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Calendar Printing Help

We offer two different calendar generators: PDF Calendars and Online Calendars.

Printing PDF Calendars

Our quick-print PDF Calendars give you the option to easily fit a calendar to a paper size of your choice (A4, legal, or letter) and print it out. This tool also allows you to add your own events to your calendar.

To print, first set up a calendar by choosing the layout, design, country and type of holidays, and paper format. Then click "Create PDF" and a PDF file of your calendar will be created. You can open and print the file right away, or you can save it on your computer and print the calendar at your own convenience at any time.

Printing Online Calendars

Our classic Online Calendar Generator offers more detailed options. You can print the calendars directly from your browser. Start by setting up a calendar on the calendar page. Simply choose the year and country and click "Show". For more customization options, click on "More options" above the calendar and select "Advanced customization".

Print Calendar
Printer icon

Then click on the printer icon on the right hand side of the calendar page or the link that says “Printer-friendly calendar” below the Holidays and Observances box under the Calendar. A printable version of the calendar without any advertisements or hyperlinks will be shown.

Browser-specific printing instructions

The printing process depends on the web browser you are using.

Find out how to print our Online Calendars from your browser

Common issues printing from browser

Break in calendar month: If you are printing a calendar to display many months, the calendar may break in the middle of a month. If this happens, follow these steps:

  • Go to the "More Options" drop down and choose "Advanced Customization".
  • Chose "Format" tab.
  • Modify the number of rows to be printed per page by adjusting the "Add page breaks" setting.

Calendar does not fit on one page: To change the size of the print-out and fit the calendar on one page, please follow these steps:

  • Once you have set up the calendar, click on the printer icon in the top-right corner or the link “Printer-friendly calendar” underneath the calendar.
  • Use the zoom buttons to change the size

Note: Our new Printable PDF Calendars make it much easier to fit a calendar to one page. It is possible to choose from several different paper sizes, including A4, Letter, and Legal.

Background colors are not printed: Most browsers do not print background colors by default in order to prevent unwanted use of ink/toner.
Find out how to change the settings in your browser

Note: We do not guarantee the accuracy of the printed calendars. Use the calendar at your own risk. Read our Disclaimer for more information.

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