Daylight Saving Time Around the World 1998

Daylight saving time is often incorrectly referred to as “daylight savings time”. In some countries, it is also called “summer time”. When DST is not observed, it is called standard time, normal time or winter time.

This list displays a brief (but not complete) overview showing the countries and territories which observed DST during 1998.

Current country/territory names, rather than historic country names are displayed, so the list could contain countries that did not exist at the time.

Detailed information is available for the first half of 1998 and for the second half of 1998.

CountryRegions/StatesExample LocationDST Start DateDST End Date
AfghanistanAll locationsKabulNo DST in 1998
AlbaniaAll locationsTiranaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
AlgeriaAll locationsAlgiersNo DST in 1998
American SamoaAll locationsPago PagoNo DST in 1998
AndorraAll locationsAndorra La VellaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
AngolaAll locationsLuandaNo DST in 1998
AnguillaAll locationsThe ValleyNo DST in 1998
AntarcticaMost locationsOrcadasNo DST in 1998
Some locationsSouth PoleSunday, October 4Sunday, March 15
Palmer StationSunday, September 27Sunday, March 15
Antigua and BarbudaAll locationsSaint John'sNo DST in 1998
ArgentinaAll locationsBuenos AiresNo DST in 1998
ArmeniaAll locationsYerevanSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
ArubaAll locationsOranjestadNo DST in 1998
AustraliaSouth Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, New South WalesMelbourneSunday, October 25Sunday, March 29
Queensland, Northern Territory, Western AustraliaBrisbaneNo DST in 1998
TasmaniaHobartSunday, October 4Sunday, March 29
Lord Howe IslandLord Howe IslandSunday, October 25Sunday, March 29
AustriaAll locationsViennaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
AzerbaijanAll locationsBakuSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
BahrainAll locationsManamaNo DST in 1998
BangladeshAll locationsDhakaNo DST in 1998
BarbadosAll locationsBridgetownNo DST in 1998
BelarusAll locationsMinskSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
BelgiumAll locationsBrusselsSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
BelizeAll locationsBelmopanNo DST in 1998
BeninAll locationsPorto NovoNo DST in 1998
BermudaAll locationsHamiltonSunday, April 5Sunday, October 25
BhutanAll locationsThimphuNo DST in 1998
BoliviaAll locationsSucreNo DST in 1998
Bosnia and HerzegovinaAll locationsSarajevoSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
BotswanaAll locationsGaboroneNo DST in 1998
BrazilMost locationsBrasiliaSunday, October 11Sunday, March 1
Amazonas, Pernambuco, Sergipe, Pará, Paraíba, Ceará, Amapá, Alagoas, Rondônia, Rio Grande do Norte, Piauí, Maranhão, Acre, RoraimaManausNo DST in 1998
British Indian Ocean TerritoryAll locationsDiego GarciaNo DST in 1998
British Virgin IslandsAll locationsRoad TownNo DST in 1998
BruneiAll locationsBandar Seri BegawanNo DST in 1998
BulgariaAll locationsSofiaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Burkina FasoAll locationsOuagadougouNo DST in 1998
BurundiAll locationsBujumburaNo DST in 1998
Cabo VerdeAll locationsPraiaNo DST in 1998
CambodiaAll locationsPhnom PenhNo DST in 1998
CameroonAll locationsYaoundéNo DST in 1998
CanadaMost locationsMontrealSunday, April 5Sunday, October 25
most of Saskatchewan, small region of British Columbia, small region of Nunavut, small region of Quebec, small region of OntarioReginaNo DST in 1998
Cayman IslandsAll locationsGeorge TownNo DST in 1998
Central African RepublicAll locationsBanguiNo DST in 1998
ChadAll locationsNdjamenaNo DST in 1998
ChileMost locationsSantiagoSunday, September 27Sunday, March 15
OtherEaster IslandSaturday, September 26Saturday, March 14
ChinaAll locationsBeijingNo DST in 1998
Christmas IslandAll locationsThe SettlementNo DST in 1998
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsAll locationsBantamNo DST in 1998
ColombiaAll locationsBogotaNo DST in 1998
ComorosAll locationsMoroniNo DST in 1998
CongoAll locationsBrazzavilleNo DST in 1998
