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Sacrifice Feast Eve 2024 in Turkey

Many people in Turkey do their shopping and prepare meals for the four-day Sacrifice Feast during the Sacrifice Feast Eve. Some people may sacrifice an animal in remembrance of their dead relatives on this day.

Is Sacrifice Feast Eve a Public Holiday?

Even though Sacrifice Feast Eve falls on Saturday, June 15, 2024, it is a working day. Most businesses follow regular opening hours in Turkey.

Many people visit relatives in cities such as Istanbul (pictured above) during the Feast of Sacrifice Eve in Turkey.


What Do People Do?

Many people buy new clothes and prepare some meals during the Sacrifice Feast Eve in Turkey. Many people also tidy their houses and make preparations for guests who may wish to stay overnight during the four-day Sacrifice Feast that follows the Sacrifice Feast Eve. The head of each household may choose a sacrificial animal (usually a goat, sheep or cow) for the Sacrifice Feast on the eve of the festival. People who wish to visit relatives in other cities may travel on this day.

Some families sacrifice an animal on the Sacrifice Feast Eve to remember their dead relatives. They give the meat of that animal to the poor or distribute it among the neighbors. Families may not eat the meat of an animal they sacrificed on this day. Visiting the cemetery is also common during the Sacrifice Feast Eve.

Public Life

The afternoon of the Sacrifice Feast Eve is an official holiday in Turkey. Administration buildings, schools and post offices are usually closed, although shops and supermarkets generally stay open. Public transport schedules may vary. Traffic congestion on highways may occur because many people travel to other cities during the Sacrifice Feast Eve.


People in Muslim countries, such as Turkey, determine the date of the Sacrifice Feast Eve (as well as the Sacrifice Feast) using the lunar-based Islamic calendar. The festival begins on the 10th day of the 12th month of this calendar. The Sacrifice Feast commemorates the story of Ibrahim (Abraham), who sacrificed a ram after showing his willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. The tradition to prepare for the Sacrifice Feast on the eve of the festival goes back to the Qur'an.


The most common symbols of the Sacrifice Feast Eve in Turkey are a ram (or a sheep) and a mosque.

Sacrifice Feast Eve Observances

Note: A half day holiday is allocated so workers have the afternoon free.

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2019SatAug 10Sacrifice Feast EveHalf Day
2020ThuJul 30Sacrifice Feast EveHalf Day
2021MonJul 19Sacrifice Feast EveNational holiday
2022FriJul 8Sacrifice Feast EveHalf Day
2023TueJun 27Sacrifice Feast EveHalf Day
2024SatJun 15Sacrifice Feast EveHalf Day
2025ThuJun 5Sacrifice Feast Eve (Tentative Date)Half Day
2026TueMay 26Sacrifice Feast Eve (Tentative Date)Half Day
2027SatMay 15Sacrifice Feast Eve (Tentative Date)Half Day
2028ThuMay 4Sacrifice Feast Eve (Tentative Date)Half Day
2029MonApr 23Sacrifice Feast Eve (Tentative Date)Half Day

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