Flag for Canada Eureka, Canada — Sunrise, sunset and daylength, February 2014


No daylight period

Current Time: Dec 20, 2014 at 12:54:36 PM

Sun Direction: 198° South

Sun Altitude: -13.9°

Sun Distance: 91.462 million mi

Next Solstice: Dec 21, 2014 5:02 PM (Winter)

Sun: Down all day

Location of EurekaLocation

February 2014 — Sun in Eureka

Solar noon
FebSunriseSunsetLengthDiff.StartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
1Down all day5:29 AM6:29 PM7:53 AM4:04 PMNot above -6°11:57 AM (-7.0°)91.610
2Down all day5:23 AM6:36 PM7:45 AM4:12 PMNot above -6°11:57 AM (-6.7°)91.623
3Down all day5:16 AM6:43 PM7:38 AM4:20 PMNot above -6°11:58 AM (-6.4°)91.637
4Down all day5:10 AM6:50 PM7:31 AM4:28 PMNot above -6°11:58 AM (-6.1°)91.651
5Down all day5:03 AM6:57 PM7:23 AM4:35 PM11:09 AM12:49 PM11:58 AM (-5.8°)91.665
6Down all day4:56 AM7:04 PM7:16 AM4:43 PM10:42 AM1:16 PM11:58 AM (-5.5°)91.679
7Down all day4:49 AM7:12 PM7:08 AM4:51 PM10:22 AM1:36 PM11:58 AM (-5.2°)91.694
8Down all day4:41 AM7:19 PM7:01 AM4:58 PM10:06 AM1:53 PM11:58 AM (-3.9°)91.709
9Down all day4:34 AM7:27 PM6:53 AM5:06 PM9:51 AM2:08 PM11:58 AM (-3.1°)91.725
10Down all day4:26 AM7:35 PM6:46 AM5:14 PM9:37 AM2:22 PM11:58 AM (-2.7°)91.741
11Down all day4:18 AM7:43 PM6:38 AM5:21 PM9:24 AM2:34 PM11:58 AM (-2.4°)91.757
12Down all day4:10 AM7:51 PM6:31 AM5:29 PM9:12 AM2:46 PM11:58 AM (-2.2°)91.774
13Down all day4:02 AM8:00 PM6:23 AM5:37 PM9:01 AM2:58 PM11:58 AM (-1.9°)91.791
14Down all day3:53 AM8:09 PM6:15 AM5:44 PM8:50 AM3:09 PM11:58 AM (-1.7°)91.809
15Down all day3:44 AM8:18 PM6:07 AM5:52 PM8:39 AM3:19 PM11:58 AM (-1.5°)91.828
16Down all day3:35 AM8:28 PM5:59 AM6:00 PM8:29 AM3:30 PM11:58 AM (-1.2°)91.846
17Down all day3:25 AM8:38 PM5:52 AM6:08 PM8:19 AM3:40 PM11:58 AM (-1.0°)91.866
18Down all day3:15 AM8:48 PM5:44 AM6:16 PM8:09 AM3:49 PM11:58 AM (-0.7°)91.885
19Down all day3:04 AM8:59 PM5:35 AM6:24 PM7:59 AM3:59 PM11:58 AM (-0.4°)91.906
2011:28 AM (173°)12:29 PM (188°)1:00:382:53 AM9:11 PM5:27 AM6:32 PM7:50 AM4:08 PM11:57 AM (-0.2°)91.926
2110:49 AM (163°)1:08 PM (197°)2:19:03+1:18:242:41 AM9:23 PM5:19 AM6:40 PM7:40 AM4:18 PM11:57 AM (0.1°)91.947
2210:25 AM (157°)1:32 PM (203°)3:07:46+48:432:29 AM9:36 PM5:11 AM6:49 PM7:31 AM4:27 PM11:57 AM (0.5°)91.968
2310:05 AM (152°)1:52 PM (208°)3:46:55+39:082:15 AM9:51 PM5:02 AM6:57 PM7:22 AM4:36 PM11:57 AM (0.8°)91.989
249:48 AM (148°)2:09 PM (212°)4:20:45+33:502:00 AM10:08 PM4:53 AM7:06 PM7:13 AM4:45 PM11:57 AM (1.1°)92.011
259:33 AM (144°)2:24 PM (216°)4:51:10+30:241:43 AM10:28 PM4:45 AM7:14 PM7:04 AM4:53 PM11:57 AM (1.4°)92.033
269:18 AM (141°)2:38 PM (220°)5:19:11+28:011:23 AM10:53 PM4:36 AM7:23 PM6:55 AM5:02 PM11:57 AM (1.8°)92.055
279:05 AM (138°)2:51 PM (223°)5:45:23+26:1112:57 AM-4:26 AM7:32 PM6:46 AM5:11 PM11:56 AM (2.1°)92.077
288:53 AM (135°)3:03 PM (226°)6:10:08+24:45Rest of night4:17 AM7:41 PM6:37 AM5:19 PM11:56 AM (2.5°)92.100
* All times are in local Eureka time.

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