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Solar & Lunar Eclipses App. Solar & Lunar Eclipses

Your guide to solar & lunar eclipses around the globe

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Get ready for next eclipse

When is the next eclipse, what will it look like, and where do you need to go to see it? Get all the info you need to view eclipses, at home and worldwide, in one app.

Handy Features

  • Local times, magnitude, and other core information about the eclipse
  • Map showing where the eclipse is visible
  • Animation of what it will look like (at location of max eclipse)
  • Animated world map showing the eclipse path
  • Eclipse countdowns

Stay tuned for regular updates.

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Eclipse Map

You can use this map to pick a good location to see the eclipse.

Zoom in and check the eclipse visibility for any location.

  • Eclipse Coverage Percentage
  • Magnitude for solar eclipses
Solar & Lunar Eclipse App Map Screenshot

Map Upgrade Upgrade

Get eclipse times and duration for any location on the map.

This upgrade also removes advertising.

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More Eclipses Upgrade

Find information about eclipses for the upcoming year and notable future eclipses.

This upgrade also removes advertising.

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Solar & Lunar Eclipses

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