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timeanddate.com is made by a team of developers, designers, journalists, and researchers. We are devoted to providing you with accurate tools and information you can rely on. To make our website even better, we need your help.

Supporter perks

Exclusive Calendars

Get more planner and calendar PDF templates for printing and sharing.

Ad-Free Browsing

Get your sitewide info quicker, higher up, and with no distractions.

Down to the Second

Times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset precise to the second.

More to Come...

Other supporter perks are in the works.

What’s in it for me?

VisitorSigned in Supporter
Save settings
Synchronise to other devices
Personal World Clock
Add events to calendars
Exclusive printable calendars and planners
Sun & Moon times to the second
Ad-free experience

Supporter plans

$5.99 quarterly
Equivalent to $1.99/month
$14.99 yearly
Equivalent to $1.25/month

Please note that your support of timeanddate.com does not constitute a charitable donation. As such, your contribution is not eligible for a tax deduction.

Support the further development of our services

  • Local Time, DST & Weather
  • Sun, Moon & Sky
  • Eclipses, Planets & Stars
  • Calendars & Holidays
  • Time & Date Tools
  • Much more to come...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Supporter mean?

  • Supporters on timeanddate.com get certain perks. We remove the ads throughout the website and content downloads faster, appears higher up on the page, and you avoid the distractions of the ads.
  • Exclusive Supporter access to more printable calendar templates than other users.
  • Supporters also get access to more precise Sun and Moon information in any location, with rise and set times down to the second.

Can I remove the ads from the apps too?

Becoming a Supporter on timeanddate.com removes the ads throughout the website, not the apps. However, most of our apps can be upgraded to be ad-free.

Why do I need to sign in to my account?

You need to be signed in with timeanddate.com to be able to purchase and access our subscriptions.

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