We timeanddate

At timeanddate, we pride ourselves on being a fun and inclusive group.

We focus on our work but also make time to enjoy ourselves and prioritize our company culture.

We Fun

Take a look at all the social experiences we have shared over the years, including company trips to Paris, Iceland, Svalbard, and Vienna.

We Eachother

We like to incorporate our values into our work and our relationships with our co-workers.

Illustration of a bubble graph showing the Time and date AS company values collaboration, trust, respect, evolution, and enjoyment.

We Eclipses

If you've ever wanted to see a solar or lunar eclipse, this is the place to work! Chasing (and LIVE streaming) eclipses is the boss' passion project, and he always finds the best location anywhere in the world! So far, we have streamed from Angola, Greece, Morocco, Argentina, and Norway.

At timeanddate, we chase solar and lunar eclipses with our mobile observatory to give you LIVE broadcasts from celestial events worldwide.

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