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    Third QuarterOct 6, 2023
    New MoonOct 14, 2023
    First QuarterOct 21, 2023
    Full MoonOct 28, 2023
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    How do I use this service?

    What is the Moon phases visualization?

    The Moon phases visualization shows the positions of the Moon and Earth in real time. Distances are not to scale.

    The Sun is not shown, however, the Earth's illumination indicates its position to the left. Because of the Earth's axial tilt, the Sun's assumed location shifts up and down slightly over the course of the year in this animation, appearing on the same horizontal plane as the Earth solely during the March and September equinoxes.

    The circle shows the Moon's anticipated path in the upcoming weeks, including the next 3 or 4 Moon phases. As the Moon's position varies from one revolution to the next, the arrow indicating the expected lunar path may not point exactly towards the Moon's current position.

    The arrows displayed after the Illumination, Distance, and Latitude values indicate their downward or upward trend.

    Note: This is a beta service. We welcome feedback and error reports.