42007Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
MonFeb 42008Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
WedFeb 42009Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
ThuFeb 42010Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
FriFeb 42011Rosa Parks DayState holidayOhio
SatFeb 42012Rosa Parks DayLocal holidayCalifornia, Ohio
MonFeb 42013Rosa Parks DayLocal holidayCalifornia, Ohio
TueFeb 42014Rosa Parks DayState holidayCalifornia, Ohio
WedFeb 42015Rosa Parks DayLocal holidayCalifornia, Ohio
ThuFeb 42016Rosa Parks DayState holidayCalifornia, Ohio
SatFeb 42017Rosa Parks DayState holidayCalifornia, Ohio
SunFeb 42018Rosa Parks DayLocal holidayCalifornia, Ohio
MonFeb 42019Rosa Parks DayLocal holidayCalifornia, Ohio
TueFeb 42020Rosa Parks DayState holidayCalifornia, Ohio

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