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The Day of Cantabria 2024 in Spain

The Day of Cantabria (Día de Cantabria) celebrates the history, culture and language of the Cantabrian region of Spain. It is on the second Sunday of August, but is not a public holiday.

Is The Day of Cantabria a Public Holiday?

The Day of Cantabria is not a public holiday. It falls on Sunday, August 11, 2024 and most businesses follow regular Sunday opening hours in Spain.

People in Cantabria have a reason to celebrate the second Sunday in August – it's the Day of Cantabria .


What Do People Do?

The people of Cantabria celebrate their language, culture and history during the Day of Cantabria each year. Many people dress in traditional costume on the day. The main celebrations are in the town of Cabezón de la Sal, but many small towns and villages have their own events. Events include:

  • Sports demonstrations.
  • Displays of traditional crafts.
  • Exhibitions showcasing artwork by artists living in Cantabria.
  • Performances featuring traditional music and dance.
  • Communal meals of traditional foods.
  • Tasting sessions of Cantabrian products, such as apple cider and orujo and cheese made of goat's and sheep's milk.
  • Agricultural animal shows. 
  • Parades of carts drawn by horses and cattle.

The autonomous community of Cantabria's president also makes a speech during this event, which is highlighted by the display of Cantabria's flag and the flags of the other autonomous Spanish communities.

Public Life

The Day of Cantabria is not a public holiday. However, as on other Sundays, public life is generally quiet. Many stores, businesses and other organizations are closed. Large events may cause some local disruption to traffic, particularly in town and village centers.


The mayor of Cabezón de la Sal originally proposed that the Day of Mountains (Día de La Montaña) should celebrate the culture and history of Cantabria on the second Sunday in August. Following from this proposal, the day was first celebrated in 1967. The Day of Mountains was declared an event of "National Tourist Interest" in 1971 and "Special Regional Interest" in 1983. Following the establishment of the autonomous community of Cantabria in 1982, the event became known as the Day of Cantabria.

The Day of Cantabria Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday TypeArea
2019SunAug 11The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2020SunAug 9The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2021SunAug 8The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2022SunAug 14The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2023SunAug 13The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2024SunAug 11The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2025SunAug 10The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2026SunAug 9The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2027SunAug 8The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2028SunAug 13The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria
2029SunAug 12The Day of CantabriaObservanceCantabria

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