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Loyalty Day in United States

Quick Facts

Loyalty Day is a special day for people to reaffirm their loyalty to the United States and to recognize the heritage of American freedom.

Local names

Loyalty DayEnglish
Día de la LealtadSpanish
יום בתוכנית הנאמנותHebrew
يوم الولاءArabic
충절의 날Korean
Tag der TreueGerman

Loyalty Day 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Loyalty Day 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015
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Loyalty Day is on May 1 each year. It is a special day for people to reaffirm their loyalty to the United States and to recognize the heritage of American freedom. It also falls on the same day as Law Day in the USA.

Loyalty Day

Loyalty Day is a time for people to reaffirm their loyalty to the United States.

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What do people do?

The United States of America was founded by patriots who risked their lives to bring freedom to the nation. The nation’s founders are remembered on Loyalty Day, which is a day when people celebrate their freedom while remembering their responsibilities to continue the legacy of liberty. Loyalty Day is celebrated with parades and ceremonies in several communities across the United States. Schools, churches, and various organizations participate in these events.

Public life

Loyalty Day is an observance but it is not a public holiday in the United States. Schools, post offices, stores and other businesses and organizations are open as usual. Public transport services run to their usual schedules and no extra congestion on highways is to be expected.


Loyalty Day was first observed in 1921 as "Americanization Day" to counterbalance Labour Day on May Day (May 1), celebrated in other parts of the world.  On May 1, 1930, about 10,000 Veterans of Foreign War members staged a rally at New York's Union Square to promote patriotism. Through a resolution adopted in 1949, May 1 evolved into Loyalty Day. Observances began on April 28, 1950, and climaxed on May 1 when more than five million people across the nation held rallies. In New York City, more than 100,000 people rallied for America.

On July 18, 1958, the Congress designated May 1 of each year as Loyalty Day to foster loyalty and love of the country. According to the Legal Information Institute, the President is requested to issue a proclamation, calling on United States government officials to display the flag of the United States on all government buildings on Loyalty Day, and inviting the people of the United States to observe Loyalty Day with appropriate ceremonies in schools and other suitable places.

Loyalty Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday typeWhere it is observed
TueMay 11990Loyalty DayObservance 
WedMay 11991Loyalty DayObservance 
FriMay 11992Loyalty DayObservance 
SatMay 11993Loyalty DayObservance 
SunMay 11994Loyalty DayObservance 
MonMay 11995Loyalty DayObservance 
WedMay 11996Loyalty DayObservance 
ThuMay 11997Loyalty DayObservance 
FriMay 11998Loyalty DayObservance 
SatMay 11999Loyalty DayObservance 
MonMay 12000Loyalty DayObservance 
TueMay 12001Loyalty DayObservance 
WedMay 12002Loyalty DayObservance 
ThuMay 12003Loyalty DayObservance 
SatMay 12004Loyalty DayObservance 
SunMay 12005Loyalty DayObservance 
MonMay 12006Loyalty DayObservance 
TueMay 12007Loyalty DayObservance 
ThuMay 12008Loyalty DayObservance 
FriMay 12009Loyalty DayObservance 
SatMay 12010Loyalty DayObservance 
SunMay 12011Loyalty DayObservance 
TueMay 12012Loyalty DayObservance 
WedMay 12013Loyalty DayObservance 
ThuMay 12014Loyalty DayObservance 
FriMay 12015Loyalty DayObservance 
SunMay 12016Loyalty DayObservance 
MonMay 12017Loyalty DayObservance 
TueMay 12018Loyalty DayObservance 
WedMay 12019Loyalty DayObservance 
FriMay 12020Loyalty DayObservance 

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