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AccraSun 6:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.73 °FEdmonton *Sun 12:11 amRefreshingly cool.60 °FNassau *Sun 2:11 amMostly cloudy. Warm.84 °F
Addis AbabaSun 9:11 amPartly sunny. Cool.57 °FFrankfurt *Sun 8:11 amSunny. Cool.54 °FNew DelhiSun 11:41 amFog. Warm.81 °F
AdelaideSun 3:41 pmSunny. Refreshingly cool.57 °FGuatemala CitySun 12:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.63 °FNew Orleans *Sun 1:11 amClear. Warm.82 °F
AlgiersSun 7:11 amPassing clouds. Warm.78 °FHalifax *Sun 3:11 amLight rain. Fog. Mild.66 °FNew York *Sun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Warm.77 °F
AlmatySun 12:11 pmBroken clouds. Mild.73 °FHanoiSun 1:11 pmPassing clouds. Hot.91 °FOslo *Sun 8:11 amCool.54 °F
Amman *Sun 9:11 amHaze. Pleasantly warm.77 °FHarareSun 8:11 amSunny. Cool.48 °FOttawa *Sun 2:11 amPartly cloudy. Mild.63 °F
Amsterdam *Sun 8:11 amPassing clouds. Cool.59 °FHavana *Sun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °FParis *Sun 8:11 amPassing clouds. Cool.52 °F
AnadyrSun 6:11 pmScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.56 °FHelsinki *Sun 9:11 amSunny. Cool.61 °FPerthSun 2:11 pmScattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °F
Anchorage *Sat 10:11 pmLight rain. Overcast. Cool.56 °FHong KongSun 2:11 pmPassing clouds. Extremely hot.93 °FPhiladelphia *Sun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.73 °F
AnkaraSun 9:11 amSunny. Mild.72 °FHonoluluSat 8:11 pmScattered clouds. Warm.83 °FPhoenixSat 11:11 pmPassing clouds. Extremely hot.95 °F
AntananarivoSun 9:11 amPassing clouds. Cool.61 °FHouston *Sun 1:11 amPassing clouds. Warm.85 °FPrague *Sun 8:11 amSunny. Cool.54 °F
AsuncionSun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.64 °FIndianapolis *Sun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.76 °FReykjavikSun 6:11 amClear. Quite cool.45 °F
Athens *Sun 9:11 amSunny. Pleasantly warm.84 °FIslamabadSun 11:11 amPassing clouds. Warm.86 °FRio de JaneiroSun 3:11 amPartly cloudy. Mild.70 °F
Atlanta *Sun 2:11 amClear. Mild.72 °FIstanbulSun 9:11 amScattered clouds. Warm.79 °FRiyadhSun 9:11 amDuststorm. Extremely hot.97 °F
AucklandSun 6:11 pmBroken clouds. Cool.57 °FJakartaSun 1:11 pmPartly sunny. Warm.86 °FRome *Sun 8:11 amScattered clouds. Mild.73 °F
BaghdadSun 9:11 amSunny. Pleasantly warm.83 °FJerusalem *Sun 9:11 amSunny. Warm.82 °FSalt Lake City *Sun 12:11 amPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.83 °F
BangkokSun 1:11 pmFog. Warm.85 °FJohannesburgSun 8:11 amClear. Chilly.35 °FSan Francisco *Sat 11:11 pmPassing clouds. Mild.67 °F
Barcelona *Sun 8:11 amBroken clouds. Mild.75 °FKarachiSun 11:11 amPartly sunny. Warm.88 °FSan JuanSun 2:11 amLight rain. Passing clouds. Warm.80 °F
BeijingSun 2:11 pmOvercast. Warm.82 °FKathmanduSun 11:56 amBroken clouds. Warm.81 °FSan SalvadorSun 12:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °F
Beirut *Sun 9:11 amPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.81 °FKhartoumSun 9:11 amWarm.88 °FSantiago *Sun 3:11 amFog. Quite cool.41 °F
Belgrade *Sun 8:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.67 °FKingstonSun 1:11 amOvercast. Warm.84 °FSanto DomingoSun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Warm.80 °F
BengaluruSun 11:41 amScattered clouds. Warm.77 °FKinshasaSun 7:11 amPartly cloudy. Mild.72 °FSão PauloSun 3:11 amClear. Cool.61 °F
Berlin *Sun 8:11 amSunny. Cool.57 °FKiritimatiSun 8:11 pmPartly cloudy. Warm.79 °FSeattle *Sat 11:11 pmClear. Mild.67 °F
BogotaSun 1:11 amPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FKolkataSun 11:41 amScattered clouds. Hot.90 °FSeoulSun 3:11 pmDrizzle. Mostly cloudy. Warm.77 °F
