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Year 2000 information

Note: Although the world now has entered year 2000, these pages will still be available, but not updated.

Time since year 2000

Time since year 2000 started around the world?

See the times around the world in interactive applet version or static version.

How long is it since year 2000 started in ...?

These counters since year 2000 started are available: Normal and dynamic, applet counter.

Millennium starts in 2001

Why year 2001 was the start of the 3rd Millennium?

Many people think that the 3rd Millennium and 21st century started in year 2000. This is a popular myth, it does not start before January 1st, 2001. For more information about why, see the page about the difference

First into year 2000

Who entered year 2000 first?

Kiritimati and Tonga were first into y2k.

First and last into year 2000