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Flag for Canada Alert, Canada — Moonrise, moonset and moon phases, August 2014

Moon: 12.8%

Waning Crescent

Current Time: Aug 21, 2014 at 2:37:23 PM

Moon Direction: 262° West

Moon Altitude: 17.7°

Moon Distance: 251,145 mi

Next New Moon: Aug 25, 201410:13 AM

Next Full Moon: Sep 8, 20149:38 PM

Next Moonset: Aug 25, 20149:26 PM

Location of AlertLocation

Moonrise, moonset and phase calendar for Alert, August 2014

2014Moonrise/setMeridian passing
AugMoonriseMoonsetMoonriseTimeDistance (mi)Illum.
11:43 PM (142°)6:14 PM (208°)-4:19 PM(0.8°)247,02228.7%
2-Down all day-5:04 PM(-2.1°)244,15238.4%
3-Down all day-5:52 PM(-6.8°)240,76048.8%
4-Down all day-6:43 PM(-9.5°)236,98359.7%
5-Down all day-7:37 PM(-11.5°)233,03870.5%
6-Down all day-8:34 PM(-12.3°)229,22280.5%
7-Down all day-9:34 PM(-11.9°)225,88889.2%
8-Down all day-10:34 PM(-10.0°)223,38895.7%
9-Down all day-11:34 PM(-7.0°)222,01199.2%
10---Moon does not pass the Meridian this day
1110:25 PM (136°)--12:33 AM(-1.7°)221,91999.6%
12-5:32 AM (238°)8:40 PM (97°)1:30 AM(2.2°)223,12496.6%
13-9:29 AM (282°)7:10 PM (62°)2:24 AM(7.0°)225,48290.7%
14-2:18 PM (339°)4:25 PM (10°)3:18 AM(11.7°)228,72482.5%
15-Up all day-4:10 AM(16.1°)232,50572.7%
16-Up all day-5:01 AM(19.7°)236,47062.1%
17-Up all day-5:52 AM(22.5°)240,30851.2%
18-Up all day-6:43 AM(24.4°)243,78240.7%
19-Up all day-7:33 AM(25.3°)246,74230.8%
20-Up all day-8:22 AM(25.2°)249,10521.9%
21-Up all day-9:10 AM(24.2°)250,84414.3%
22-Up all day-9:56 AM(22.5°)251,9738.2%
23-Up all day-10:42 AM(20.0°)252,5363.7%
24-Up all day-11:26 AM(16.9°)252,5891.0%
25-9:26 PM (315°)-12:09 PM(13.5°)252,1870.1%
264:19 AM (55°)8:00 PM (284°)-12:52 PM(9.7°)251,3641.2%
277:25 AM (90°)6:47 PM (256°)-1:35 PM(5.8°)250,1324.2%
2810:34 AM (126°)5:18 PM (223°)-2:18 PM(2.0°)248,4839.0%
29-Down all day-3:03 PM(-1.2°)246,40515.6%
30-Down all day-3:49 PM(-5.5°)243,89923.8%
31-Down all day-4:38 PM(-8.5°)240,99133.4%
* Illumination is calculated at lunar noon, all times are in local Alert time. Today is highlighted. Below horizon is marked in red.

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