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Melbourne Cup Day in Australia

Melbourne Cup Day is Australia’s best known horse racing event held on the first Tuesday of November every year. It is an annual public holiday in the state of Victoria. This event is popularly dubbed as “the race that stops the nation”.

Melbourne Cup Day centers on horse racing.
Melbourne Cup Day centers on horse racing.
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Celebrate Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day is one of Australia’s most popular social and racing events. The main racing event takes place at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria. More than 100,000 people usually attend Flemington Racecourse. Local races are held throughout the country on this day and when the main race of the day occurs at the Flemington Racecourse it is televised on screens at race tracks across Australia. The race is televised live to an audience of about 650 million people worldwide. Many people stop what they are doing shortly before 3pm on Melbourne Cup Day to watch or listen to the main race either via television, Internet or the radio.

At the races, people dress up – many women wear their best or most colorful hats and dresses, with some participating in fashion parades on the field. Marquees are set up for VIP guests, including local, national and international celebrities who attend this festive event.  Champagne, wine and gourmet finger foods are usually served on this day.

Many offices across the Australia stop work closer to the time of the main race to celebrate the event. Activities include office parties that feature hat and dress competitions, staff lunches at restaurants and afternoon teas where a television is available so workers can watch the main race. Bets are made on this day – even those who usually do not bet try their luck with a small wager or entry into a sweep, which is a lottery in which each ticket holder is matched with a randomly drawn horse. There are some Australians who deem horse racing as a cruel sport and have been vocal in their protests over the years.

Public Life

Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday in Melbourne so many people have the day off work. Other towns and cities in Victoria can have a public holiday or 2 half-day public holidays in lieu of Melbourne Cup Day. For example, the town of Wodonga, in northern Victoria, celebrates Wodonga Gold Cup Day, on the last Friday of November.

Although it is a legal holiday in only Victoria, it is observed in many towns and cities so there may be traffic congestion near race tracks in urban areas and parking may be difficult to find in these areas.

About Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day has been observed in Australia since the first race was held at the Flemington Racecourse in Victoria in 1861. The race was won by Archer, who won it again the following year. The event features races, including the handicap race which is run by about 20 thoroughbreds for a couple million Australian dollars. The story of Phar Lap, a legendary New Zealand thoroughbred who won the Melbourne Cup in 1930 and was nicknamed “Australia's wonder horse”, was made into a movie. Some people believe he was poisoned when he died.

The first Tuesday in November, Melbourne Cup Day, was officially gazetted a full public holiday in 1877 in Melbourne.  While all of Melbourne's 31 metropolitan councils celebrated the first Tuesday in November, there was a gap where some regional councils had not selected an 11th public holiday. Therefore, in 2008 the Victorian Parliament passed a new legislation that saw Melbourne Cup Day as a public holiday for all council areas in the state except those where other holidays have been designated. This means that Melbourne Cup Day is now officially a public holiday throughout the state. There are similar races throughout Australia, as horse racing is popular, but Melbourne Cup Day is still the number one horse racing event in the country.

Melbourne Cup Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
TueNov 22010Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 12011Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 62012Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 52013Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 42014Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 32015Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 12016Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 72017Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 62018Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 52019Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria
TueNov 32020Melbourne Cup DayState HolidayVictoria

Quick Facts

Melbourne Cup Day is Australia’s most celebrated horse racing event. It is an annual public holiday in the state of Victoria and is observed nationwide on the first Tuesday of November.

Melbourne Cup Day 2018

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 (local in Victoria)

Melbourne Cup Day 2019

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 (local in Victoria)


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