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Location NameStateCountry
Fairbanks (area)Newfoundland and LabradorCanada
Fairbanks East (area)Newfoundland and LabradorCanada
City of Fairbanks (administrative division)AlaskaUSA
Fairbanks (seat of a second-order administrative division)AlaskaUSA
Fairbanks, AK Metro Area (economic region)AlaskaUSA
Fairbanks North Star Borough (second-order administrative division)AlaskaUSA
Fairbanks Park (park)AlaskaUSA
Illinois Street Historic District (area)AlaskaUSA
Mount Lulu Fairbanks (mountain)AlaskaUSA
South Fairbanks (populated place)AlaskaUSA
Southeast Fairbanks Census Area (second-order administrative division)AlaskaUSA
Fairbanks Park (park)ArizonaUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)ArkansasUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)CaliforniaUSA
Fairbanks Ranch (populated place)CaliforniaUSA
Fairbanks Ranch Country Club (section of populated place)CaliforniaUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)FloridaUSA
Samuel Fairbanks Grant (administrative division)FloridaUSA
Samuel Fairbanks Grant (administrative division)FloridaUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)IllinoisUSA
Fairbanks Ranch (plain(s))IllinoisUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)IndianaUSA
Fairbanks Mound (mountain)IndianaUSA
Fairbanks Park (park)IndianaUSA
Township of Fairbanks (third-order administrative division)IndianaUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)KentuckyUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)KentuckyUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)LouisianaUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)MaineUSA
Fairbanks Point (cape)MarylandUSA
Fairbanks Hill (mountain)MassachusettsUSA
Fairbanks Road Playground (park)MassachusettsUSA
Township of Fairbanks (third-order administrative division)MichiganUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)MinnesotaUSA
Township of Fairbanks (third-order administrative division)MinnesotaUSA
Fairbanks Canyon (valley)NevadaUSA
The Fairbanks (area)NevadaUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)New MexicoUSA
Fairbanks Point (cape)New YorkUSA
Township of Fairbanks (third-order administrative division)North DakotaUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)OregonUSA
Fairbanks Gap (gap)OregonUSA
Fairbank (populated place)PennsylvaniaUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)PennsylvaniaUSA
Fairbanks Corner (populated place)Rhode IslandUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)TexasUSA
Fairbanks / Northwest Crossing (section of populated place)TexasUSA
Fairbanks Oil Field (oilfield)TexasUSA
Fairbanks Crossing (populated place)UtahUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)WashingtonUSA
Fairbanks (populated place)West VirginiaUSA
Town of Fairbanks (third-order administrative division)WisconsinUSA
Fairbanks Draw (valley)WyomingUSA

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