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Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

Is Carnival a Public Holiday?

While Carnival is not an official public holiday, it is traditionally a non-working day for most employees, so many businesses are closed.

Carnival Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2015MonFeb 16CarnivalDe facto holiday
2016MonFeb 8CarnivalDe facto holiday
2017MonFeb 27CarnivalDe facto holiday
2018MonFeb 12CarnivalDe facto holiday
2019MonMar 4CarnivalDe facto holiday
2020MonFeb 24CarnivalDe facto holiday
2021MonFeb 15CarnivalDe facto holiday
2022MonFeb 28CarnivalDe facto holiday
2023MonFeb 20CarnivalDe facto holiday
2024MonFeb 12CarnivalDe facto holiday
2025MonMar 3CarnivalDe facto holiday

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