Boston *Sun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.72 °FKuala LumpurSun 2:11 pmBroken clouds. Hot.91 °FShanghaiSun 2:11 pmThunderstorms. Partly sunny. Warm.79 °F
BrasiliaSun 3:11 amClear. Refreshingly cool.61 °FKuwait CitySun 9:11 amSunny. Extremely hot.100 °FSingaporeSun 2:11 pmScattered showers. Broken clouds. Hot.90 °F
BrisbaneSun 4:11 pmSunny. Mild.64 °FKyiv *Sun 9:11 amPassing clouds. Warm.77 °FSofia *Sun 9:11 amClear. Mild.64 °F
Brussels *Sun 8:11 amSunny. Cool.54 °FLa PazSun 2:11 amClear. Chilly.38 °FSt. John's *Sun 3:41 amClear. Cool.46 °F
Bucharest *Sun 9:11 amSunny. Mild.72 °FLagosSun 7:11 amLow clouds. Mild.75 °FStockholm *Sun 8:11 amCool.59 °F
Budapest *Sun 8:11 amLight rain. Broken clouds. Mild.63 °FLahoreSun 11:11 amScattered clouds. Warm.86 °FSuvaSun 6:11 pmOvercast. Warm.78 °F
Buenos AiresSun 3:11 amClear. Cool.52 °FLas Vegas *Sat 11:11 pmPassing clouds. Extremely hot.102 °FSydneySun 4:11 pmScattered clouds. Cool.57 °F
CairoSun 8:11 amSunny. Warm.82 °FLimaSun 1:11 amOvercast. Cool.60 °FTaipeiSun 2:11 pmScattered clouds. Extremely hot.95 °F
Calgary *Sun 12:11 amPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FLisbon *Sun 7:11 amClear. Mild.66 °FTallinn *Sun 9:11 amPassing clouds. Cool.59 °F
CanberraSun 4:11 pmSunny. Cool.54 °FLondon *Sun 7:11 amSunny. Cool.48 °FTashkentSun 11:11 amSunny. Pleasantly warm.82 °F
Cape TownSun 8:11 amClear. Cool.52 °FLos Angeles *Sat 11:11 pmPassing clouds. Mild.69 °FTegucigalpaSun 12:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.70 °F
CaracasSun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Warm.82 °FMadrid *Sun 8:11 amSunny. Mild.72 °FTehran *Sun 10:41 amSunny. Pleasantly warm.82 °F
Casablanca *Sun 7:11 amPartly sunny. Mild.72 °FManaguaSun 12:11 amPassing clouds. Warm.77 °FTokyoSun 3:11 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °F
Chicago *Sun 1:11 amClear. Mild.73 °FManilaSun 2:11 pmPartly sunny. Warm.87 °FToronto *Sun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.63 °F
Copenhagen *Sun 8:11 amScattered clouds. Cool.59 °FMelbourneSun 4:11 pmPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FVancouver *Sat 11:11 pmPassing clouds. Cool.61 °F
Dallas *Sun 1:11 amPartly cloudy. Hot.89 °FMexico City *Sun 1:11 amPartly cloudy. Mild.64 °FVienna *Sun 8:11 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.61 °F
Dar es SalaamSun 9:11 amPartly sunny. Mild.73 °FMiami *Sun 2:11 amMostly cloudy. Warm.82 °FWarsaw *Sun 8:11 amFog. Cool.61 °F
DarwinSun 3:41 pmSunny. Hot.90 °FMinneapolis *Sun 1:11 amScattered clouds. Warm.79 °FWashington DC *Sun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.73 °F
Denver *Sun 12:11 amPartly cloudy. Mild.70 °FMinskSun 9:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.66 °FWinnipeg *Sun 1:11 amMild.73 °F
Detroit *Sun 2:11 amClear. Mild.66 °FMontevideoSun 3:11 amLow clouds. Cool.54 °FYangonSun 12:41 pmPartly sunny. Warm.86 °F
DhakaSun 12:11 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °FMontreal *Sun 2:11 amPassing clouds. Mild.68 °FZagreb *Sun 8:11 amPassing clouds. Cool.59 °F
DohaSun 9:11 amScattered clouds. Extremely hot.97 °FMoscowSun 9:11 amFog. Mild.63 °FZürich *Sun 8:11 amCool.55 °F
DubaiSun 10:11 amSunny. Extremely hot.99 °FMumbaiSun 11:41 amLight rain. More clouds than sun. Warm.77 °F
Dublin *Sun 7:11 amPartly sunny. Cool.48 °FNairobiSun 9:11 amPartly sunny. Cool.61 °F

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (65 places).

Sat = Saturday, August 19, 2017 (8 places).
Sun = Sunday, August 20, 2017 (134 places).