Congo Dem.Rep.All locationsKinshasaNo DST in 1998
Cook IslandsAll locationsRarotongaNo DST in 1998
Costa RicaAll locationsSan JoseNo DST in 1998
Cote d'IvoireAll locationsYamoussoukroNo DST in 1998
CroatiaAll locationsZagrebSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
CubaAll locationsHavanaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
CuraçaoAll locationsWillemstadNo DST in 1998
CyprusAll locationsNicosiaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Czech RepublicAll locationsPragueSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
DenmarkAll locationsCopenhagenSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
DjiboutiAll locationsDjiboutiNo DST in 1998
DominicaAll locationsRoseauNo DST in 1998
Dominican RepublicAll locationsSanto DomingoNo DST in 1998
East TimorAll locationsDiliNo DST in 1998
EcuadorAll locationsQuitoNo DST in 1998
EgyptAll locationsCairoFriday, April 24Friday, September 25
El SalvadorAll locationsSan SalvadorNo DST in 1998
Equatorial GuineaAll locationsMalaboNo DST in 1998
EritreaAll locationsAsmaraNo DST in 1998
EstoniaAll locationsTallinnSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
EthiopiaAll locationsAddis AbabaNo DST in 1998
Falkland IslandsAll locationsStanleySunday, September 13Sunday, April 19
Faroe IslandsAll locationsTórshavnSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
FijiAll locationsSuvaSunday, November 1Does not end this year
FinlandAll locationsHelsinkiSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
FranceMost locationsParisSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Saint Barthélemy, Saint MartinGustaviaNo DST in 1998
French GuianaAll locationsCayenneNo DST in 1998
French PolynesiaAll locationsPapeeteNo DST in 1998
French Southern TerritoriesAll locationsPort-aux-FrancaisNo DST in 1998
GabonAll locationsLibrevilleNo DST in 1998
GeorgiaAll locationsTbilisiSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
GermanyAll locationsBerlinSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
GhanaAll locationsAccraNo DST in 1998
GibraltarAll locationsGibraltarSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
GreeceAll locationsAthensSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
GreenlandMost locationsNuukSaturday, March 28Saturday, October 24
Some locationsDanmarkshavnNo DST in 1998
IttoqqortoormiitSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Thule Air BaseSunday, April 5Sunday, October 25
GrenadaAll locationsSaint George'sNo DST in 1998
GuadeloupeAll locationsBasse-TerreNo DST in 1998
GuamAll locationsHagåtñaNo DST in 1998
GuatemalaAll locationsGuatemalaNo DST in 1998
GuernseyAll locationsSt. Peter PortSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
GuineaAll locationsConakryNo DST in 1998
Guinea-BissauAll locationsBissauNo DST in 1998
GuyanaAll locationsGeorgetownNo DST in 1998
HaitiAll locationsPort-au-PrinceNo DST in 1998
Holy See (Vatican City)All locationsVatican CitySunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
HondurasAll locationsTegucigalpaNo DST in 1998
Hong KongAll locationsHong KongNo DST in 1998
HungaryAll locationsBudapestSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
IcelandAll locationsReykjavikNo DST in 1998
IndiaAll locationsNew DelhiNo DST in 1998
IndonesiaAll locationsJakartaNo DST in 1998
IranAll locationsTehranSunday, March 22Tuesday, September 22
IraqAll locationsBaghdadWednesday, April 1Thursday, October 1
IrelandAll locationsDublinSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Isle of ManAll locationsDouglasSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
IsraelAll locationsJerusalemFriday, March 20Sunday, September 6
ItalyAll locationsRomeSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
JamaicaAll locationsKingstonNo DST in 1998
JapanAll locationsTokyoNo DST in 1998
JerseyAll locationsSaint HelierSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
JordanAll locationsAmmanFriday, April 3Friday, September 18
KazakhstanAll locationsAstanaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
KenyaAll locationsNairobiNo DST in 1998
KiribatiAll locationsTarawaNo DST in 1998
