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Revolution Day Memorial in Mexico

Mexico’s Revolution Day (Dia de la Revolucion) is a national public holiday that celebrates a 10-year revolution that began in 1910 to end the struggle against dictator José de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz Mori. It is on the third Monday in November, near the official day on November 20.

The Revolution Memorial in all its glory in Mexico City.
The Revolution Memorial in all its glory in Mexico City, Mexico.

Celebrate Revolution Day

Outdoor events such as bazaars, festivals and parades are part of the Revolution Day celebrations, where shouts of “Viva la Revolución!” and “Viva Mexico!” are heard. Stories are told or sung about the revolutionary heroes who ended the struggle and helped to reform Mexico. Festive foods include enchiladas, tostadas, tacos, and fajitas. The Mexican flag – a tricolor of green, white and red with the national coat of arms in the center of the white stripe – is flown on Revolution Day.

Public Life

Revolution Day is a public holiday in Mexico. Banks, schools, government offices and many businesses are closed. Some streets and roads may be closed or restricted in towns and cities to make way for large celebrations. People intending on travelling via public transport in Mexico should check with public transit authorities on any timetable or route changes.

About Revolution Day

The Mexican revolution started in 1910 to get rid of president Porfirio Díaz. He originally tried to revolt against Benito Juárez in 1871, but did not come into power until 1876, when he was president for one month. He was also president from 1877 to 1880, and from 1884 until 1911. While economic growth and modernization occurred, this progress did not filter through to many Mexicans, including labor workers and people in the poorer parts of Mexico. Several key players, including Francisco Madero, organized the revolt against Díaz. Madero was then elected as president in 1911.

November 20 was the original public holiday date for Revolution Day until 2005. A change in Mexico’s labor law instituted that Revolution Day would be a public holiday across the country on the third Monday of November as of 2006.

Did You Know?

A bandit and Robin Hood outlaw named Pancho Villa played an important role in the Mexican revolution. He became a legendary hero not just for robbing the rich and sharing with the poor, but also for leading one of the most crucial military campaigns during the uprising.

Revolution Day Memorial Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday Type
SatNov 202010Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 222010Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
SunNov 202011Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 212011Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 192012Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
TueNov 202012Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 182013Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
WedNov 202013Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 172014Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
ThuNov 202014Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 162015Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
FriNov 202015Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
SunNov 202016Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 212016Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 202017Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 192018Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
TueNov 202018Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 182019Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
WedNov 202019Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
MonNov 162020Day off for Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday
FriNov 202020Revolution Day MemorialNational holiday

Quick Facts

Revolution Day is held on the third Monday in November to commemorate the start of the Mexican revolution to overthrow the Porfirio Diaz dictatorship in 1910.

Revolution Day Memorial 2018

Monday, November 19, 2018 – Day off
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Revolution Day Memorial 2019

Monday, November 18, 2019 – Day off
Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Name in other languages

Revolution Day MemorialEnglish
Día de la RevoluciónSpanish
Tag der RevolutionGerman

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