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Orthodox New Year in Ukraine

While New Year’s Day is a public holiday on January 1, many Ukrainians still celebrate the "Old New Year", or Orthodox New Year, which is on January 14 in the Gregorian calendar.

Many Ukrainian families celebrate the Old New Year with fun outdoor activities.
Many Ukrainian families celebrate the Old New Year with fun outdoor activities.
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What do people do?

The Old Calendar New Year is part of the festive Christmas week celebrations that occur from January 7-14.  Events that occur around the time of the Old New Year include:

  • Music and cultural festivals.
  • Organized sleigh rides for both children and adults.
  • Theatrical performances featuring popular Christmas week themes.

Right up until January 14, some families visit homes and greet people with New Year wishes. The Old New Year falls in the winter in Ukraine so many families celebrate the week with fun outdoor activities suited for the cold climate.

Public life

The Orthodox New Year is an observance and not an official public holiday in Ukraine.


The Orthodox New Year, also known as the Old New Year, is marked as January 1 in the Julian calendar, which preceded the now more commonly used Gregorian calendar. Many Orthodox Christian churches still recognize the holiday dates according to the Julian calendar, including New Year’s Day. New Year’s Day in the Julian calendar falls on January 14 in the Gregorian calendar.

About Orthodox New Year in other countries

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Orthodox New Year Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
SunJan 141990Orthodox New YearObservance
MonJan 141991Orthodox New YearObservance
TueJan 141992Orthodox New YearObservance
ThuJan 141993Orthodox New YearObservance
FriJan 141994Orthodox New YearObservance
SatJan 141995Orthodox New YearObservance
SunJan 141996Orthodox New YearObservance
TueJan 141997Orthodox New YearObservance
WedJan 141998Orthodox New YearObservance
ThuJan 141999Orthodox New YearObservance
FriJan 142000Orthodox New YearObservance
SunJan 142001Orthodox New YearObservance
MonJan 142002Orthodox New YearObservance
TueJan 142003Orthodox New YearObservance
WedJan 142004Orthodox New YearObservance
FriJan 142005Orthodox New YearObservance
SatJan 142006Orthodox New YearObservance
SunJan 142007Orthodox New YearObservance
MonJan 142008Orthodox New YearObservance
WedJan 142009Orthodox New YearObservance
ThuJan 142010Orthodox New YearObservance
FriJan 142011Orthodox New YearObservance
SatJan 142012Orthodox New YearObservance
MonJan 142013Orthodox New YearObservance
TueJan 142014Orthodox New YearObservance
WedJan 142015Orthodox New YearObservance
ThuJan 142016Orthodox New YearObservance
SatJan 142017Orthodox New YearObservance
SunJan 142018Orthodox New YearObservance
MonJan 142019Orthodox New YearObservance
TueJan 142020Orthodox New YearObservance

Quick Facts

The Orthodox New Year, also known as the Old New Year, is observed on January 14 in Ukraine.

Orthodox New Year 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Orthodox New Year 2016

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Name in other languages

православный новый годRussian
православний новий рікUkrainian
Orthodox New YearEnglish
Orthodoxes NeujahrGerman

Alternative name

Old New Year
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