Flag for Canada Alert, NU, Canada — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, October 2016

Current Time: Oct 25, 2016 at 10:23:57 PM

Sun Direction: 337° North

Sun Altitude: -19.5°

Sun Distance: 92.403 million mi

Next Solstice: Dec 21, 2016 5:44 AM (Winter)

Sun: Down all day

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October 2016 — Sun in Alert

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2016Sunrise/SunsetDaylengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil TwilightSolar Noon
OctSunriseSunsetLengthDifferenceStartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
17:20 AM (111°)4:32 PM (248°)9:12:17−25:04-Rest of night4:37 AM7:13 PM11:59 AM (4.1°)93.047
27:33 AM (114°)4:19 PM (245°)8:46:41−25:35-Rest of night4:49 AM7:01 PM11:58 AM (3.8°)93.020
37:46 AM (117°)4:06 PM (242°)8:20:28−26:13-Rest of night5:01 AM6:48 PM11:58 AM (3.4°)92.993
47:59 AM (121°)3:52 PM (238°)7:53:29−26:59Rest of night10:48 PM5:13 AM6:36 PM11:58 AM (3.0°)92.966
58:12 AM (124°)3:38 PM (235°)7:25:33−27:55Rest of night1:11 AM10:17 PM5:24 AM6:24 PM11:57 AM (2.7°)92.939
68:27 AM (128°)3:23 PM (231°)6:56:28−29:05Rest of night1:42 AM9:52 PM5:36 AM6:12 PM11:57 AM (2.3°)92.912
78:42 AM (132°)3:08 PM (227°)6:25:54−30:33Rest of night2:05 AM9:32 PM5:47 AM6:00 PM11:57 AM (1.9°)92.885
88:58 AM (136°)2:51 PM (223°)5:53:29−32:25Rest of night2:26 AM9:13 PM5:59 AM5:49 PM11:57 AM (1.6°)92.858
99:15 AM (140°)2:34 PM (219°)5:18:35−34:54Rest of night2:44 AM8:56 PM6:10 AM5:37 PM11:56 AM (1.3°)92.830
109:34 AM (145°)2:14 PM (214°)4:40:14−38:20Rest of night3:00 AM8:41 PM6:22 AM5:25 PM11:56 AM (0.9°)92.803
119:56 AM (150°)1:52 PM (209°)3:56:46−43:28Rest of night3:15 AM8:26 PM6:33 AM5:13 PM11:56 AM (0.6°)92.776
1210:21 AM (157°)1:26 PM (202°)3:04:31−52:14Rest of night3:29 AM8:12 PM6:45 AM5:02 PM11:56 AM (0.3°)92.749
1310:58 AM (166°)12:49 PM (193°)1:51:44−1:12:47Rest of night3:43 AM7:59 PM6:56 AM4:50 PM11:55 AM (-0.0°)92.722
14Down all dayRest of night3:56 AM7:46 PM7:08 AM4:38 PM11:55 AM (-0.3°)92.695
15Down all dayRest of night4:09 AM7:33 PM7:20 AM4:25 PM11:55 AM (-0.6°)92.669
16Down all dayRest of night4:21 AM7:21 PM7:32 AM4:13 PM11:55 AM (-0.9°)92.642
17Down all dayRest of night4:33 AM7:09 PM7:44 AM4:00 PM11:54 AM (-1.2°)92.616
18Down all dayRest of night4:44 AM6:58 PM7:57 AM3:47 PM11:54 AM (-1.4°)92.590
19Down all dayRest of night4:55 AM6:46 PM8:10 AM3:34 PM11:54 AM (-1.7°)92.565
20Down all day10:50 PM5:06 AM6:35 PM8:24 AM3:20 PM11:54 AM (-1.9°)92.539
21Down all day1:01 AM10:19 PM5:17 AM6:24 PM8:38 AM3:06 PM11:54 AM (-2.2°)92.514
22Down all day1:31 AM9:56 PM5:28 AM6:14 PM8:53 AM2:51 PM11:54 AM (-2.4°)92.489
23Down all day1:54 AM9:37 PM5:39 AM6:03 PM9:09 AM2:35 PM11:53 AM (-2.7°)92.464
24Down all day2:14 AM9:19 PM5:49 AM5:52 PM9:26 AM2:17 PM11:53 AM (-3.2°)92.439
25Down all day2:31 AM9:04 PM6:00 AM5:42 PM9:45 AM1:58 PM11:53 AM (-4.1°)92.415
26Down all day2:46 AM8:49 PM6:10 AM5:31 PM10:07 AM1:36 PM11:53 AM (-5.3°)92.390
27Down all day3:00 AM8:36 PM6:20 AM5:21 PM10:34 AM1:09 PM11:53 AM (-5.6°)92.366
28Down all day3:14 AM8:23 PM6:31 AM5:11 PM11:18 AM12:25 PM11:53 AM (-5.9°)92.341
29Down all day3:26 AM8:11 PM6:41 AM5:00 PMNot above -6°11:53 AM (-6.3°)92.317
30Down all day3:38 AM7:59 PM6:51 AM4:50 PMNot above -6°11:53 AM (-6.6°)92.292
31Down all day3:50 AM7:48 PM7:02 AM4:40 PMNot above -6°11:53 AM (-6.9°)92.268
* All times are local time for Alert. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Today is highlighted.

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