KosovoAll locationsPristinaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
KuwaitAll locationsKuwait CityNo DST in 1998
KyrgyzstanAll locationsBishkekSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
LaosAll locationsVientianeNo DST in 1998
LatviaAll locationsRigaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
LebanonAll locationsBeirutSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
LesothoAll locationsMaseruNo DST in 1998
LiberiaAll locationsMonroviaNo DST in 1998
LibyaAll locationsTripoliNo DST in 1998
LiechtensteinAll locationsVaduzSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
LithuaniaAll locationsVilniusSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
LuxembourgAll locationsLuxembourgSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
MacauAll locationsMacauNo DST in 1998
Macedonia, Republic ofAll locationsSkopjeSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
MadagascarAll locationsAntananarivoNo DST in 1998
MalawiAll locationsLilongweNo DST in 1998
MalaysiaAll locationsKuala LumpurNo DST in 1998
MaldivesAll locationsMaleNo DST in 1998
MaliAll locationsBamakoNo DST in 1998
MaltaAll locationsVallettaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Marshall IslandsAll locationsMajuroNo DST in 1998
MartiniqueAll locationsFort-de-FranceNo DST in 1998
MauritaniaAll locationsNouakchottNo DST in 1998
MauritiusAll locationsPort LouisNo DST in 1998
MayotteAll locationsMamoutzouNo DST in 1998
MexicoAll locationsMexico CitySunday, April 5Sunday, October 25
MicronesiaAll locationsPalikirNo DST in 1998
MoldovaAll locationsChisinauSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
MonacoAll locationsMonacoSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
MongoliaAll locationsUlaanbaatarSunday, March 29Sunday, September 27
MontenegroAll locationsPodgoricaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
MontserratAll locationsBradesNo DST in 1998
MoroccoAll locationsCasablancaNo DST in 1998
MozambiqueAll locationsMaputoNo DST in 1998
MyanmarAll locationsYangonNo DST in 1998
NamibiaAll locationsWindhoekSunday, September 6Sunday, April 5
NauruAll locationsYarenNo DST in 1998
NepalAll locationsKathmanduNo DST in 1998
NetherlandsMost locationsAmsterdamSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Sint Maarten, Bonaire, SabaPhilipsburgNo DST in 1998
New CaledoniaAll locationsNoumeaNo DST in 1998
New ZealandAll locationsWellingtonSunday, October 4Sunday, March 15
NicaraguaAll locationsManaguaNo DST in 1998
NigerAll locationsNiameyNo DST in 1998
NigeriaAll locationsLagosNo DST in 1998
NiueAll locationsAlofiNo DST in 1998
Norfolk IslandAll locationsKingstonNo DST in 1998
North KoreaAll locationsPyongyangNo DST in 1998
Northern Mariana IslandsAll locationsSaipanNo DST in 1998
NorwayAll locationsOsloSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
OmanAll locationsMuscatNo DST in 1998
PakistanAll locationsIslamabadNo DST in 1998
PalauAll locationsMelekeokNo DST in 1998
Palestinian TerritoriesAll locationsBethlehemFriday, April 3Friday, September 18
PanamaAll locationsPanamaNo DST in 1998
Papua New GuineaAll locationsPort MoresbyNo DST in 1998
ParaguayAll locationsAsuncionSunday, October 4Sunday, March 1
PeruAll locationsLimaNo DST in 1998
PhilippinesAll locationsManilaNo DST in 1998
Pitcairn IslandsAll locationsAdamstownNo DST in 1998
PolandAll locationsWarsawSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
PortugalAll locationsLisbonSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Puerto RicoAll locationsSan JuanNo DST in 1998
QatarAll locationsDohaNo DST in 1998
ReunionAll locationsSaint-DenisNo DST in 1998
RomaniaAll locationsBucharestSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
RussiaAll locationsMoscowSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
RwandaAll locationsKigaliNo DST in 1998
Saint HelenaAll locationsJamestownNo DST in 1998
Saint Kitts and NevisAll locationsBasseterreNo DST in 1998
Saint LuciaAll locationsCastriesNo DST in 1998
Saint Pierre and MiquelonAll locationsSaint-PierreSunday, April 5Sunday, October 25
