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Flag for Canada Alert, Canada — Moonrise, moonset and moon phases, July 2015

Moon: 96.2%

Waning Gibbous

Current Time: Jul 3, 2015 at 2:26:51 PM

Moon Direction: 11° North

Moon Altitude: -23.3°

Moon Distance: 229,404 mi

Next New Moon: Jul 15, 20159:24 PM

Next Full Moon: Jul 31, 20156:42 AM

Location of AlertLocation

Moonrise, moonset and phase calendar for Alert, July 2015

2015Moonrise/setMeridian passing
JulMoonriseMoonsetMoonriseTimeDistance (mi)Illum.
1---Moon does not pass the Meridian this day
2-Down all day-12:16 AM(-11.5°)232,31999.8%
3-Down all day-1:13 AM(-9.9°)230,23298.2%
4-Down all day-2:09 AM(-7.1°)228,84093.8%
5-Down all day-3:05 AM(-2.1°)228,17486.8%
61:41 AM (147°)7:05 AM (225°)11:48 PM (107°)3:58 AM(1.2°)228,18777.6%
7-11:01 AM (269°)10:25 PM (74°)4:51 AM(5.5°)228,77666.9%
8-2:51 PM (312°)8:38 PM (36°)5:43 AM(10.1°)229,81955.2%
9-Up all day-6:35 AM(14.5°)231,20143.4%
10-Up all day-7:27 AM(18.4°)232,83032.1%
11-Up all day-8:20 AM(21.5°)234,64921.9%
12-Up all day-9:14 AM(23.7°)236,62313.4%
13-Up all day-10:08 AM(24.9°)238,7286.8%
14-Up all day-11:01 AM(25.0°)240,9352.4%
15-Up all day-11:52 AM(24.0°)243,1910.3%
16-Up all day-12:42 PM(22.2°)245,4120.6%
17-Up all day-1:30 PM(19.6°)247,4862.9%
18-Up all day-2:16 PM(16.4°)249,2747.2%
19-11:55 PM (310°)-3:00 PM(12.9°)250,63013.1%
207:32 AM (61°)10:35 PM (280°)-3:43 PM(9.2°)251,41120.4%
2110:30 AM (94°)9:25 PM (253°)-4:25 PM(5.4°)251,49828.7%
221:35 PM (129°)7:58 PM (221°)-5:07 PM(1.8°)250,80837.9%
23-Down all day-5:51 PM(-1.2°)249,31147.6%
24-Down all day-6:36 PM(-5.4°)247,03857.6%
25-Down all day-7:23 PM(-8.2°)244,09267.5%
26-Down all day-8:13 PM(-10.3°)240,65077.0%
27-Down all day-9:06 PM(-11.6°)236,95785.5%
28-Down all day-10:01 PM(-11.7°)233,31392.5%
29-Down all day-10:58 PM(-10.8°)230,03997.4%
30-Down all day-11:56 PM(-8.6°)227,43499.7%
31---Moon does not pass the Meridian this day
* All times are local time for Alert. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Illumination is calculated at lunar noon. Below horizon is marked in red.

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