Flag for Canada Eureka, NU, Canada — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, October 2016

Current Time: Oct 26, 2016 at 4:39:09 AM

Sun Direction: 65° East

Sun Altitude: -17.0°

Sun Distance: 92.396 million mi

Next Solstice: Dec 21, 2016 4:44 AM (Winter)

Sun: Down all day

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October 2016 — Sun in Eureka

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2016Sunrise/SunsetDaylengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil TwilightSolar Noon
OctSunriseSunsetLengthDifferenceStartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
17:34 AM (105°)5:29 PM (254°)9:55:29−18:10Rest of night2:35 AM10:18 PM5:33 AM7:29 PM12:33 PM (6.6°)93.045
27:42 AM (108°)5:20 PM (251°)9:37:07−18:21Rest of night2:51 AM10:03 PM5:41 AM7:19 PM12:33 PM (6.2°)93.019
37:51 AM (110°)5:10 PM (249°)9:18:33−18:34Rest of night3:06 AM9:49 PM5:50 AM7:10 PM12:33 PM (5.8°)92.992
48:01 AM (113°)5:00 PM (247°)8:59:43−18:50Rest of night3:19 AM9:36 PM5:59 AM7:01 PM12:32 PM (5.4°)92.965
58:10 AM (115°)4:51 PM (244°)8:40:35−19:07Rest of night3:31 AM9:24 PM6:07 AM6:52 PM12:32 PM (5.1°)92.937
68:19 AM (117°)4:41 PM (242°)8:21:06−19:28Rest of night3:43 AM9:12 PM6:16 AM6:43 PM12:32 PM (4.7°)92.910
78:29 AM (120°)4:30 PM (239°)8:01:13−19:52Rest of night3:54 AM9:01 PM6:24 AM6:34 PM12:31 PM (4.3°)92.883
88:39 AM (122°)4:20 PM (237°)7:40:53−20:20Rest of night4:05 AM8:50 PM6:32 AM6:26 PM12:31 PM (4.0°)92.856
98:49 AM (125°)4:09 PM (234°)7:20:00−20:53Rest of night4:15 AM8:40 PM6:41 AM6:17 PM12:31 PM (3.6°)92.828
109:00 AM (128°)3:58 PM (231°)6:58:29−21:30Rest of night4:25 AM8:30 PM6:49 AM6:08 PM12:31 PM (3.2°)92.801
119:11 AM (131°)3:47 PM (229°)6:36:13−22:16Rest of night4:34 AM8:20 PM6:58 AM5:59 PM12:30 PM (2.9°)92.774
129:22 AM (134°)3:35 PM (226°)6:13:03−23:09Rest of night4:44 AM8:10 PM7:06 AM5:50 PM12:30 PM (2.5°)92.747
139:34 AM (137°)3:23 PM (223°)5:48:48−24:1511:34 PM4:53 AM8:01 PM7:14 AM5:42 PM12:30 PM (2.2°)92.720
149:47 AM (140°)3:10 PM (220°)5:23:13−25:351:28 AM11:07 PM5:02 AM7:52 PM7:23 AM5:33 PM12:30 PM (1.8°)92.693
1510:00 AM (143°)2:56 PM (216°)4:55:55−27:171:55 AM10:46 PM5:10 AM7:43 PM7:31 AM5:24 PM12:29 PM (1.5°)92.667
1610:15 AM (147°)2:41 PM (212°)4:26:23−29:312:15 AM10:29 PM5:19 AM7:34 PM7:40 AM5:15 PM12:29 PM (1.2°)92.641
1710:31 AM (151°)2:24 PM (208°)3:53:46−32:372:32 AM10:14 PM5:27 AM7:26 PM7:49 AM5:06 PM12:29 PM (0.8°)92.615
1810:49 AM (155°)2:06 PM (204°)3:16:29−37:162:47 AM10:00 PM5:36 AM7:17 PM7:57 AM4:57 PM12:29 PM (0.5°)92.589
1911:12 AM (161°)1:43 PM (198°)2:31:08−45:213:00 AM9:47 PM5:44 AM7:09 PM8:06 AM4:48 PM12:29 PM (0.2°)92.563
2011:44 AM (169°)1:10 PM (190°)1:25:43−1:05:253:13 AM9:35 PM5:52 AM7:01 PM8:15 AM4:38 PM12:28 PM (-0.1°)92.538
21Down all day3:24 AM9:24 PM6:00 AM6:52 PM8:24 AM4:29 PM12:28 PM (-0.4°)92.513
22Down all day3:35 AM9:14 PM6:08 AM6:44 PM8:34 AM4:19 PM12:28 PM (-0.6°)92.488
23Down all day3:45 AM9:03 PM6:16 AM6:36 PM8:43 AM4:10 PM12:28 PM (-0.9°)92.463
24Down all day3:55 AM8:54 PM6:23 AM6:28 PM8:53 AM4:00 PM12:28 PM (-1.2°)92.438
25Down all day4:05 AM8:44 PM6:31 AM6:21 PM9:03 AM3:50 PM12:28 PM (-1.4°)92.413
26Down all day4:14 AM8:35 PM6:39 AM6:13 PM9:13 AM3:39 PM12:28 PM (-1.6°)92.389
27Down all day4:23 AM8:27 PM6:46 AM6:05 PM9:24 AM3:28 PM12:28 PM (-1.9°)92.364
28Down all day4:31 AM8:18 PM6:54 AM5:58 PM9:35 AM3:17 PM12:28 PM (-2.1°)92.340
29Down all day4:40 AM8:10 PM7:02 AM5:50 PM9:47 AM3:05 PM12:27 PM (-2.3°)92.315
30Down all day4:48 AM8:02 PM7:09 AM5:42 PM9:59 AM2:53 PM12:27 PM (-2.6°)92.291
31Down all day4:56 AM7:54 PM7:17 AM5:35 PM10:12 AM2:40 PM12:27 PM (-2.9°)92.267
* All times are local time for Eureka. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Today is highlighted.

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