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesAll locationsKingstownNo DST in 1998
SamoaAll locationsApiaNo DST in 1998
San MarinoAll locationsSan MarinoSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Sao Tome and PrincipeAll locationsSão ToméNo DST in 1998
Saudi ArabiaAll locationsRiyadhNo DST in 1998
SenegalAll locationsDakarNo DST in 1998
SerbiaAll locationsBelgradeSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
SeychellesAll locationsVictoriaNo DST in 1998
Sierra LeoneAll locationsFreetownNo DST in 1998
SingaporeAll locationsSingaporeNo DST in 1998
SlovakiaAll locationsBratislavaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
SloveniaAll locationsLjubljanaSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Solomon IslandsAll locationsHoniaraNo DST in 1998
SomaliaAll locationsMogadishuNo DST in 1998
South AfricaAll locationsJohannesburgNo DST in 1998
South Georgia/Sandwich Is.All locationsKing Edward PointNo DST in 1998
South KoreaAll locationsSeoulNo DST in 1998
South SudanAll locationsJubaNo DST in 1998
SpainAll locationsMadridSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
Sri LankaAll locationsSri Jayawardenapura KotteNo DST in 1998
SudanAll locationsKhartoumNo DST in 1998
SurinameAll locationsParamariboNo DST in 1998
SwazilandAll locationsMbabaneNo DST in 1998
SwedenAll locationsStockholmSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
SwitzerlandAll locationsBernSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
SyriaAll locationsDamascusMonday, March 30Thursday, October 1
TaiwanAll locationsTaipeiNo DST in 1998
TajikistanAll locationsDushanbeNo DST in 1998
TanzaniaAll locationsDodomaNo DST in 1998
ThailandAll locationsBangkokNo DST in 1998
The BahamasAll locationsNassauSunday, April 5Sunday, October 25
The GambiaAll locationsBanjulNo DST in 1998
Time ZoneAll locationsUTCNo DST in 1998
TogoAll locationsLoméNo DST in 1998
TokelauAll locationsFakaofoNo DST in 1998
TongaAll locationsNukualofaNo DST in 1998
Trinidad and TobagoAll locationsPort of SpainNo DST in 1998
TunisiaAll locationsTunisNo DST in 1998
TurkeyAll locationsAnkaraSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
TurkmenistanAll locationsAshgabatNo DST in 1998
Turks and Caicos IslandsAll locationsCockburn TownSunday, April 5Sunday, October 25
TuvaluAll locationsFunafutiNo DST in 1998
UgandaAll locationsKampalaNo DST in 1998
UkraineAll locationsKyivSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
United Arab EmiratesAll locationsAbu DhabiNo DST in 1998
United KingdomAll locationsLondonSunday, March 29Sunday, October 25
United StatesMost locationsWashington DCSunday, April 5Sunday, October 25
Hawaii, much of Indiana, most of Arizona, small region of AlaskaHonoluluNo DST in 1998
UruguayAll locationsMontevideoNo DST in 1998
US Minor Outlying IslandsAll locationsMidwayNo DST in 1998
US Virgin IslandsAll locationsCharlotte AmalieNo DST in 1998
UzbekistanAll locationsTashkentNo DST in 1998
VanuatuAll locationsPort VilaNo DST in 1998
VenezuelaAll locationsCaracasNo DST in 1998
VietnamAll locationsHanoiNo DST in 1998
Wallis and FutunaAll locationsMata-UtuNo DST in 1998
Western SaharaAll locationsEl AaiúnNo DST in 1998
YemenAll locationsSanaNo DST in 1998
ZambiaAll locationsLusakaNo DST in 1998
ZimbabweAll locationsHarareNo DST in 1998
* Some locations have multiple periods of DST: the start of the first period and end of the last period are listed.

Daylight Saving Time Statistics for 1998

Daylight Saving Time Observance?CountExample
Countries and territories which do not observe DST at all160China
Countries and territories where at least one location observes DST83United States
Countries and territories where all locations observe DST some part of the year75Russia
Countries and territories where many, but not all locations observe DST part of the year8United States

Daylight Saving Time for other years

Yearly OverviewJanuary–JuneJuly–December
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1998first half of 1998second half of 1998
1999first half of 1999second half of 1999
2000first half of 2000second half of 2000

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