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How to Print the Calendar in Mozilla Firefox

We offer two different calendar generators:

  • PDF Calendars: Our quick-print PDF Calendars give you the option to easily fit a calendar to a paper size of your choice (A4, legal, or letter) and print it out. This tool also allows you to add your own events to your calendar.
  • Online Calendars: Our classic Online Calendar Generator offers more detailed options. You can print the calendars directly from your browser. See below for instructions if you use Mozilla Firefox; we also offer printing instructions for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and other browsers.

See our generic printing help page for more information

Printing Online Calendars in Firefox

  • Click on the File menu in Firefox.
  • Illustration image

  • Click on Print Preview in the dropdown menu.
  • Make sure you have everything you need in the calendar on the page(s) to be printed.
  • Click on Page Setup tab at the top of the Print Preview page to change the format of the calendar. Note that the Page Setup tab is also found under the File dropdown menu.
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  • The Page Setup popup window includes a Format & Options tab and a Margins & Header/Footer tab. Here you can do the following:

    • Choose between portrait and landscape orientation. You can also pick portrait or landscape shortcut at the top of the Print Preview page.
    • Choose the Scale option to fit the calendar on the page or check the Shrink to Fit Page Width box to fit the calendar to the page width. You can also do this at the top of the Print Preview page. It is recommended that you try several scale values to ensure that the calendar fits on one page.
    • By default, Firefox will not print background colors. If you want to print background colors, check the Print Background (colors & images) box under the Options heading in the Format & Options section.
  • You can select margins, as well as headers and footers for your calendar in the Margins & Header/Footer tab.
  • Illustration image

    "Margins & Header/Footer" in Page Setup.

  • Click on the Print button on the top left corner of the Print Preview page if you are ready to print the calendar.
  • Illustration image

    "Print..." Button

Printing multiple copies

  • By default, Firefox will not print multiple copies. If you want to print multiple copies, simultaneously press CTRL and P keys, or click on the File menu in Firefox and then the Print option in the dropdown menu.
  • It is recommended that you print a single copy of the calendar first to make sure that you are like the results before printing more than one copy.
  • In the Print popup box, select the number of copies using the Copies dropdown.
  • You can choose to collate the copies by checking the Collate box.

Illustration image

Select the number of copies under Copies in the box.

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