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What's new on timeanddate.com

We at timeanddate.com are constantly working on making your experience on our website more pleasant, smoother and informative.

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A New Look; Our article pages have undergone a makeover!

New look

New Article Look

Our designers and writers have been burning the midnight oil to give many of our pages an airy, fresh and contemporary look.

You will now find that all our article pages have been given a facelift that is not only easy on the eye, they are also fun to read whether you are on a computer, tablet or a mobile.

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Easy to browse

timeanddate.com is a treasure trove of information on a wide range of topics - from Daylight Saving Time (DST) and time zone news to the next meteor shower visible in your city.

The new design makes it much easier to browse our website. Articles and services are arranged according to topic and relevance and the new pages have multiple ways to navigate our extensive list of informative and insightful articles. No more wading through dozens of articles to find what you were looking for!

New Design Features:

The article pages are divided into two main sections - the main text and the sidebar on the right, which is a nifty way for you to navigate the article, find related articles (Series) and services (Calculators and Apps). We have also made it easier for you to share the article with your family and friends via the social media of your choice - just click on the social media share tabs!


Finished reading all articles in the series, but still want more? Don't worry, we have you covered! Just scroll down to the bottom of the article and you'll find Topic tags. Click on any of the topics that interest you and you'll be taken to a page listing all the articles on that topic.

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The "You might also like" section at the end of the page directs you to topics and articles we think you may be interested in.

Mobile Friendly

We know that many of you now have multiple platforms through which you access our website. Our new design keeps this in mind.

Our website is now more responsive and easier on the eye on mobile devices.

Most of our website is now designed to look airy and pleasing, uncluttered, and easy to navigate no matter what your device and screen size.

We value your opinion

As with everything, these new pages on our website are a work in progress. We have made sure that most of our website works as intended, but once in a while you may come across something that we might have overlooked. We truly value constructive feedback from our users, so please send us your comments.

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