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Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore

Name in other languages

Mid-Autumn FestivalEnglish
Perayaan Pertengahan Musim LuruhMalay
மத்திய இலையுதிர்கால விழாTamil

Alternative names

Moon Cake FestivalEnglish
Perayaan Kuih BulanMalay

Mid-Autumn Festival Observances

Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore has not been observed since 2015.

Holiday currently only shown for years 2000–2049.

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday Type
WedSep 222010Mid-Autumn FestivalObservance
MonSep 122011Mid-Autumn FestivalObservance
SunSep 302012Mid-Autumn FestivalObservance
ThuSep 192013Mid-Autumn FestivalObservance
MonSep 82014Mid-Autumn FestivalObservance
SunSep 272015Mid-Autumn FestivalObservance

Quick Facts

Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival does not occur in 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

Mid-Autumn Festival does not occur in 2018


List of dates for other years

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