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Options for Your Free Countdown Timer

There are many options that you can use to personalize your free Countdown Timer. Discover how you can make the most of these options.

Where do I start with my Countdown Timer?

Choose Location

You can pick your place of choice or time zone that is available under the option “Select location clock should show time for”. Here, you can click on the arrow in the search box next to “Location” and choose a place from the drop-down box. Alternatively, you can click on the “Other locations” button if you cannot find your place of choice, or you can click on the “Time zones” button.

Pick your Countdown Date and Time

The next thing you need to do is select a date and time to count down to. Here you can choose your countdown month, day, and year. If you want to be more specific, you can also choose the hour, minute and even second of your countdown.

Design Your Own Background

We have a selection of background themes available for you to choose from. Whether you are counting down to your baby’s due date, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other event, you can pick a background theme and color.

You can also customize your counter size, text rows, font (serif or sans serif fonts), and font size simply by clicking the choices given in the fields next to these customization options.

Countdown Timer Number Customization

In this section, you can customize how you want your countdown timer to be numerically displayed. The “Counter mode” option allows you to view your countdown either in sequence (for example, so it is broken down by day, hour, minute, and milliseconds) by selecting “Break Down” or as a string of unbroken numbers by choosing “Total”.

You can choose your smallest unit (eg. days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds) and how you want your unit text to be presented. You can also stop at zero (0) or continue counting upwards when the countdown time has passed.

You can opt to for your countdown to take into account daylight saving time (DST), or you can amend your countdown timer so that it pretends that DST does not exist (in other words, it will not take into account DST). For more information, read about a short explanation on how this function works.

The option “Synchronization message” lets you choose if you want to see a message appear in your countdown timer, telling you how accurate your timer is after it is synchronized. Simply choose “Do not show message” if you do not want to see the synchronization message displayed.

Customization For When Time Has Not Yet Passed

Here you can add your own text in the top middle header text and middle header text to personalize your countdown timer. You can also choose your own text color. You can also pick a color for the countdown numbers in your countdown timer from our color palette.

You can choose these same customization options for after the countdown time has passed. These options are listed under “Customization for when time has passed”.

Borders and Padding

You can add a common border or a separate top/left/bottom/right border to your countdown timer. When you choose this option, you can also pick a border size (listed from 1 being the smallest to 9 being the largest), style and color. Alternatively, you can also opt for having no borders.

 You can also choose padding for your countdown timer – either a common padding on each side, or separate top/left/bottom/right padding. You can also pick your padding size (listed from 1, being the smallest to 20 being the largest). You can also opt for having no padding.

Select type of web page/server and create HTML

You can choose the type of web page or server and create the HTML for your free countdown timer. You can do this by simply selecting the “Normal web page (http server)” option, or the “Secure web page (https/SSL server)” option.

For the latter option, you should only use this if your website is on a secure server (https). If you are unsure, it is best that you select the first option ““Normal web page (http server)”.

What Next?

When you are finished with customizing your countdown timer (you can check the preview window – if you decided to keep the window in view at the bottom right of your web page), click on the button “Show HTML for countdown timer”.

A HTML code will appear at the bottom of the customization form. You can copy the text under “Insert the following HTML code on your web page” and place it in your web page.  You should now be able to have your customized countdown timer available on your website or blog.

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