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How to Use: Solar Eclipse Page

The Solar Eclipse Page provides start and end times, animations of what an eclipse looks like and how it moves. There are also maps of the eclipse path. We offer this information about eclipses and planetary transits from 1900 to 2199.

Eclipse Animation

How do I use the animation?

The animation at the top simulates what the eclipse looks/looked like near the maximum point from start to finish.

  • Click on the play button to start the animation and drag the red bar to fast forward or rewind
  • To Show/Hide Overlay click on the symbol showing two circles on the right of the progress bar. The overlay includes some information text as well as the perimeter of the Sun and the Moon.>
  • To watch the animation in full-screen, click the rectangle in the bottom-right corner of the animation.
  • If the eclipse is in progress, the text LIVE appears at the bottom of the animation, and it shows the current stage of the eclipse in real-time.

What is the link "Is this Eclipse visible in...?"?

This link goes to a page showing details for this eclipse in your city. Follow the link to discover if this eclipse can be seen where you are, an animation showing what the eclipse looks like, if visible, as well as local start and end times, and more.

Why isn't my town included?

Use the search field on the eclipse page or on this page (top right) to see when there is an eclipse in any location worldwide. Our database includes thousands of cities worldwide, and we now offer an additional 6 million places via the GeoNames database. If you still don't find your town, please let us know, and we will consider adding it.

What is the link "Follow our LIVE eclipse coverage!"?

If this link is on the page, it means we will stream this eclipse on our LIVE page. You will also find links to videos of the eclipses we have streamed earlier.

Where to See the Eclipse?

We offer several interactive eclipse maps and eclipse path animations to show where the solar eclipse is visible and when it will start and end in each location.

What is the “Detailed eclipse path map?”

The interactive Eclipse Map shows the path of the eclipse in great detail. It allows you to select any location to see when the eclipse starts and ends there, and how it looks. Questions about the Eclipse Map?

Path of the Eclipse Shadow

What is the Eclipse Shadow Path map?

The world map is a minute-by-minute animation of the eclipse path. Just click on the play button to start the animation. Slow it down or speed it up by clicking on 1X or 0,5X.

What is the 3D Eclipse Animation?

The 3D Eclipse Animation is a minute-by-minute animation of the eclipse path on a 3D globe. Just click on the play button to start the animation and use the full-screen icon in the bottom right corner to watch it in HD full-screen mode.

When the Eclipse Happens — Timeline

What does the timetable show?

The table at the bottom provides global start and end times for the eclipse and its stages. The time is displayed in both Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the local time in your home location.

Please note that this table does not take into account if the eclipse is visible in your location.

Eclipse Data

How accurate are the eclipse times?

While certain factors make it impossible to be 100% precise, you can rely on the times and other data we provide for eclipses. Find out more

How do I change between the 24-hour and AM/PM clock?

We support both 24-hour and 12-hour (am/pm) clock formats. To change the format, please go to My Units and make a selection in th Time Format drop-down.

Please note that, following the internationally accepted convention, UTC times are always displayed using the 24-hour format.

The eclipse is supposed to start, but the Sun/Moon isn't visible! What's wrong?

The Solar Eclipse Preview lists all solar eclipses, even the ones not visible from your location. This means that the eclipse may not be visible in your location. To check, please click on Is this eclipse visible in...? at the top of the page. Alternatively, enter any location into the Find Eclipses in Your City field on the right side.

How do I find local times and data about this eclipse?

Click on Is this eclipse visible in...? at the top of the page. Alternatively, enter any location into the Find Eclipses in Your City field on the right side.

What do altitude and direction mean?

You will find them explained here.

What does magnitude mean?

You will find an explanation of eclipse magnitudes here.

What does maximum point mean?

It's the location where the axis of the Moon's shadow points closest to the center of the Earth. It is, so to speak, the central point of the eclipse path.

What does maximum eclipse mean?

It's the moment when the Moon's shadow passes the location where its axis points closest to the center of the Earth, and the eclipse reaches its maximum magnitude.

General Eclipse Info

How do I change my home location?

Go to My Location, enter a location, and click Save.

Where can I find more information about the site and its services?

The General FAQ Page answers your questions about timeanddate.com, our services, site-wide settings, customization options, advertising opportunities, and copyright policies.

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