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Months equal to January 2023

The month January 2023 has 31 days and starts on a Sunday. January 2023 has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays.

Months which have the same number of days and starting weekday as January 2023
YearMonthCompared to January 2023Since last
2013December9 years, 1 months before
2015March7 years, 10 months before+ 15 months
2016May6 years, 8 months before+ 14 months
2017January6 years before+ 8 months
2017October5 years, 3 months before+ 9 months
2018July4 years, 6 months before+ 9 months
2019December3 years, 1 months before+ 17 months
2020March2 years, 10 months before+ 3 months
2021August17 months before+ 17 months
2022May8 months before+ 9 months
2023Januaryselected month+ 8 months
2023October9 months after+ 9 months
2024December23 months after+ 14 months
2026March3 years, 2 months after+ 15 months
2027August4 years, 7 months after+ 17 months
2028October5 years, 9 months after+ 14 months
2029July6 years, 6 months after+ 9 months
2030December7 years, 11 months after+ 17 months
2032August9 years, 7 months after+ 20 months
2033May10 years, 4 months after+ 9 months
Between years 2013 and 2033 this occurs 20 times. Note that holidays seldom match exactly. Selected month is highlighted.

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About repeating months

A year has 7 months containing 31 days, 4 months containing 30 days and the final month has either 28 or 29 days. All weekdays occur four times.

This means that:

  • 31-day months repeat on average once every year.
  • 30-day months repeat on average four times every 7 years.
  • 29-day months repeat on average once every 28 years.
  • 28-day months repeat on average 3 times every 28 years.