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Moon Distances for Los Angeles, USA – California

The Moon Distance Calculator calculates the approximate minumum and maximum distances from the Moon to the Earth.

The Moon's distance to Earth varies. The two extreme points of the Moon’s orbit each month are known as the lunar perigee and apogee. The table below shows the time of lunar perigee and apogee.

Closest Approach (Perigee)

DateLocal TimeDistance in kmDistance in miles
Jan 2112:06 pm359,645 km223,473 mi
Feb 1811:28 pm356,995 km221,826 mi
Mar 1912:37 pm357,584 km222,192 mi
Apr 168:48 pm361,023 km224,329 mi
May 145:18 pm366,024 km227,437 mi
Jun 99:43 pm369,711 km229,728 mi
Jul 511:51 am367,093 km228,101 mi
Aug 23:02 am362,139 km225,023 mi
Aug 308:21 am358,290 km222,631 mi
Sep 276:45 pm356,877 km221,753 mi
Oct 266:02 am358,463 km222,739 mi
Nov 2312:06 pm362,817 km225,444 mi
Dec 211:00 am368,417 km228,924 mi
* Distances are approximate. Closest Approach (Perigee) is highlighted.

Furthest Apart (Apogee)

DateLocal TimeDistance in kmDistance in miles
Jan 910:17 am405,408 km251,909 mi
Feb 510:26 pm406,150 km252,370 mi
Mar 411:32 pm406,385 km252,516 mi
Apr 16:00 am406,012 km252,284 mi
Apr 288:55 pm405,083 km251,707 mi
May 263:12 pm404,244 km251,186 mi
Jun 239:59 am404,132 km251,116 mi
Jul 214:01 am404,836 km251,553 mi
Aug 177:32 pm405,848 km252,182 mi
Sep 144:27 am406,464 km252,565 mi
Oct 116:17 am406,388 km252,518 mi
Nov 71:49 pm405,721 km252,103 mi
Dec 56:56 am404,800 km251,531 mi
* Distances are approximate. Furthest Apart (Apogee) is highlighted.


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