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Upcoming Holidays (March to September 2024)

Date NameType
Mar 12TuesdayRamadan Start (Tentative Date)Observance
Mar 20WednesdayOil Nationalization DayNational holiday
Mar 20WednesdayMarch EquinoxSeason
Mar 31SundayIslamic Republic DayNational holiday
Apr 1MondayMartyrdom of Imam Ali (Tentative Date)National holiday
Apr 10WednesdayEid-e-Fetr (End of Ramadan) (Tentative Date)National holiday
Apr 11ThursdayEid-e-Fetr (Additional Holiday) (Tentative Date)National holiday
May 4SaturdayMartyrdom of Imam SadeqNational holiday
Jun 4TuesdayDemise of Imam KhomeiniNational holiday
Jun 5WednesdayKhordad National UprisingNational holiday
Jun 17MondayEid-e-Ghorban (Feast of Sacrifice) (Tentative Date)National holiday
Jun 20ThursdayJune SolsticeSeason
Jun 25TuesdayEid-e-Ghadir (Tentative Date)National holiday
Jul 15MondayTassoua (Tentative Date)National holiday
Jul 16TuesdayAshura (Tentative Date)National holiday
Aug 25SundayArbaeen (Tentative Date)National holiday
Sep 2MondayDemise of Prophet Muhammad and Martyrdom of Imam Hassan (Tentative Date)National holiday
Sep 4WednesdayMartyrdom of Imam Reza (Tentative Date)National holiday
Sep 12ThursdayMartyrdom of Imam Hasan al-Askari (Tentative Date)National holiday
Sep 21SaturdayBirthday of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Sadeq (Tentative Date)National holiday
Sep 22SundaySeptember EquinoxSeason

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