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Royal Hobart Regatta in Australia

Sideshows, rides, and rowing competitions are what can be expected for the crowds who flock to the Royal Hobart Regatta in Australia. Held on the second Monday of February, the regatta is consists of aquatic competitions and is one of Tasmania’s oldest sporting events.

Rowing regatta
The rowing races are featured in the Royal Hobart Regatta.

What Do People Do?

The Royal Hobart Regatta is a yearly event that features water sports such as rowing, swimming, yachting and jet skiing. Thousands of people come to the regatta to enjoy the sports, sideshow entertainment, and amusement park rides. People attending the regatta get the chance to watch fireworks, take part in competitions, listen to music and eat from a variety of food stalls.

Public Life

The Royal Hobart Regatta is a day off for all parts of southern Tasmania, including Oatlands and Swansea, but not Bronte Park Catagunya, Strathgordon, Tarraleah, Wayatinah and the west coast.


In 1828 Sir John Franklin, who was Tasmania’s governor at the time, started the Royal Hobart Regatta. It was declared a public holiday and included competitions between local sailors and merchant navy members. Free entry, food and beer were given to the settlers who watched the competitions. It is now one of the oldest public holidays in Australia.

Royal Hobart Regatta Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
MonFeb 82010Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 142011Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 132012Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 112013Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 102014Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 92015Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 82016Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 132017Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 122018Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 112019Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
MonFeb 102020Royal Hobart RegattaState HolidayTasmania
* Holiday is observed in Southern Tasmania.

Quick Facts

The Royal Hobart Regatta is an annual public holiday in southern Tasmania, Australia, on the second Monday in February.

Royal Hobart Regatta 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018 (local in Tasmania)

Royal Hobart Regatta 2019

Monday, February 11, 2019 (local in Tasmania)


Name in other languages

Royal Hobart RegattaEnglish
Royal Hobart RegattaGerman

List of dates for other years

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