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Moon Distances for Cumberland, USA – Maryland

The Moon Distance Calculator calculates the approximate minumum and maximum distances from the Moon to the Earth.

The Moon's distance to Earth varies. The two extreme points of the Moon’s orbit each month are known as the lunar perigee and apogee. The table below shows the time of lunar perigee and apogee.

Closest Approach (Perigee)

DateLocal TimeDistance in kmDistance in miles
Jan 14:44 pm360,348 km223,910 mi
Jan 294:45 pm365,871 km227,341 mi
Feb 246:14 pm370,135 km229,991 mi
Mar 227:38 am366,857 km227,954 mi
Apr 192:55 am361,630 km224,706 mi
May 179:44 am358,075 km222,497 mi
Jun 147:19 pm357,197 km221,952 mi
Jul 133:57 am359,112 km223,142 mi
Aug 107:16 am363,284 km225,734 mi
Sep 64:42 pm368,259 km228,825 mi
Oct 14:51 pm369,334 km229,494 mi
Oct 282:05 pm364,407 km226,432 mi
Nov 254:00 pm359,347 km223,288 mi
Dec 243:31 am356,650 km221,612 mi
* Distances are approximate. Closest Approach (Perigee) is highlighted.

Furthest Apart (Apogee)

DateLocal TimeDistance in kmDistance in miles
Jan 133:46 pm405,438 km251,928 mi
Feb 1011:51 am404,576 km251,392 mi
Mar 109:43 am404,385 km251,273 mi
Apr 74:31 am404,970 km251,637 mi
May 46:30 pm405,839 km252,177 mi
Jun 112:32 am406,366 km252,504 mi
Jun 283:10 am406,265 km252,441 mi
Jul 2512:45 pm405,548 km251,996 mi
Aug 224:20 am404,642 km251,433 mi
Sep 1811:00 pm404,221 km251,171 mi
Oct 166:55 pm404,643 km251,433 mi
Nov 1312:50 pm405,619 km252,040 mi
Dec 111:45 am406,419 km252,537 mi
* Distances are approximate. Furthest Apart (Apogee) is highlighted.



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